The Wedding Journey PART-10

Previous episodes -What could be more entertaining than the love story after marriage? This story is a fairy-tale romantic journey of Vansh and Nidhi. He is a handsome casanova from the USA, and she is a shy gorgeous small town girl from India. They get married and separated in some circumstances, Vansh comes back to take her along with him to the USA. Previously, Vansh comes back from the USA. He tries to talk to Nidhi at his home but shy Nidhi was running away from him. 
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Vansh slept so hard that he woke up at 8 in the evening. By that time Veer was home. Bhanumati went to meet the priest as she was planning for the wedding night of Vansh and Nidhi according to the auspicious timing. Akansha and Nidhi went to the market. 

Vansh came down searching for everyone, 
"Good morning sleepy head" Veer said mockingly. 
''It's night bhaiyya'' Vansh said lazily. 
''Yeah, but looks like you're still in US...'' he grinned. 
''Very funny...Where's everyone?'' he asked, smiling on his joke. 
"All went out...they will be home anytime" Veer replied. Both the brothers had a chat after sipping coffee that Vansh made.

Soon, the ladies came home. They all had a look on all the gifts that Vansh got for everyone. In the meanwhile, Bhanumati took Akansha aside, and whispered about the wedding night plan, which was supposed to be arranged on the very next day. Bhanumati instructed Akansha to keep the couple away for one more night as she was very strict on following these auspicious timings. Akansha agreed blushing on her mother-in-law's order, she felt pity for both of them. 

While serving the food Akansha whispered that to Vansh. He got disappointed, he kept on staring at Nidhi. She already knew about the wedding night as Akansha told her while in the kitchen. Veer understood the whole situation and was grinning at him. Vansh still did not get a single chance to speak to his love as she was running away from him, and staying another day separately seemed like crossing a giant mountain for him. 

Although, Nidhi came to meet him in the evening as he asked her but when she saw him in a deep sleep like a baby, she did not wake him up. She sat beside gazing his cute face in that innocent sleep. She moved her hand towards him, hesitantly she touched his forehead and moved her fingers around his hair-locks, she felt proud to have such a handsome husband. She never got a chance to have a close look at him due to her shyness, and all those dramatic situations that took place during this entire period, she never dared to look at him for long on video calls either. Her heartbeats gone up when the thought of kissing his forehead came in her mind. She took her hand back biting her lip, a sudden thought came in her mind, what if he wakes up? What would be his reaction seeing her close to him? All his romantic talks played like a music in her mind. She knew he is very kinky, her face turned red in the shyness, thinking all that he could do if he wakes up and she ran away from the room. 

Meanwhile on the dining table, Vansh was gulping each bite glumly. Nidhi was blushing at his act, somewhere deep in heart, she was also disappointed for not being close to him throughout the day. They both were waiting for this day from months, and the entire day passed but they were still spaced out from each other.  

Akansha read their minds, she whispered to Vansh ''Terrace will be open all night and everyone will sleep after 11''. He was amazed hearing that and begged her to send Nidhi on the terrace by making faces. Grinning at him she agreed in no time but kept one condition, she asked him not to cross the limits. 
"I can't promise that but I will try" grinning he mocked. Akansha patted him. 

Soon at 12 in the mid-night, Vansh went on the terrace, eagerly waiting for Nidhi. As per Bhanumati's instructions, Nidhi was sleeping with Akansha that night, and Veer already slept in Vansh's room. Akansha previously informed Nidhi about their meeting on terrace. When everyone slept, Nidhi was leaving the room, Akansha wasn't asleep, she held her hand, "Come back before sunrise" saying she mocked. Nidhi held her hands on her face, shying she ran away. Akansha smiled and went back to sleep. 

Vansh was lying on the reclining chair, looking at the sky, the climate was cold but bearable in sweatshirt. His eyes were all on the door. Nidhi walked in few minutes, wearing a white sweatshirt and pyjama. Throughout the day, Vansh saw her stunning beauty in a saree, handling herself gracefully, now he was looking at her in pyjamas and she looked hot in that attire as well. He raised from his chair and walked towards her, she stopped and took a step back when he came close to her. 

