The Wedding Journey PART-8- Separation

Previous episodes -What could be more entertaining than the love story after marriage? This story is a fairy-tale romantic journey of Vansh and Nidhi. He is a handsome casanova from the USA, and she is a shy gorgeous small town girl from India. They get married and separated in some circumstances,  Previously, Nidhi and Vansh get married and Vansh leaves for the USA for his job. He asks Nidhi to stay back in India as long as she wishes as her mother was sick and admitted in the hospital. Nidhi was all in pain due to the situations that were happening in her life.
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After coming back, Nidhi stayed in Mahabaleshwar for a week and left for Kolhapur. Her mother was still in the ICU. In the morning, Soumya used to cook for all and Nidhi used to go to the hospital early and stay there for the entire day, Soumya used to bring food for her from home while going to the office. Soumya and Santosh used to attend their office. In the evening, Soumya used to go to the hospital directly from her office  and Nidhi would leave for home and prepare food for everyone. Santosh used to stay in the hospital all night.

Bhanumati and Akansha used to come once in every ten days to meet them all. In the night Vansh used to call Nidhi and ask about the health of her mother. They used to have normal chat with no romance added in that. All these events created more respect and love for Vansh in Nidhi's heart. 

This continued for a month and Revati was hardly speaking anything in these days. She just used to look at her children. That always squeezed the hearts of Santosh and Nidhi. Even on the death bed, Revati never complained to god. She was a good wife and mother but lost her husband at a young age, worked honestly in her job to raise her children and in her old age, her fate brought this illness. Santosh's Insurance and bank balance were getting over in the treatment of his mother. He didn't want to use the cheques of Vansh. Nidhi and Santosh already utilized their mother's FDs for Nidhi's marriage and Revati's treatment. Vansh always asked Santosh and Nidhi to use the cheques he gave. Finally, Santosh used one cheque and withdrawn 2 lakhs. He paid hospital bills daily with that money, and in just 4 days Revati took her last breath. Santosh called Nidhi and Soumya to hospital. He informed Rathods as well as, all the other relatives. 

Vansh called and spoke to everyone on that day. He couldn't sleep the entire night. He called his brother almost every hour to know how are everyone. He was feeling helpless for not being with Nidhi at this tough time. Revati's funeral went with sorrow filled in the hearts of everyone. All relatives consoled Santosh and Nidhi. They appreciated that Revati saw the wedding of Nidhi before her death. After fifteen days of her death, finishing all the last rites of Revati, Nidhi came back to Mahabaleshwar. 

Vansh called her every day but grief-stricken Nidhi hardly spoke few minutes with him. Even after coming back she did not come to reality for many days. It took almost a month for her to bring back to normal life. Santosh and Soumya visited her once. Santosh returned the balance cheques of Vansh and one cheque of 95 thousand rupees, which were left out from the 2 lakhs that he was withdrawn for Revati's treatment. He said "I wanted to use my money for Maa's last rites so took an advance salary. This is left after paying hospital bills. Vansh will not accept but I will pay back the amount to him once he comes back, now you deposit this in his account''. Nidhi knew her brother's nature, she did not argue anything as he would never agree to keep the amount with him, that would hurt his self-respect, so she accepted the cheque. She told him to use her gold for his financial crisis, he replied strickly, "Never say that again". He would never use the gold of both Nidhi and Soumya, as they were gifted by his mother. 

The days passed, Nidhi and Akansha became more of good friends than co-sisters. They shared the same taste of gardening. They used to spend hours in the garden. Nidhi used to take the study of the kids and play with them. They all used to have a movie night very often at home. Bhanumati also loved both her daughters-in-laws, she took retirement and left the kitchen and house keys in their hands. She used to walk and do some yoga in the lawn for an hour in the morning and spend rest all her time watching TV and playing with kids. Veer was never at home other than in the night. He was all busy with his business. 

Vansh got busy in his work, day by day. He spent most of his day time in working and used to sleep early, so that he gets up early in the morning and call Nidhi. He used to speak to her till he reach his office. And in the meanwhile, Nidhi used to go on the terrace to speak to him every evening. They hardly had any romantic talks as Vansh used to be in public transport. But on the midnight of every weekend, he used to make a video call to see her. His kinky romantic talks made Nidhi shy and speechless many a times, she used to hide her face in their video call, they both imagined their closeness while his departure, and also day-dreamed about each other, exchanged many romantic pictures and messages. Their love for each other was increasing as the days were passed. Vansh never forgot his family in the love of his wife. He used to speak to all of them.  

Nidhi visited Kolhapur in the middle, she had to sign the papers of her mother's insurance. One day, when Santosh went out of the house, Soumya said  ''You know Nidhi, Santosh spent all the money on Maa's treatment and your wedding. He took a personal loan to pay his debts. We are paying all the EMI's with my salary, and in his salary, we are maintaining the monthly budget. All we have is this house and some gold which he would never sell or mortgage, we do not have anything in our savings. Do not take it in other way, you have a plot in your name as Maa's gift. You are fine in your well to do home, I am just requesting you not to take your share of Insurance amount of 2 and a half lakhs. Your brother will never agree on this, so I am requesting you leave it from your end. It can help us clear the personal loan...I know this is Maa's money and trust me if God gifts us we will surely pay this amount to you in the future". Sorrow filled in her eyes, she held Nidhi's hand. Nidhi kept her hand on Soumya's hand and with a smile, she said ''You don't have to request me Bhabhi. I know your situation and that is why, I planned to give it back to Bhaiyya''. Soumya hugged her. When Santosh returned Nidhi convinced him about the Insurance money.

Days passed, by this time Nidhi's passport got ready with new surname and address, she was all set to apply for her VISA. Bhanumati was happy to see her son again, that was twice in a year. Since before this, he visited hardly once a year or once in two years. Nidhi always noticed how Bhanumati miss her son whether it is festivals, functions or a normal day. She knew the feeling of parting from a loved ones. She always sensed Vansh was caring towards everyone but always wondered why he is not getting settled in his own country or even better in his hometown with his family, why his dream is more important to him rather than his loving family. She wished to ask him this many times but never had guts for that. She hardly met him, though they talk almost every day, still there is a distance between them and she felt it is not the right time to ask him that question. She wished to reunite him with his family permanently as she loved everyone in her new family and did not wish to go away from them.

To be continued...

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