The Wedding Journey PART-5

Previous episodes -What could be more entertaining than the love story after marriage? This story is a fairy-tale romantic journey of Vansh and Nidhi. He is a handsome casanova from the USA, and she is a shy gorgeous small town girl from India. They get married and separated in some circumstances,  Previously, Nidhi and Vansh meets for the first time and fall in love and their family decide for their wedding.
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After a pause, he said "Nice room... seems like you love gardening" Nidhi's heart jumped with his voice. She never felt like this before, she couldn't say anything but to nod on his question with a smile. He smiled, and again paused with a confusion thinking what to say now? There was a silence in the room.

"Mmmm, tell me about yourself, I read that you want to study more, so... what is your interest?" Vansh asked with a confidence after a pause. 
"I am doing my graduation in Botany and I want to start my own nursery of plants". Nidhi said softly.
"Nice, even my bhabhi loves gardening. I see you have interest in reading romance as well...". he said shrugging his shoulders, then bit his tongue for asking that question.
She felt shy, after a pause she replied "I like to read all types of novels". 
"Nice, special interest in romance...looking at these books I assumed". grinning he asked again to pull her leg observing her shyness.
Nidhi was stunned hearing that, in a fraction of a second so many thoughts came in her mind, her heartbeats gone faster. 
Looking at her awkward face, "Never mind, I am just kidding...I am sorry". He said  looking straight into her face with a smile. She looked down. 
"I will tell about my past you decide my future". He said confidently after a pause.
She was startled with his statement and looked at him, their eyes met for a few seconds.

Suddenly, Nidhi looked down. Smiling Vansh resumed the conversation, "I lived all alone for the last 11 years. I love my family and love to spend time with them, but I love more to travel the world. I have been travelling from the last 7 years. From last year, I am settled in the USA. I don't smoke but occasionally I drink and go to pubs. I don't want to hide anything, I had many girlfriends. But from last one year, I am single. My family knows about my past relationships, I assume my mother must have hidden this from your family... You mother wants me to get married soon and settle down, she hates my travelling hobby". He said all that and paused for her reply, Nidhi was all ears, astounded for his openness but silently she was collecting everything that he was saying. when he didn't get any reply, he commenced talking again.  
"Nidhi, I am a very straight forward person...I liked you...But before that, I want to know your opinion...that matters the most". He finished expecting her answer. She missed her heartbeats hearing her name from him. She liked his honesty. On the contrary, somehow she felt jealous for his past relationships. 

She stood quietly, confused to say anything. He got up from the chair and stood by the window. "I assume you are getting married this soon only for your mother. Marriage is a lifetime commitment... I completely understand your feelings, you are still young to decide on this. And I know my life is quite complicated... and thinking about marrying a man who already had many relationships is tough decision for any girl... Take your own time to decide". He said calmly and smiled looking at her.

Vansh falling for Nidhi 
She was touched with his words. From childhood, her mother decided everything for her, even she was not allowed to chose her dresses on her own ever. In her house, everything was decided by her mother. And her mother deserves all that for the sacrifices she made for her kids. So she or her brother never asked any questions whenever their mother decided something for them. Vansh was the first person ever to ask her to decide on her own. She was confused, he understood her bewilderment. Smiling he asked "You can talk to me, I am the one doing all the talking from so long, I will not mind whatever you say". 

She took a long breath, smiled and said "Thank you very much for sharing the truth and also thank you for patiently waiting for my reply. I really appreciate it... My mother suffered a lot throughout her life. Me and my brother never demanded anything to her, whatever she decided for us, we accepted. It doesn't mean that Maa had forced her decisions on us, never. She always knew what is right for us and, in what we are happy. This decision of hers to get me married soon is only to satisfy her wish of seeing a better life partner of her daughter before anything...". She paused. 