''You made me wait very long". He mumbled staring at her. 

''I came on time'' She replied in her soft voice, shying with her head down. 

''You know, I am talking about the entire day''. He said gently holding her hand. 

Her heartbeats increased when he touched her, he brought his face close to her face, caressed her cheek, pushing back her hair-curl, he moved his face forward, closing her eyes, she sensed the scent of his breath. He wanted to kiss her zealously but felt to take it slow as he knew that it was all first time for her. 

''I missed you a lot'' he whispered... She smiled in reply. 

''Look at me'' he demanded... She nodded with no. 

''Please...'' he requested. She slowly raised her eyes and looked into his eyes. Their eyes met for a few seconds. 

''You are bewitchingly gorgeous and I am so lucky that you are mine''. he whispered.
Blushing she looked down, she wanted to reply that she was lucky as well to have him. Many a times she tried to open up in front of him and express her feelings, she always felt lucky to have such a handsome man with a golden heart as her husband but as always, she was tongue-tied. 

''Say something...or else... I will start kissing you as I won't be able to hold on my desire to kiss you anymore...'' he grinned staring at her. Shying she ran away from him. He got tempted with her shyness, and quickly followed her. 

She stood holding a wooden light pole turning her back to him. He kept his hand on hers which was on the pole and pressed her hand. Shying, she tried to unbind her hand but his grip was strong. Keeping his other hand on her waist he pulled her towards his body. Her back touched his strong chest. He took-off his hand from the pole and moved her hair from her neck and kissed her neck, her breathing got fast. Pushing him she tried to run but he held her hand and pulled her towards him. Caressing her face from his thumbs he whispered ''I love you Nidhi''  and in no time, he kissed her lips.

She was never been kissed before. She did not know how to react when his lip was inside her mouth, he pushed her towards the wall and kissed her passionately holding her face in his long hands. She was stunned and placed her hands on his chest. Their breathing was strong and fast. They kissed for a couple of minutes, he showered kisses all over her face and her lips, she surrendered herself to him. Slowly moving his hands down the neck to back, he held her waist, and she moved her hands on his shoulder and embraced him. 

After a few minutes of kissing, he brought his hands towards her upper body but before he touch her, she sensed it and held his hand, stopping him she nodded with a gesture 'not now'. He realised that looking at her nervousness. ''I will not until you permit me''. whispering he kissed her cheek, he sighed and stepped back, walked on the other side as it was hard for him to control his emotions which were erupting like a volcano. She suddenly rushed towards him and embraced him from the back, placing her hands around his stomach she whispered ''I am sorry''. He was amazed by her reaction. He turned back holding her arms, kissing her forehead he hugged her. They spent few minutes in the same position. 

''I love you''. She whispered closing her eyes, hiding her face in his chest. Finally! He was happy as well as surprised to hear that, as she never said those three magical words to him, ever! Whenever he expressed his love she always said 'Me too' and cut the chat. He lifted her face from his hand, tears fell from her eyes. He wiped them, he never forced her to say those three magical words, as he knew that she loved him from the core of her heart but never dared to express, he always waited and tonight his wait was fruitful, as she said it in his embrace. ''Say it again'' he mumbled. She smiled with those tears filled eyes ''I am so lucky to have you as my husband...Thank you for coming in my life...I love you''. There she said again, and shying bit her lips. He grinned at her gesture of biting lips ''Let me bite them'' he said romantically and kissed her lips, biting them passionately. Their love was in the air that night. They had a long chat in each others embrace. It was one of the beautiful night they had ever experienced.

Nidhi slept in his cuddle, he carried her in his arms and slowly pushed the door of Akansha's bedroom. Akansha and kids were in a deep sleep, he slowly placed Nidhi on one side of the bed, kissing her forehead he left from the room gazing her beauty. He couldn't sleep for long, missing his gorgeous wife, holding the pillow he fell on the bed. 

To be continued...

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Design - Swapna Rajput, Asst Designer- Nandakumar D.


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  4. Thank you so much all...These comments means a lot...I will surely try to write more episodes with more romance.

  5. So romantic and beautiful story I like it

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