The Wedding Journey PART-4

Previous episodes -What could be more entertaining than the love story after marriage? This story is a fairy-tale romantic journey of Vansh and Nidhi. He is a handsome casanova from the USA, and she is a shy gorgeous small town girl from India. They get married and separated in some circumstances,  Previously, Bhanumati, mother of Vansh arrange the family meet of some proposals for the wedding of her son Vansh. Vansh like a girl Arpita but she needed time to get married so soon. Bhanumati plans to meet the last girl in her list, i.e., Nidhi. 
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On the very next morning, Bhanumati planned for the trip to Kolhapur, to meet the final girl in her list, Nidhi and her family. This time, Bhanumati forced Veer to go along with them, so the entire family left for the trip in their SUV. Bhanumati was 60 but had all the energy to travel with no tetchy attitude for her youngest son's wedding.

They reached Kolhapur in the evening. When they entered the house of Nidhi, they saw beautiful Rangoli on the gate as well as in the lawn. The entire compound was filled with beautiful flower pots, small plants, and some big trees of mango, coconut, guava, and chikku. Akansha loved the garden stayed back in the lawn admiring the beauty. Nidhi's sister-in-law Soumya was welcoming them all on the gate. Veer held Akansha's hand and went into their house smiling at the old lady standing on the door, Veer sensed that his wife will not get inside until he pushes her as she was mesmerised with the garden.

Vansh experienced the same old hospitality, smiles, and repeated chit-chat on both the bride and groom bio-datas. Vansh observed the old lady, Nidhi's mother was quite sick. He felt bad for her, she was saying one or two words in the middle and sitting for a long time smiling at all. Vansh asked her, to sleep on the dewan placed in the living room. The lady was humbled by his request and even Bhanumati insisted the same and the lady slowly lied on the dewan. 

Nidhi was listening to all their conversations from inside. There were voices of kids demanding things, playing, as well as fighting with each other. There were voices of her family members. Voices of females talking about cooking, gardening, maintaining the house and not to forget about the groom's achievements and also everything about Nidhi. She was all set to go out and was waiting for her entry call. It was not the first time Nidhi was facing this 'bride-groom' meeting session. A couple of families had come to see her before. She never wanted to marry so soon. She wanted to complete her education and stay with her family and her mother in her tough time.

Her mother is sick from last one year, she had kidney failure, it was her mother's wish to see Nidhi getting married before her last breath. Nidhi was doing all this only for her mother. Nidhi's father died in an accident when she was 10. Both her father and mother were teachers. Her mother Revati stayed strong throughout that awful time. She raised her two children, Santosh and Nidhi with discipline and love single handed, they were just 15 and 10 when they lost their father. Their house was ancestral, Revati saved the money of her husband's insurance, PF and all the funds for the education and marriage of her children. 

They renovated the old house 2 years back on the marriage of Santosh. He started working in a government bank soon after his graduation. He cleared the bank exams and got selected for a higher post. Santosh's wife Soumya was also working in a private bank. Revati selected Soumya for her son. And Santosh married her with no single question. Soumya was Revati's distant cousin's daughter and she wanted to get a girl for her son from a known family. Revati was sick from a long time but from the past 6 months, she was serious, and was admitted a couple of times in the hospital. That was the reason she wanted to see her daughter married, before her death.

She knew that Nidhi is very shy and would never ask anything from anybody. That's why, she had already willed her house in the name of Santosh. And a small plot and all her gold in the name of Nidhi intelligently, the cost of both comes equal. Also divided the fixed deposits and Insurance amount equally between her son and daughter. Their gated house was turned into a duplex bungalow after renovation with three bedrooms and big lawn and parking space. Revati also saved all her PF money for her daughter's marriage. Santosh was also not behind anything in caring for his mother and sister. His mother was treated on the insurance he took and he saved a good amount of money for his sister's wedding. Soumya never interfered in her mother-in-law's decisions. She was happy with what she had. 

Sitting in the room, Nidhi recalled everything that happened in her life, she loved her mother the most, her mother stayed strong throughout her life. She lost her husband when she was still young, and now in old age even in this sickness she never stops smiling. Nidhi also had the same charm as of her mother, she keeps smiling always and treat everyone equally. 

While listening to all the voices outside, she heard the a male voice, requesting her mother to rest on the dewan, while speaking with them, she was hearing the voices of his brother as well as another man, they were talking a lot about the business and weather. That was the other male voice she heard for the first time in the last 20 minutes. She was overwhelmed with that gesture. Soon, her sister-in-law came into the room and asked Nidhi to come out. 

Nidhi came along with Soumya. Vansh saw her immediately when she came out, and his heart missed the beats and eyes stopped blinking. She was more gorgeous than her pictures. She was wearing red and navy colour saree, her hair was open, around five point six tall, perfect figure to match her height, wheatish colour and pretty face with mesmerising eyes. Vansh fell in love with her at first sight. He couldn't resist watching her. She came and touched the feet of Vansh's mother, sister-in-law when she went to touch the feet of Veer, he got embarrassed and said ''No No...please". Vansh was still gazing at her. Akansha beamed at him ''Feels like you can't take off your eyes from her". She mumbled. Vansh realized that and he suddenly looked down blushing. After greeting everyone with Namaste, Nidhi sat beside Soumya. 

Bhanumati started the conversation with Nidhi asking her name and her qualifications. Vansh was all ears to hear Nidhi's sweet voice. Later, Bhanumati explained her family details to everyone. In the meanwhile, everyone had snacks and tea. Everyone was talking except for both Nidhi and Vansh. Nidhi did not have guts to raise her face and look at Vansh in front of everyone. Akansha asked elders permission to spare the space for Vansh and Nidhi to exchange their thoughts. Everyone agreed and Santosh asked Soumya to take them to Nidhi's room. Twins were cranky they wanted to play in the garden, Santosh and Veer went out with the twins. Akansha and Soumya together went inside the kitchen to prepare dinner, as Revati insisted all of them to leave only after having dinner. Revati and Bhanumati started chitchatting about her health. 

The two families meet, Vansh, Akansha, Veer & Bhanumati on right
Nidhi with Soumya, Santosh & Revati on left
Nidhi made out that the voice which asked her mother to rest was Vansh's voice. Nidhi and Vansh were sitting in the room, there was a pin drop silence for a few minutes. Vansh glanced around, there were books of astrology and gardening, some soft toys on the bed and the room was clean and tidy. He observed plants in the window.

While Vansh was busy glancing at her room and window Nidhi gazed at Vansh for the first time. He was tall, handsome, unlike other young men he wasn't growing any bear and mustache on his face, his hair was done neatly, he had a face of a chocolate boy yet a masculine stature with strong arms and wide chest. He was wearing a simple attire of black trouser and blue shirt, even after being under-dressed he looked very attractive. 

Nidhi wanted to hear that manly voice which showed care for her beloved mother. But she was hesitant to start the conversation. She never wished to talk to any guy who came to see her for a marriage proposal before Vansh. She was proposed by a couple of boys in her college and even in school but she never felt anything for any boy but this time, she felt different. Vansh realised that Nidhi was looking at him, he wanted her to see him as he knew she didn't even take a glance of him in last hour, though his heart was jumping to take a look of her, he didn't start any conversation to disturb her gaze. He was happy seeing a girl after a long time. After a while when Nidhi heard the voices of kids outside, she looked another side, Vansh smiled and felt it is a right time to start the conversation. Vansh was a confident man he never hesitated to talk to anyone before but this time, he did not know from where to start.

To be continued.....

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