The Wedding journey PART- 9

Previous episodes -What could be more entertaining than the love story after marriage? This story is a fairy-tale romantic journey of Vansh and Nidhi. He is a handsome casanova from the USA, and she is a shy gorgeous small town girl from India. They get married and separated in some circumstances,  Previously, Nidhi's mother expires due to her illness. Nidhi goes in trauma of losing her mother.  Vansh and Nidhi used to have a long chats over the phone. Nidhi finds a friend and sister in Akansha, her co-sister. 
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Soon the days passed, and Vansh was coming back from the USA. The entire house was decorated to welcome him. There were torans on the main entrance, and Rangoli in the entire lawn, which was drawn by Nidhi. All his favourite dishes were getting prepared in the kitchen. Bhanumati entered the kitchen after a long time and cooked his favourite rice kheer, he always loved kheer made by his mother.

Throughout this time, Akansha never missed any chance of teasing Nidhi in the name of Vansh. Nidhi's face used to turn red at that time, imagining the arrival of Vansh, her heart was flying in the sky, she was thinking how she will face him? What if he comes close to her? She was getting butterflies in her stomach thinking about his romantic talks over the phone. Frequently, she used to get lost in her dream. She already fell in love with him in these six months.  

Vansh reached to Mumbai Airport, and hired a taxi from Mumbai to his hometown, Mahabaleshwar. He was also on the seventh moon, he knew Nidhi's shy nature, he noticed, she used to be speechless on his romantic chats. Every time her shy face and soft voice tempted him. He loved her simple, soft-spoken and shy nature. He knew she loves him but she never said those three magical words till now. Whenever he proposed, she always blushed and looked down. He wanted to touch her, sense the scent of her beautiful body. Thinking about Nidhi he slept in the taxi. By the time he reached his home, it was already mid-day. 

The moment his taxi arrived infront of the gate, his heartbeats raised to have a glance of Nidhi. Children were playing in the garden and came shouting inside, 'Chachu arrived!!',  Nidhi missed her heartbeats hearing that. Akansha asked her to wear a saree and get ready before he comes. She was in her room and all set to face Vansh but after hearing the good news of arrival of her heartthrob, she had no guts to step out of the room. Vansh walked inside with happiness filled in his heart. Bhanumati and Akansha welcomed him on the door with aarti. His eyes were searching for Nidhi. He shifted all luggage from taxi but still couldn't find Nidhi around. Carrying both the kids on his lap he sat on a couch in living room.

Akansha got water for him and muttered 'The person you are searching is getting ready in your room'.  
Hearing that he blushed, ''I was looking for bhaiyya, where is he?'' He asked,  she smiled looking at his awkward reaction.

Bhanumati said ''He will come in an hour, first you eat something and get fresh. Look at you, you have become..." before she complete her line, Vansh and kids both uttered at a time "BECAME SO THIN!" and everyone started laughing. As they all knew Bhanumati's same old dialogue whenever Vansh returns home. Bhamumati patted on the shoulder of Vansh and said "Akansha get something for him to eat now. Later you get fresh. By that time, Veer will be home, we all will have lunch together". 

Hearing that he said "Maa, I am not hungry now, I had some snacks on the way, i'll get fresh first." Keeping the glass on the table he rushed towards his room. Kids were already opening his bags to see their toys and chocolates, Bhanumati was ordering them to go easy with the bags. Akansha winked looking at Vansh, and with a big smile, he ran upstairs towards his room. 

Nidhi heard that all, she moved from her room and hid herself in Akansha's room. Her heart was beating fast, she was nervous to face him.

He searched for her in the every corner of his room, he wanted to touch her, hug her, kiss her and feel her closeness but could not find her.  Taking an opportunity, she ran downstairs and entered the kitchen.

Akansha was surprised to see her there, raising her eyebrows, she asked ''You were supposed to be in your room, in the arms of...!''. Suddenly, Nidhi hugged her, hiding her face from her hands, she whispered ''I can't face him Didi''. Akansha grinned, hugging her back, she muttered "For how long?'' Nidhi nodded in her arms. Akansha enjoyed her shyness and felt pity for Vansh, ''My poor Devar is waiting for you, and you are punishing him...this is not fair!''. She mocked. Nidhi was still shying in her arms. 

