Popular superstitions - part II

9. One should not eat non-vegetarian food while going into the temple, before worshipping, and on auspicious days. It brings bad luck.

Logic- Eating nonveg is not prioritised in Hinduism. All Hindu's do not eat nonveg, however, few of them does consume it. But eating nonveg is prohibited while entering the temples, undergoing some auspicious rituals, worshipping, and on auspicious days. It is simple, since nonveg is a Tamasic food, it has a no sedative effect on the mind and body. In general, nonveg and alcohol are considered as unfavorable, they bring negative effect on the one who consume it. And naturally, it may ruin the auspiciousness of the day. Hence to avoid any mishaps with these food items elders made this proverb

So these are some popular superstitions in India.  If you liked this article, do comment in the comment section and share it. 

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