The Wedding Journey PART-3

Previous episodes -What could be more entertaining than the love story after marriage? This story is a fairy-tale romantic journey of Vansh and Nidhi. He is a handsome casanova from the USA, and she is a shy gorgeous small town girl from India. They get married and separated in some circumstances,  Previously, Bhanumati, mother of Vansh arrange the family meet of some proposals for the wedding of her son Vansh. 
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An hour later, they started from their home. Veer couldn't make it as it was a season of holidays and had the crowd in the store and restaurant. They visited the temple first and later went to the house of a girl.

Their car stopped in front of a small lane. Twins Aashi and Aditi accompanied them. They walked small lanes and reached the house. It was a small bungalow built to accommodate tourists on the top floor, and the owner of the house was living on the ground floor. An elderly man in Pyjama and Shirt received and welcomed them on the door. They all followed him into the house. 

The house was finely decorated with all modern facilities. Some of the photographs were hanged on one wall. Vansh observed those pictures, some were from his school. He saw few pictures of a young teenage girl receiving awards of sports. In the other showcase, he saw some of those awards. The maid brought on some snacks along with tea for everyone. When the maid left, a lady came in with a smiling face greeting everyone. After all the chit-chat for few minutes, they called the girl.

The girl in a pink saree came and sat before Vansh. The man started praising his daughter. Akansha knew that Vansh would want to talk all these things directly to the girl, so she asked the girls family to allow both the Boy and Girl to speak in privacy. They agreed and sent both of them to the top floor room. 

Immediately after entering the room, "I don't want to get married now, I said this to all the boys who come to see me for marriage. I want to make my carrier in sports." The girl said aggressively. Vansh was stunned with her act. Looking that, she got embarrassed and asked Vansh to sit on the chair. 

She sat before him saying "I am so sorry, my parents want me to get married but want to play national level badminton, sports is my life. But my parents don't understand that and want me to get married." she said bowing her head down with sorrow filled in her eyes. 

Vansh understood her feelings correctly and he knew how it's hard to achieve and how happy to live the life of one's dream. "I completely understand'' he said with a smile. That brought hope in the eyes of the girl. 

She raised her head and looked at Vansh expecting him to speak. "You studied in my school, I saw the batch and you are my junior. May I know your name? I think I had seen you in school." He asked her. "Oh my god! You are Vansh, topper of 2005 batch?" she asked looking at the face of Vansh.

"And you are Sandhya Tiwari, Inter-school Badminton Champion'. Vansh said recalling her name.

"Ahhhhhhhh, I knew it, the day I saw your photo I was thinking I saw you somewhere," Sandhya shouted with the happiness but soon controlled her tone. Vansh grinned. 

Sandhya was 5 years junior to Vansh and she met Vansh during the school days. She was in the team of Vansh during the school trips and many social services organized by the school. They had a long chat which was never ending until their maid knocked the opened door from outside and asked them to come down. Sandhya was scared to face her family again, it was routine for her to request all the boys who came with the marriage proposal and asking them to reject her. She reminded Vansh once again what to say. 

Vansh held her hand and assured her saying "Let's go down". 

He came down and said "He liked Sandhya!" which shocked Sandhya and brought happiness on everyone's face. 

Sandhya's parents felt relieved. Vansh continued "There is no reason to dislike the girl like Sandhya. She has all the great personality, good looks, intelligent mind, and a beautiful heart." Sandhya was stunned with his reply and was staring at him with anger as well as happiness that no boy ever said those words for her. 

Vansh smiled and continued "But most importantly, she has the ability to uphold the name of her parents and her country if she has given the chance in sports. Uncle , Aunty, I know Sandhya from school time, after seeing these photos and awards I made it out that I know her, but after talking to her I have no doubt it's the Sandhya Tiwari. who won each and every sport of our school and upheld the name of our school as well as you people. Uncle, you were praising so much about your daughter, but never said anything about her sports dream. She is a coach in school now and she can play at the national level if she has given the chance. Please give her that chance to live her dream, she is capable of choosing the boy of her wish, and no need to depend on any boy to accept or reject her." He rested as the debate started from Sandhya's family with many questions.

The debate went for a while. Akansha and Bhanumati were in shock and had no clue what would be the result. Finally, Vansh convinced Sandhya's parents to live her life on her own. Sandhya thanked him hundreds of times with her eyes. The boy whom she met years ago had now helped her to live her life on her own. They exchanged the numbers and got parted.

