26 funny things in Hollywood movies!

Hollywood is also not behind anything in creating funny things every time. In best directors, best films we observe so many silly mistakes for example: in the same scene, there are changes of costumes, styles, and artists, etc., cameras captured labels of the costumes, ancient story plots created at present have modern people roaming around, behind the actors. Apart from all these, they show some irrational things which are really hard to digest.

1. I am a BIG FAN of Old 007 movies, where James Bond had all the special gadgets in that era when technology was not as strong as at present, and old 007 fought stylishly with goons from his smart gadgets and spent rest of his time with his women! But new James bond living in present techno era, where even illiterate people use latest technology but our 007 has no special gadgets and importantly no woman craving! He just runs here and there chasing and escaping!

2. Aliens are interested to attack west! They do not have other direction in there radar.

3. Most probably super hero movie or science fiction movies that are blockbusters! And they have no logic!

4. No one has fear of death, whether they face dinosaurs, aliens, zombies, natural disasters or whatever!

 5. Hi-Tech, sophisticated and lavish science labs are available to get blown up, prone to conspiracy by bad guys!

6. Super Villains are more powerful than Super heroes still they get defeated!

7. They can build the modern machine or aircraft in just few minutes in the end to fight aliens!

8. During the crisis whole world will be suffering but hero and his family’s sufferings are very important to watch.

9. Vampires fall in love with human girl and do not suck her blood! Vampire families also show mercy to the girl!

10. Shooting a cars gas tank will blow the car up in the air!! Neither public knows not the director that the car doors are so strong that they can be used as shield!

11. Female characters have all the talent and super powers just like heroes but they really don’t do anything in the movie other than running here and there in their special costume!

12. Hero can do any job from flying plane to shooting machine guns without any experience! And his machine guns can fire continuously for more than a minute!! 

13. Hero always land safely in water or sand!  

14. Hero is well equipped even after crashing badly from heights where any other guy could have given up say dead.

15. Undercover cop easily reveals his truth if somebody ask him only once ‘Who are you?’! LOL!

16. Genius is always shown as solving colour cubes!

17. There is always a Bermuda triangle or black hole to suck things!

18. People around fire and lava can breathe easily! Strong lungs!!

19. Anyone can eat Chinese food with chopsticks as if they are born with it!

20. Heroes are a step ahead of any professional hacker; they can crack any complicated password in first attempt!

21. Hero can recover from all the wounds, bone damages without any modern medical help!

22. In any dark place like jungle, space, under ground or cave the focus light will be there on characters face!

23. Beaches are always destined to watch bikini girls! This is a trend all over!

24. Wars can be won by hopping with ropes from one battleship to another in the middle of the Ocean!

25. Heroes travel into the spaces and end up safely with new discoveries and inventions!

26. Monsters and reptiles beat the law of physics and eat humans like snacks every hour!


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