25 funny mistakes in bollywood movies!

Watching movies is my life's best time pass, I can not stay away from movies for more than a week. I always enjoy noticing so many silly mistakes in every movie since my childhood. There are number of unnoticed errors like change of costumes, hair style, things, junior artists, background in same scene, sometimes the film troop is visible in the goggles of actors. These types of mistakes happen even in television serials. Apart from these silly mistakes, there are so many irrational things which are displayed in our movies hundreds of times, yet we love to watch those movies and enjoy those scenes, here are some-

1. College is always a place for singing and dancing! None of the professors and Principal interfere in between the leads! How come we never got a chance to go to such college?

2.   Heroes always grow up while running! Wow!! They should have got so many Olympic medals for India!

3. In old classic films, Hero usually belonged to poor family but he used to be all-rounder, he was good in studies, sports, driving, dance, singing and even he knew how to play piano and all the expensive musical instruments which he never afforded to buy or learn to play them!

4. Heroes would run for the college by jumping off all the barriers like walls, vehicles and people. I always wonder why the heck they used to get late, when they were so obedient!

5. Even after all the successful college the hero never achieve any success in his career, rather than he stick to roaming with the heroine and focus on either love or revenge with the villain!

6. Most of the films start with fight between hero and heroine and soon they will fall in love and dance around the tree or in rain or in beach or in valleys or in Switzerland!

7. Classic! Whenever heroine is in trouble, hero comes and saves her! This is followed since Ramayana!

8. Leads can’t afford single time bread but they dream of songs and romance in Switzerland! Hats off to their imagination, who are shown as they never saw next city but visualize perfectly the locations abroad!
9. Top class, highly educated rich heroine falls in love with poor and some times illiterate hero and moves in with him at his place or to make it worse in his village!! Please!! That is so not possible in real life!!

10. There is always background music to understand all the humour, good and bad happenings. I wish that would have happened in real life as well! 

11.Romance always happens only in songs, with all the best music score! I always wonder, whenever characters sing, music starts within, nobody knows who’s playing music for them around!! Gowwdd!! anybody done that in real life?

12. In action movies heroine is just an item girl, used only for dancing with hero. In most of the action films climax scene fully dressed heroine’s  dance in front of the villains, warning them about their end by the heroes and villains enjoy their last dance!

13. Villain will be having number of men and armour in his spot but he never kills hero and his family, with all his expenses he leaves that task to Hero! 

14. In the bomb, there are only green, red and sometimes yellow wires to cut! And the bomb is defused only before last second of blasting!

 15. Lost and found formulae movies are blockbusters in Indian film industry. People either get separated in Kumbha Mela! Or by Indian railways! One brother jumps in to moving train and other can’t! I wonder why he never jumps off the train! They could have caught next train! 

16. After getting lost leads meet many times in the mid of the movie but never recognize each other, and in the end they all meet with family song or tattoos or birthmarks and stuffs like that!

17.  In the hospitals always Duwa (Prayers) works better than Dawa (Medicines) to save the characters! And duwa always works for hero, so that he can take revenge in the end! I wish Gods would listen to people like that in reality as well!!

18. The GOD of Indian Cinema Rajni movies are unbeatable! He can catch the bullet in his fingers, he can cut the bullet with flying knife in the air, he can bring down up tied heavy iron hammock just by hitting it with a cloth, inspired by him many actors can jump-off from number of cars in just one hop!

19. South movies, hero always belongs to rich family of a village and goes to places with minimum 20 people in 20 separate SUVs of same colour! He can hit or kill villains single handed by flying his weapons around, only his judiciary works at his place!

20. Before setting off the battle, hero wastes all his time with his big dialogues and villain waits until he finishes!

21. Hero can fight the villains in any country and no ‘law’ applied on him! He is not even asked to show his passport!!

22.  Car stunts are remarkable, cars blows one on other! Hero get down from moving cars! Do they forget that cars have breaks!! Sheesh! Give me a break! more thrilling!! Hero can catch the goons by running behind there fast moving vehicles! And he can hit and throw the goons with his single hand in the air, who are actually double of his weight!  

23. Daring hero walks flawlessly when things like car, house, truck etc., blast behind him!

24.  Hero can save anybody, he can catch number of people by falling from mountain, he can suck the poison of snake bite and save people, he can run to hospital carrying his beloved and save them, even if he bleeding with strong wounds!!

 25. Suicide is the only solution for failure of love!!


  1. Heeheee so very true. South movies are best examples of louder actions. Rajnikanth's movies are very hard to believe but enjoy watching them.

  2. Very nice observation..... 👍👍
    Well written and explained with photographs as well.....

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  3. Nice observation swapy... Even I used to think as a child that these actors are singing... Where is the music coming from??

    1. Thanks kavi...Right that is the common thing we all think about but not our film makers ..

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