The Wedding Journey PART-7

Previous episodes -What could be more entertaining than the love story after marriage? This story is a fairy-tale romantic journey of Vansh and Nidhi. He is a handsome casanova from the USA, and she is a shy gorgeous small town girl from India. They get married and separated in some circumstances,  Previously, Nidhi and Vansh get married .
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After the wedding, Nidhi went along with Vansh to Mahabaleshwar. She was broke leaving her mother in the hospital. Santosh and Soumya assured her that they will call her in case needed. Bhanumati and her entire family were standing beside Santosh. But it was important for them to finish all the other rituals and documentation before Vansh and Nidhi's departure. Vansh could not extend his leave as there was a major issue in his project, he had to leave a week later, no matter what. Moreover, he couldn't deny as he signed the contract with the company. His VISA was ready, and Nidhi's passport and VISA were getting ready to apply. 

Throughout the process of wedding and rituals, Nidhi was dull and upset due to her mother's illness. After 2 days of the wedding and completing all the rituals, Vansh's family was about to arrange for the wedding night for the newlyweds. But Vansh felt it was not the right time for that. He also realised that Nidhi wanted to stay back with his mother in her last days. Vansh told Akansha not to arrange for the wedding night, and he stopped the passport and VISA  application process of Nidhi. On the very next day, he went to Kolhapur along with Nidhi and his mother Bhanumati. 

Nidhi was surprised to see all that was happening. She knew his urgency to leave and it was her duty to accompany him. She could not say anything to Vansh, and accepted the situations but her heart never wanted to leave her ill mother and go that far from her. They all went directly to the hospital as Revati was in the ICU. Vansh asked Santosh to go along with him in a private room.

Nidhi and Bhanumati were sitting in the waiting area. Vansh gave a couple of blank cheques to Santosh, saying I have 5 lakhs in this account right now, I will deposit more after going back to the USA, you deposit these cheques whenever you want for Mummy's treatment. Santosh felt touched but denied taking those chequed from him, he said he has insurance and also have some money saved for his mother's treatment. 

But Vansh did not listen to him, he said "I know all that, I did not mean to hurt your self-respect, please don't take it in the other way. This is a critical situation and one has to have back up of money during these situations. Just keep these cheques and deposit whenever you get a shortage of money. After all, I am also a son of your Mummy. It is my duty as well to look after her". Hearing those humble words from Vansh, Santosh hugged him and cried like a baby. Santosh always stood strong in all the situations. He never heard those caring words ever from anybody before that. He always loved and respected his mother the most, and seeing his mother in this situation broke him from inside but he never showed that pain to anyone. Vansh consoled Santosh and handed the cheques to him.

In the waiting area, Bhanumati was sitting with Nidhi. Seeing anxious Nidhi, she caressed her head and held her hand consoling her, there was a silence between both of them. When Vansh and Santosh came out, Nidhi was looking at their faces and she made out that Santosh cried inside. Vansh asked everyone to go out with him and have some refreshments in the canteen of the Hospital. As the meeting time of the patient was an hour later. They all agreed and went to the canteen, after having some refreshments they chit-chatted about other things. They met Revati one by one in ICU for a few minutes. 

Vansh and Nidhi came inside ICU, and sat on the stool, looking at Vansh, she slowly mumbled ''I am so unfortunate that I couldn't invite and show my hospitality to my new son-in-law". 

Vansh held her hand and said, "Don't say that, I am already overwhelmed by your nature." Revati smiled with that ill face, she called Nidhi close to her and kissed on her forehead and said "You have got a wonderful husband and new family. Take care of them all. I am very happy to see you wedded to this gentleman". 

Looking at Vansh she mumbled "Nidhi never demands anything, she is very soft but strong from inside. I know you will take good care of her. I wish both of you happiness always".

Rest all met her and they left to Nidhi's house. Hospital staff said only one person at a time can stay in the hospital. Soumya came from home and she stayed there. Santosh took them all to home.

They all got freshened up in home, since Vansh had very less time they all rushed back to their hometown in the night drive. On the way back to home, Bhanumati slept in the back seat of the car. Nidhi was looking at Vansh and felt how lucky she was to have him as her husband. Santosh told everything to her in the home. 

