The Wedding Journey PART-6

Previous episodes -What could be more entertaining than the love story after marriage? This story is a fairy-tale romantic journey of Vansh and Nidhi. He is a handsome casanova from the USA, and she is a shy gorgeous small town girl from India. They get married and separated in some circumstances,  Previously, Nidhi and Vansh meets for the first time and fall in love and their family decide for their wedding.
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Next morning, Rathods bought all new sets of clothes for themselves, a beautiful saree and a ring for Nidhi. And went to Mahalaxmi temple of Kolhapur and offered saree and other puja things as per their capacity to Goddess and prayed for Godess's blessings. Bhanumati did the ring ceremony of Nidhi and Vansh on the same day in their house.

The previous day Vansh didn't touch Nidhi's hand in due respect of culture and this day he held her hand to place a ring and made her his soul mate. For Nidhi, it was all seemed like a dream. A day before, she met a stranger for whom her heart missed the beats for the first time in her life and today he was all set to be her soul mate. Vansh wanted to talk to Nidhi and hear her "yes" from her mouth but the situation did not allow them to meet in private post engagement.

Both the families consulted the priest together for wedding, and he said Tulsi Vivah day would be best for the wedding, which was only 10 days ahead, with no option left, everyone agreed on the date. There were hardly fifty members from Bhanumati's side and so were the number of members from Revati's side. Vansh wanted a simple registered wedding so that processing of passport for Nidhi would be easy, both the families agreed with his opinion and decided to go for registered marriage by completing the rituals in the temple. Later, holding a small reception and wedding party in a banquet hall to satisfy all the close relatives and friends. It was difficult to book a wedding banquet in that short period but somehow Santosh arranged a banquet by paying higher amount. Rathods left from Kolhapur in the afternoon.

After coming back, Bhanumati called Amarsingh Rajawat, father of Arpita Rajawat and explained everything that happened. She didn't want them to wait in the hope of answer for a long time. Rajawat also agreed on their decision and wished the luck to them.

They all set for the wedding preparations, everything was happening so fast that Vansh and Nidhi never got time to talk to each other.

They all went to Kolhapur one day in the middle to buy wedding clothes for both bride and groom. But Vansh could not join Veer and Akansha, he had an emergency situation and had to work that whole night and day on his laptop to resolve the issue. He repented that day a lot for not getting a chance to meet Nidhi. 

On the other side, Nidhi was expecting Vansh but got disappointed when he did not come for the wedding shopping. Akansha understood the feeling of Nidhi and she took Nidhi's phone and saved Vansh's number as she knew that she did not have his number, Nidhi looked down in shyness and did not say a word. Akansha grinned, grabbed the hand of Nidhi and excused everyone and took Nidhi near the trial room. She took the phone from her hand dialled Vansh number and held the phone on Nidhi's ear. Looking shyly at Akansha, Nidhi held the phone by her hand hesitantly. 

The phone rang twice, Vansh was busy in coding. He was answering all the calls from the previous day, there were calls from the Indian office as well as from the USA. He saw the Indian number he thought it might be from his Pune office and answered the call saying ''Yes...Hello''. Nidhi was astounded hearing his voice, she closed her eyes, biting her lips, she could not answer him in shyness, she was surprised it never happened with her ever. Akansha was staring at her, she kissed her cheek and said "He would have done this to you if he saw you shying like this". she whispered, and uttering softly "SPEAK" she went away from there. 

Observing a long pause and whispers from the other side. Vansh realised call might be from Nidhi. His heart jumped happily and he whispered asking "Nidhi?'. She took a long breath, it felt like on top of the sky, with hundreds of butterflies in her stomach to hear her name in his voice. Hesitantly she mumbled ''Hmmm". Vansh got a big smile on his face, it was a smile of victory. He forgot all the tiredness and stress he had from the previous day. "It's a pleasant surprise, I thought you would never call me". He said. Nidhi smiled, and there was a pause again.

''Say something'' He asked. She was still quiet and shy to utter a single word. ''Hello, are you there?'' he asked again. ''Hmm'' She mumbled again. He understood that she is shy to talk to him. ''Wait, I will make a video call'' and he disconnected the phone before Nidhi say a word.

Nidhi was shocked, she did not feel at ease to see him on a video call. Within a few seconds her phone rang with Vansh's name, with shivering hands she pushed the green slide and accepted the call and saw Vansh in a t-shirt standing in the balcony smiling at her. He saw Nidhi's cute face with eyes down in a corridor of a trial room. ''Look at me'' he said, she turned down the volume of the phone immediately, looking at the people around. "Where are you?" he asked beaming at her. "In a shop..." she said looking at the people around. Trail room security lady was looking at her face. She was grinning herself. He whispered "I understand, you can't talk there. Can I call you tonight, you message me the timing". she nodded with yes. "Nidhi, hold it for a minute, I want to see you". He said innocently, she held her hand on her mouth with a smile and gazed at him hesitantly. his eyes were staring her. "Have to go, bye". She said and disconnected the call. "Haay...I love her" he said loudly. 

She went back and joined the families in shopping. Akansha asked her in eyes, Nidhi simply nodded. They finished the shopping and Rathods left soon before the evening so that they could reach the home by night. 

Nidhi was waiting for Vansh's call and suddenly remembered that he asked her to massage the time. She was about to send the message but in the meanwhile her mother's health got upset and they all rushed to the hospital. They admitted Revati that night in the hospital, and in the next morning, she was discharged with a note to be admitted soon after the wedding as her condition was getting quite critical. 

The wedding was just a week ahead. Santosh set back again for the preparation of the wedding. He arranged a tailor to stitch the clothes as soon as possible. Vansh was worried and he called Santosh in the morning and asked about the health of his would-be mother-in-law. Santosh assured him nothing to worry. He never wanted his family to worry about his mother in this diverse happy and sad situation. Santosh told about that to his family as well. On one side, he was happy that their beloved princess was getting married but also sad that their strong mother is critical.

Nidhi saw the phone in the morning. She left the phone at home while going to the hospital. She saw 10 miscalls from Vansh and many messages from him. She messaged him asking an apology for not answering the call.

Vansh replied immediately 'Hey, don't be sorry. I was just worried about you guys...Take care of Aunty. I will call you whenever you are free. Remember, me and my family are always there for you people. Do not hesitate to ask anything, anytime'.
She felt happy and tears dropped out of her eyes with his caring message. Vansh had sent Revati's reports to one of his friend who was a top doctor in the USA. He said it is too late to do anything, as she has hardly a month or two to live. Her condition was very critical, with failed lever and both the kidneys in diabetes, he felt sad. 

Soon, the wedding day arrived. The couple  never got time to talk to each other in all those hustle days. Vansh did not feel it's right to talk to Nidhi during this period, on the other side Nidhi didn't have guts to call back Vansh. Wedding took place in a temple with all the rituals. Nidhi and Vansh looked gorgeous together. Then they got their wedding registered. Everything went smoothly and on the same evening, they had reception in a banquet hall. Close members of both the families attended the reception and wished the couple. Revati broke out on the wedding of her daughter. She never thought that her beloved daughter would get married this fast with no worries, and cherry on top with such a humble caring man Vansh.

To be continued...

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