He felt like holding her hand to console her. But in all due respect of culture, he did not dare to touch her hand. with a sigh she continued "I got a couple of proposals for marriage before, they were not good enough, I didn't like them and before I say anything, my mother herself rejected those proposals. She understands our needs so well that we never had to express that to her. I have confidence in her that she would never tie me with anybody just to satisfy her last wish...". She paused.

Vansh raised his eyebrows thinking on her opinion about him. Her head was down, she continued "Till now, you are the first person who asked my opinion. Thank you very much for that. I can sense that your heart is very pure and caring". She said adding a smile with shyness. Vansh got relaxed with her finishing line. 

In the meanwhile, Soumya and Akansha came into the room by knocking on the open door for formality. "It is been half an hour, you people need more time?" Akansha said mockingly and Soumya beamed. Vansh smiled at both of them and said, "Common, Bhabhi ". He went out but while going he turned back on the door to take a glance of Nidhi and felt happy noticing that Nidhi was looking at him. She was surprised to see him turning back all of a sudden. Soumya and Akansha observed that all, they grinned looking at each other. Akansha hugged Nidhi "I know Vansh liked you and I can see that you also like him. Welcome to our family". she winked. Nidhi got amazed by her naughty reply. Soumya smiled at both of them. Akansha and Soumya went out and Nidhi stayed back in her room, recalling all that happened in the past hours. She was happy as well as stressed to know about the future. She was unable to decide but she was never this comfortable talking to any person who came with a proposal of wedding. Somewhere deep inside, she liked Vansh. 

They all had dinner together, Nidhi helped the ladies in the kitchen. Vansh couldn't resist himself staring at Nidhi, whenever he got chance he used to take a glace of Nidhi. She also observed that couple of times, she felt butterflies in her stomach with his gaze. Both the elderly ladies experienced minds decided something, observing all that was happening. Bhanumati spoke to Veer, Vansh, and Akansha soon after Vansh came out from Nidhi's room. Vansh asked his mother to take Nidhi's opinion first. Bhanumati assured him about that, they all agreed mutually for this proposal.

Soon after the dinner, Bhanumati spoke to Revati "I think Nidhi would be the best pair for my Vansh, you people have a discussion together and if you all agree we can decide on the wedding proceedings soon". Revati was expecting the same answer from her, she knew both the families are in a hurry to get this marriage done as soon as possible.

However, Revati also had collected information about Bhanumati's family from her sources and also matched the Kundalis. When everything was positive, she agreed for the meet of the bride and groom. Revati served as a teacher for her entire life, she noticed the humble nature of Vansh. When the Rathods were busy discussing this proposal, Revati also spoke to Nidhi, Santosh, and Soumya in her room. Santosh and Soumya gave a green signal for the match. All three of them looked at Nidhi for her opinion. Nidhi stood there quietly listening to all their conversations. When she realised that her opinion mattered, shying she hugged Soumya. They laughed on her gesture of shyness. 

Both the families agreed mutually. Bhanumati expressed her wish that before Vansh leaves for USA, she wanted him to get engaged.

But Revati hesitantly said "If you do not mind, can we go for the wedding before he leaves?" Everyone was shocked by hearing that. Revati's eyes were filled with tears, wiping them, with a smile she said "Vansh will be coming back after 6 months and I don't know I will live that long with this illness, I want to see the wedding of my daughter soon". 

Hearing that Nidhi hugged her mother saying "Maa, please don't ever say that". She forgot the presence of Vansh and his family and tears started dropping from her eyes. The feeling of leaving her beloved mother and family so soon made her cry like a baby. Soumya and Akansha consoled her, they took her to her room. Bhanumati understood the situation of Revati and her family. With no single pause, she agreed on whatever Revati said, and decided to finish the wedding in the coming week. It was raining outside and Revati asked them to stay back and start the journey in the morning. But Rathods did not want to be a burden on them unprepared for the night, so Veer booked a hotel room near their house and they all shifted to the hotel even after everyone from Singh family requested them to stay back.

To be continued...

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