On the very next afternoon, Vansh was leaving to Mumbai Airport. Nidhi was packing some food items in a separate bag which was kept on the bed. Vansh woke up a few minutes ago and he came from the washroom and sat on the bed staring at her.

She saw him, felt tongue-tied to say anything. Vansh stood up and held her hands, coming close to her, he kissed her forehead, Nidhi's heartbeat increased. He whispered ''I will miss you''. Nidhi closed her eyes and slowly kept her forehead on his chest. He smiled and said "I know you don't want to leave your mother at this time. You stay back here as long as you wish. You can go to your mother's home. I spoke to Maa and she also agreed with this. However, I am coming back in the month of May, I will take you with me that time". He paused for her reply but she was silent.

He took a long breath and confidently holding her face in his hands, he said ''I understand that many questions or confusions may haunt you...about our marriage, and our separation, or even on my commitment, as we hardly know each other, and especially after knowing my past. I just want to assure you one thing, my past is over and you are my future. And no person or power on earth can separate me from you". He paused, her eyes were closed, and her breath was strong with his words and that closeness.

He whispered holding her face ''We never got a time to talk but today I want to tell you one thing, I never believed love at first sight but the day I saw you, I fell in love with you...And trust me, I never felt like this before for anyone. I love you Nidhi, I do...I can wait for you my life''. He said and kissed her forehead again.

Hearing all his romantic words, she felt hundreds of butterflies in her stomach, she felt like saying the same to him but tears filled in her eyes so much that she hugged him tightly hiding her face in his chest she cried. "Bhaiyya told me everything, I have no words to thank you" she mumbled crying. Vansh paused for a while processing all. "Your family is my family now, so never say anything about that ever". He held her in his arms kissing her head comforting her.

Soon after the lunch, Vansh was all set to go back. It was a continues drive of 10-15 hours both to and fro from Mahabaleshwar to Mumbai. So except for Bhanumati and kids, everyone accompanied him till Mumbai.

In the car, Vansh held the hand of Nidhi throughout the trip, and in the airport before checking out Akansha and Veer left Nidhi and Vansh alone and went to get tea. Vansh grinned and said "Couple of weeks ago we didn't even see or knew each other and today I am feeling all the pain leaving you back here...I went abroad many times before leaving my family, I used to feel sad but I never felt like this before...This time, I don't want to go". 

Nidhi's eyes were filled with tears...Vansh could always express his heartfelt in front of her but she was always tongue-tied. She never spoke her heart ever, she felt like her own words and feelings were coming from Vansh. By that time the announcement was made for Vansh to reach the boarding. Akansha and Veer joined them and Vansh left heartbroken from there towards the checkout. Nidhi stood still watching him going he turned many times back to say bye, she waved her hand and excused everyone and went to the washroom, and cried... and cried... and cried. She felt awful for not expressing her feelings infront of Vansh, she thought at least she should have thanked him for everything he did to her and her family. 

Akansha and Veer understood her feelings. Akansha told Veer to wait and she went to the washroom and stood outside waiting for Nidhi, hearing her grief-filled weep. Nidhi came out in few minutes and was surprised to see Akansha in the washroom, waiting for her, she rushed towards the basin and washed her face hiding it from her.

Akansha patted her shoulder with a smile. Nidhi turned back, and she held her face wiping her tears "It's ok, you don't need to hide your pain from me. I understand how you feel right now". she said. Nidhi hugged her and tears dropped out from her eyes again. After a while, they went out towards the parking. Veer asked the driver to start the car when all sat inside. It was chilled midnight in Mumbai and car hit the road. 

In the flight, Vansh felt the similar pain of leaving something precious. He felt like crying out but controlled himself. Before taking off, he messaged Nidhi ''I love you and I am missing you''. While in the car, Akansha and Nidhi sat in the middle seat. Veer was sitting next to the driver. Akansha spoke with Nidhi about her childhood with Vansh and Veer to divert her mind, Nidhi was all ears to hear about their childhood.

After few minutes, Akansha and Veer slept. Nidhi opened her mobile hoping to see Vansh's message. And she found his message. The message brought the smile , filled with shyness on her face. She typed and erased many messages, she was hesitating to reply to him, Love you too... after a while she sent him "Me too". And kept the mobile back in the bag and slept. 

To be continued...

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  1. Wow!!! It is so Romantic....I love such silent romance stories...I would love to read more.

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