Everyone was silent throughout the way. No one wanted to talk about anything that happened. 7-year kids were having the fun of observing everyone. They enjoyed the discussion and were mimicking all the sentences. Vansh started laughing with them. When Veer came home Bhanumati and Akansha described the whole story to him. Veer started laughing out louder. Everyone laughed after that. 

"Enough, I shortlisted only 3 girls, now only 2 are remaining. You see the photos and the other details, let me know whom you want to meet first. Anddddd, please make sure to read all their hobbies and other details as these girls are not from our town, we have to travel till their town and if you start social service there also, it will be just a waste of time and fuel! I want you to get engaged before going back and we will finish your wedding in the next 6 months''. Bhanumati said it all in one breath interrupting their fun time.

Vansh nodded on her instructions. Vansh wanted to clear everything about his past to the girl whom he commits for his future. He doesn't want to hide anything from the girl. He had the discussion with his family before as well, he will marry the girl who accepts him after knowing his past. Vansh's mother had shortlisted 3 girls to whose families she had given the hints about Vansh's past.

After dinner, Vansh went to his room and recalled the entire day with a smile. He saw the message on his mobile from Sandhya. She thanked him and also informed him that she will be going for the training of next state level sports. He wished her all the best lying on the bed, and started thinking whether he did right by agreeing for the wedding? His heart replied, his family never asked him anything. They always gave him time, money, space and whatever he demanded. It's his turn to fulfil their wish now, however, he had also started feeling lonely now a days, after all the heartbreaks he also wanted to settle down. 

He opened the first envelope which his mother gave him. Looking at the picture of the girl he felt mesmerised. She was simple yet gorgeous. There was hardly any other makeup on her face other than a light lipstick and eyeliner. After a couple of minutes, he saw the details of the girl. Her name was Nidhi Singh. She is in the final year of her graduation and lived in Kolhapur with her Mother, Brother, and Sister-in-law. Her mother is sick and before dying she wants to see her daughter's wedding. Vansh felt sad after reading that, why still people in our country think that a girl's life will be settled only if she gets married? Why the hell always a girl has to sacrifice her education, her career , her life for others. He met one in the morning and reading about the other now. He read other details about Nidhi. 

He didn't feel like opening the photo of the last girl after seeing Nidhi. But somehow he saw the picture of another girl, she was beautiful too, he grinned himself thinking his mother chose only beautiful girls for him or we have all the cute girls only in India. He read her name Arpita Rajawat. She lived in Ahemadnagar. She finished her engineering and was working in an MNC of Mumbai. She wanted to settle abroad and had a dream of travelling the world. Reading that Vansh saw himself in Arpita. He slept soon after reading both the girls details. 

Next morning, his mother woke him up and asked him to get ready to leave for Ahemadnagar, as the girl Arpita has come from Mumbai to Ahemadnagar for Diwali vacations. He requested to sleep more but his mother did not listen to him. He told his mother that on one condition he will get ready, he said he will meet the girl and travel Aurangabad, Ajanta, and Ellora. His mother was expecting that from him and she had already arranged the meeting of the girl and her family in Aurangabad. They started early and reached the town before lunch. Both the families met there and all had their lunch together in a hotel. And travelled towards Kailash temple. And there, Arpita and Vansh had a private time to know about each other.

Vansh impressed by Arpita
While talking to her Vansh realised that Arpita is a smart girl with beauty and brains. He was impressed by her skills in IT. She had also travelled to a couple of western countries on her job. Arpita wanted to continue her job even after the marriage. And Vansh replied if they get married he has no objection with that. But Arpita didn't want to get married so soon. She wanted to know more about Vansh. He agreed on that as well, although Vansh clearly told about his mother's wish to see him married soon. After a long chat everything looked fine in between them and they liked each other. Both the families explored the temple. Arpita had to resume her job 2 days later, so she and her family left for Ahemadnagar soon after leaving from the temple. They invited Vansh's family to their home but Vansh's family was hesitant on their request and Bhanumati casted off saying next time. 

Vansh and his family made a halt in Aurangabad that night. Vansh was accompanied by the entire girl team of his family. Veer again couldn't make it visit due to his busy schedule. Next day, they travelled Bibi ka Maqbara and also Ajanta and Ellora caves. Bhanumati along with kids stayed back in the hotel as she didn't want to stress herself and the young kids in a whole day trip. Bhanumati was not at all interested in all the trip plans Vansh was making. It was already a week passed for Vansh's holiday and she had only 3 weeks left to see him with his life partner. They reached Mahabaleshwar on that night. Vansh did not say anything about Arpita throughout the trip. He liked her though but he wanted Arpita to make her decision.

To be continued...

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