In the meanwhile,  Vansh was searching Nidhi all over, he looked inside Akansha's room and later he rushed towards terrace, he looked down from the lobby of upstairs but he did not find his sweetheart. Disappointed, he went to his room, he tried calling her number but it rang on the dressing table, he understood, she is hiding from him. He grinned at himself  and went into the bathroom and got fresh by taking a shower. Nidhi was still shy to get out of the kitchen, after a while, she started helping Akansha in preparing lunch. She was surprised as well as relieved to see that Vansh did not come downstairs searching for her. 

After taking bath, Vansh opened his wardrobe, he smiled looking at Nidhi's clothes in one side of the wardrobe. He felt her scent in those clothes, he was happy to see that lots of his clothes were kept neatly in the wardrobe. He took off a pair of casuals from there and got ready.

Soon Veer came home, and by that time Vansh came down. Both the brothers hugged each other and started chit-chatting, which Nidhi and Akansha heard from the kitchen. Everytime Nidhi heard the voice of Vansh, she felt butterflies in her stomach. She remembered his first meet with her, the day when she was flattered with his macho but kind voice. Akansha was still teasing Nidhi,  she asked her ''Let's go out now, it's time to meet the loved ones'', she chuckled. Nidhi patted her shoulder by widening her eyes.

Vansh had his eyes on the kitchen. When Nidhi came holding the tray of food, slowly hiding behind Akansha, his eyes followed her. He saw Akansha seeking her help, winking at him Akansha suddenly stepped aside, so that he could take a gaze of his sweetheart. Vansh was flattered looking at Nidhi in a saree.

Nidhi raised her face and saw him sitting on the couch, staring at her. She took a quick look at him and looked down. Veer and Akansha were watching their lovely gazes, Veer winked at Akansha romantically, she raised her eyebrows at him. 

Vansh couldn't take off his eyes from Nidhi. While everyone was having food, Akansha and Nidhi were serving, Vansh asked both of them to sit with everyone and have lunch but as usual, the ladies excused saying they will eat later. Vansh was staring at Nidhi all the time. And she didn't lift her head in the entire time. Bhanumati's experienced eyes observed everything. After having quick lunch she went to garden for fresh air, leaving the young generation alone. Vansh loved eating homemade food after a long time. They all finished lunch. Veer left for his supermarket after lunch. Children went to sleep along with Bhanumati. Vansh was feeling sleepy but he wanted to spend time with Nidhi. 

Akansha and Nidhi sat on the table for lunch, he joined the ladies and humbly said ''I will serve you both, your orders please?'' Nidhi did not raise her head. Akansha said ''I will eat every item on the table serving by myself, you please ask madam...what would she love?'' and winked at both. Vansh sat beside Nidhi and sweetly said "Madaaam, I am at your service". Nidhi's heartbeat skipped, he served her Roti and Sabji. She mumbled ''I...I...I...will serve by myself..." in nervousness. Seeing that Vansh looked at Akansha and said ''Bhabhi, you know what? these phones have spoiled people...'' Akansha taking a bite of Roti, raised her eyes wondering 'Why?'. 

''See, people talk so much over the phone but run away when it comes to talking face to face''. mocking at Nidhi he chuckled. Nidhi did not reply, Akansha grinned looking at Nidhi's face. She observed that Nidhi was unable to eat in the presence of her lovey-dovey husband. She ordered him ''Ok you go and take a nap. She is already nervous, and she'll not eat a single bite  infront of you". He looked at Nidhi and said ''On one condition, if someone promises me to meet in the evening...Privately''. he winked. Nidhi blushed. Akansha said ''Ok, now you go...''. Grinning, Vansh went to his room. When he was raising the staircase, he turned back knowing that Nidhi will be gazing at him and she was. He winked at her and she blushed. Both the ladies finished their food. Happiness was filled allover the house on the arrival of Vansh.

To be continued.....

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  1. Awwwww.....this is so romantic ....please please please don't stop this story continue this romance...I am loving it. Please publish story weekly as i am waiting for every part. We never get to read or watch such romantic stories now a days.
    I read your books In search of soul mate and The beautiful Roses...loved the romance in there too�� How you get ideas for this much of romance ...wanna meet you ����������
    One more thing, I am Sonia. my comments are not going with my gmail id. But if I post anonymous it gets published. Why so?

  2. Thank you so much for all this msg dear. God bless you.
    Well, I will try to write next part soon.
    For the comments with id, you need to check 'I am not robot' and publish twice...

  3. This story series is phenomenal and it is beyond incredible. I enjoy every part of this sweet romantic series. I strongly recommend everyone to read this amazing romantic journey penned by this fantastic author.


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