The Wedding Journey! PART-1

After weeks of extreme cold, Mahabaleshwar witnessed a shiny day. Diwali was over and so was the jet-lag of Vansh. He came to his hometown after 2 years from America. The only boy from Rathod family who studied Engineering in computers. He was working as a software consultant in a reputed MNC. An youngest son of his family, Vansh always was a bright student. He loved his hometown and his family business of local products store. His father, Vallabh opened a store of all local fruits and juices along with a beautiful garden of strawberries and other flowers to attract the tourists. He expired due to a heart attack when Vansh was studying his engineering. Later, his elder brother Veer handled the family business and added sweets and other FMCG products in the store, and also opened a small restaurant which offered Strawberry flavour items and many local tasty foods. Veer was 8 years elder to Vansh, and he was married to his childhood love and family's close friend Raosaheb's daughter Akansha and together they had 2 daughters. Rathods were living in the leadership of their mother Bhanumati. For her, two adorable grand-daughters were her life, as she always wished to have a daughter but she was blessed with only sons.

A few years ago when Vansh expressed his interest to study engineering and settle out of the country, everybody disappointed in the family but they didn't want to spoil the dream of their youngest son, so agreed with broken hearts. Mahabaleshwar is one of a top hill station and tourist place of India. Since childhood Vansh saw various tourists in his hometown, his family had no relatives out of Mahabaleshwar, he always lived there, even in vacations Vansh and his brother assisted their father in his store as that used to be a peak time for tourists. But Vansh always wanted to explore the world, that brought a dream in his mind to travel the world and his job was the only thing which gave him that opportunity.

He was a kind of super-hero in his company, he's known as error-eliminator by his colleagues and thus, always close to his bosses. They sent him on projects to various countries.  He took over such projects which were operated in different countries and hence, travelled almost all the continents with small projects, which he delivered easily, happy man with his job and so was the company with this guy. In short, he was living his dream. 7 years ago he started his job in Pune and came on work VISA to Texas on a 3 months project, from there he opened his innings of travelling the world, after travelling to Paris, Berlin, London (When in London for 6 months, he travelled Italy). later got Project of Cape Town and travelled Egypt as well. He found projects of Europe and travelled Zurich, Poland. 2 years back he visited India, he went on a trip to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand along with his family. He had a small project of a month in Abu Dhabi, finally, he went back to America and lived in Delaware from last one year.

Vansh is 29, and this handsome guy had 5 girlfriends in the countries where he travelled, he met a girl in Pune as well but that relationship lasted only for few months. All the girls he met were impressed with his good looks and sharp mind, he was even hit by a couple of gay colleagues abroad but he was super straight and denied their interest. He was not raised along with girls, so sometimes he got carried away with his girlfriends, he was always misunderstood by the girls whenever he questioned. Hardly anyone noticed his caring heart in those questions. After all these relationship errors, the error-eliminator was single from last one year and was in search of his soul mate.

His mother had enough of his excuses and his foreign live-in relationships, now she wanted him to get married and settled in life with an Indian girl. Vansh was very transparent with his family and everyone knew about his affairs. Bhanumati understood that somewhere deep in the heart her youngest son was lonely. And wanted him to settle down with his partner who equally cares him as he does for everyone whom he loves. In the last 7 years, he never celebrated any festival with his family. Bhanumati had a plan to look a bride for him, that was a reason she forced him to celebrate Diwali with the family this year as she knew that whenever she raises the question about his marriage Vansh always escape with excuses. This time he agreed to come on holidays for one month with the wish of his mother and family.

To be continued...

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