The Wedding Journey PART-2

Vansh visited his hometown on the day of Diwali. throughout the festivals, he slept in odd times to overcome his jetlag. This morning he woke up early to watch the beautiful sunrise from his terrace. His mother was offering water to the Sun with her morning prayer. He also joined his hands and worshipped Sun god. Bhanumati smiled after the ritual by keeping her brass vessel aside she asked Vansh to sit on the chair. The terrace was fully decorated in beautiful garden, couches, chairs, and swings. All the credit goes to Akansha who loved the plants. She also decorated the lawn and created a big garden with all the fruits and vegetables in the front and backyard of the house. They had 3 bedrooms of Veer, Vansh and kids each on the top floor and 2 bedrooms in the downstairs, one for Bhanumati and other was a guest room along with a big living room, kitchen, dining room, and puja room. It took an year to renovate the house and they shifted into the new house a year ago. That was all new for Vansh as well. Sitting on the chair in front of his mother he gave a look around 'We have become rich Maa' grinning he said.

'Really?' Bhanumati said mocking him.

'No I mean see, where we lived in the small one and half bedroom with almost limited stuff, and see today I can't believe this is our same old house. Never get all this feeling on a video call.' He said by taking a bite of papad, looking around the beauty of his terrace, his mother laid those papads to dry, which came out this sunny morning after so many foggy cold days.

'All the credit goes to you two brothers, and thanks to Akansha who made all this so beautiful. She used to visit this place every day when it was under renovation, she planted all the big trees while the house was under construction. Kids are small I used to stay with them at home, Veer was busy in his work, so hardly got any time to visit and observe all this. Akansha took a charge of everything she personally designed this house, last year it took the hell out of her to make this all.' Bhanumati said prasing her daughter-in-law. She always appreciates the work of everyone without being biased. Vansh sat on the chair remembering the old days.

Akansha was a Marathi girl, she only had a father who raised her with all the love single-handed. She never knew the love of mother as she lost her mother when she was just a month old infant, her mother died due to labour pain. Everyone forced her father to get married again but he refused and raised his daughter single-handed. She, liked Veer since childhood, she was 5 year younger than Veer, many times Veer helped her in studies. Veer loved Akansha as long as he remembers but he first proposed her on his last day and Akansha's first day of college. Akansha always loved his family but she was never sure about their relationship, so she denied his interest saying, she is just 17, so it was too early to say anything on love for her. On the other hand, Bhanumati loved her as her own daughter. On every festival, Bhanumati made extra dishes for Akansha and her father as well. She tied Rakhi to Akansha's father and insisted Akansha to tie Rakhi to both of her sons. Veer used to run away from home on every Rakhi by making number of excuses. Akansha always knew his interest in her, she used to get butterflies in her tummy with Veer's such funny acts to show his love for her. But always hidden her feelings for him. She tied Rakhi to Vansh every year without fail.

Vansh and Akansha used to gel a lot,  where as, Veer always used to keep distance from them, he used to resist all his feelings when Akansha was around. He used to stare at her sitting away from them every time she was around. And Akansha always knew he would be staring at her. Their innocent love never took any steps ahead of this.

Bhanumati keenly observed everything and she wanted Veer to get married soon, she didn't want to spoil the relationship between Akansha's family and her family by being rude on anything, as she knew Akansha was never forcing herself on Veer or her family, it was Veer who always liked her. And he clearly said either he will marry Akansha or he will never get married. But the situation changed soon after Veer's father Vallabh died with a heart attack. Veer was handling the business all alone as Vansh was still studying and Bhanumati was bedridden in the shock of losing her husband. No relatives or friends helped them. It was only Akansha and her father who stood by their side to cope up with the situation at that tough time.

Bhanumati changed her opinion of caste and marriage. Within a year Veer and Akansha got married in a simple way with few of relatives from both the sides in a Mahabaleshwar temple. Veer looked after Akansha with all the care and love which he hid for years deep in his heart and same was Akansha who silently loved Veer since childhood but never said a word about it.

Soon after Akansha got pregnant with twin babies but she had complications. Her father Rao was worried about her health, since his wife died in the labour pain. Bhanumati stood strong that time. Throughout her pregnancy, Bhanumati chanted Maha Mrutyunjay Jaap every day and offered abhishek every day in Mahabaleshwar temple. With the grace of God, Akansha gave birth to healthy twin baby girls. Veer decided not to have any more kids in the future to risk his beloved wife's life.

Vansh always loved his family but situations never let him stand by his family at the times of need, whether it was his father's death or Akansha's delivery or at the time of renovating the house. Every time he was away from home due to studies or work. But no one complained that to him. Akansha equally decorated Vansh's room according to his taste.

All the memories slipped in a fraction of second in the Vansh's mind. And a tear dropped out of his eye. Bhanumati kept her hand on his head saying 'I know you love us all, and we love you too... All we want is, you to be happy... We never objected your wishes. Now I want you to do the same. I want you to get married soon, I gave you the freedom to marry the girl of your choice but as I can see you never found your life partner." She said with a strong tone.

"Maa, but...." Vansh started the same old denying sentence but Bahnumati stopped him there, and said "No Vansh, not this time....." Vansh looked at other side. She held his hand and said 'Life is not so easy beta, you always need a company. How many years you will run like this, for another 5 or 10 years you will roam around the world. One day, when you want to settle down and don't repent on that day. I never stopped you doing anything but now you have to listen to me.' Vansh was already guilty few minutes ago remembering his ignorance towards his family. 'Ok Maa, as you say' he said sighing.

Smile of victory shined on the face of Bhanumati. She knew that this time she will convince Vansh for the marriage. She had already shortlisted 3 girls for her son, she did Kundali matching all the back enquiry of the girls and their families, and satisfied by her sources information before arranging the bride-groom meet.

In the meantime, Akansha came on the terrace to call both of them for breakfast. looking at the faces of her mother-in-law and brother-in-law, she understood what might have been discussed there. Raising her eyebrows, she gestured at Bhanumati about Vansh's approval, Bhanumati blinked with the happiness of 'Yes'. Akansha jumped in happiness and said 'Let us go and have breakfast and rush to the bride's house!' Bhanumati laughed and Vansh surprised at Akansha's line and looked at his mother. 'We have shortlisted a couple of girls for you and today we are going to one girl's house in the town.' Bhanumati said.

'Maa, ' Vansh said nodding his head. Akansha pulled his hand saying 'Chalo Devarji! There is no time, we need to rush in an hour.' Vansh followed his sister in law and mother.

To be continued...

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