The Wedding Journey PART -11

Previous episodes -What could be more entertaining than the love story after marriage? This story is a fairy-tale romantic journey of Vansh and Nidhi. He is a handsome casanova from the USA, and she is a shy gorgeous small town girl from India. They get married and separated in some circumstances, Vansh comes back to take her along with him to the USA. Previously, Vansh comes back from the USA . Nidhi and Vansh cherish romantic moments together. 
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Nidhi slept hard that night, sunlight tumbled on her face when she opened her eyes, she was amazed to see herself on the bed, as she recalled sleeping in the arms of Vansh last night, she sat joining her hands and knees together, remembering all the precious moments that happened previous night. She imagined how Vansh would have carried her in his strong arms to this bed. Shying, she hid her face between her knees. Suddenly, she realised and saw the clock, it was 8 in the morning! She recalled that last night Bhanumati had told her to get ready early in the morning as they have to visit the temple, she rushed into the bathroom and took a shower, wearing a saree that she already kept last night, hurriedly she rushed downstairs.

Bhanumati was wondering why Nidhi was sleeping so late this morning. Akansha handled her suspicion by lying to her that they were chatting late in the night. But Bhanumati already had sensed the fishy lie of Akansha. Nevertheless, she trusted Nidhi,  so did not bother much and beaming, she went out of the kitchen. Akansha was preparing breakfast for all, and getting the children ready for their Kung-fu class. The twins were so much interested in Kung-fu so they were sent to the classes every morning in their vacations. Veer was having breakfast along with the twins and Bhanumati. He was about to leave for supermarket by dropping the children to their class.  Bhanumati was asking Veer to go to his work late that day, and accompany them to the temple. But Veer was quite busy that day due to the peak season. In the meanwhile, Nidhi went into the kitchen anxiously, Akansha comforted her.

Vansh was all in thoughts of Nidhi the whole night and he slept early in the morning and was still sleeping. Bhanumati asked Veer to wake him up before going out, as she did not want to disturb the ladies in kitchen. She came into the kitchen and instructed her daughter-in-laws to get ready soon after having breakfast and went to her room to get ready for the temple.

Veer came into Vansh's room, twins also followed him. He tried to wake up Vansh couple of times but he wasn't moving at all. Veer got a jug full of water and poured that on his face. Vansh swiftly got up shouting "WHAT THE... BHAI COMMON YAAR!".
Veer laughed and so were the twins looking at Vansh.
"I am sorry Bro! I couldn't help... kids are getting late to class and Maa told me to wake you up have to go to the temple with the ladies. So get your self out of the bed now and get ready fast...I have to rush now, bye " saying Veer grabbed the hands of twins who were laughing at Vansh, they ran with their father quickly saying "Bye Chachu!". 

Vansh sat on the bed wiping his face, recalling that all happened to him few seconds ago. Suddenly, he realised he is late and rushed into the bathroom.

He swiftly got ready and came downstairs. He saw his wife beautifully dressed in a saree, she was helping Akansha to bring breakfast from kitchen to dining table. Vansh amazed at the beauty of his wife.

Akansha mockingly said, "Nidhi, get the plate ready for Vansh!".
Nidhi nodded adjusting her free flowing hair. Nidhi did not have courage to face Vansh after previous night romance. Smirking at his gorgeous wife, Vansh went and sat with his mother and said "Good morning Maa..."
Bhanumati replied "Good morning...Go, have breakfast first, we need to go to the temple". He acknowledged his mother's word and walked towards dining table. He was going crazy for his wife, it wasn't just her looks that attracted Vansh, but her innocence and intensity that lured him. He has always felt that Nidhi was different from any other girl he had ever met. He couldn't take out his eyes from his beloved wife, her flowing hair was covering her face, he felt like pushing them back and kiss her face while she was serving him but he couldn't as Akansha and Bhanumati were all present there. Akansha pulled the chair and started having her breakfast, enjoying the romance of newly weds. Taking a chance Vansh touched Nidhi's waist and she was stunned with his naughty deed, she stopped serving him for a fraction of second. He smiled gazing at her, biting his lips. Akansha started humming a song taking a bite of paratha mischievously. 

Nidhi was going to sit next to Akansha but Vansh pulled the chair next to him. She gracefully denied his gesture and sat in front of him next to Akansha. He took a big bite showing off fake anger. Akansha was silently enjoying their acts. There was silence on the table, Vansh was staring at her. She kept her head down and started eating small bites as usual. She was aware of his romantic stare and felt quite happy about being observed. She gently looked at him and felt the instant spark of connection between them. He slowly moved his leg and touched her feet, her eyes were wide open feeling his toe which soon started playing with her anklet. That joyful play continued. 

Bhanumati was an experienced woman, she knew that if left like this, the young generation will never raise from the dining table.
"Finish your breakfast soon, we need to go to the temple before 10". She said loudly looking at the TV. All three of them looked at each other and blushing they all finished the breakfast early and left the house soon.

Vansh sat on the driver seat of his car, Akansha opened the back door for Bhanumati who came by locking the main door. Nidhi followed her mother-in-law carrying the things to be offered at the temple. Akansha gestured Nidhi to sit on the front seat next to Vansh. She blushed and gave the bag to Akansha. She sat on the front seat gracefully, smiling with her beautiful eyes. Vansh smiled with his eyes in return and casually moved his left hand to reach her right hand. But she simply took her hand off and touched her earrings.

It was 9:30 am, and the family were in the car en-route to the temple. Vansh played "Nothings gonna change my love" song of George Benson from his mobile through Bluetooth. As it was tough to get radio signals in hill station. Akansha mockingly asked Vansh if he wanted to dedicate this song to someone. Vansh and Nidhi both blushed hearing that. Bhanumati too smiled slightly and turned away, looking outside the vehicle, allowing young people to speak freely. 

Vansh could see Nidhi's eyes and face through the rear-view mirror. They exchanged smiles, and Vansh gestured 'the song dedicated to you'. Blushing she looked other side. Vansh could not stop staring at the reflection of his wife. Suddenly, the car started wavering and he quickly applied the brake and parked the car on the roadside to see what went wrong. As expected, the back tyre on the right side has gone flat. Vansh informed everyone, and got down from the car and started replacing the tyre with the stepney. Nidhi and Akansha were standing aside in the tree shade watching him fixing the tyre. Bhanumati asked Vansh to call Veer and get the other car, as she wanted to reach the temple soon on time. And it was a hilly place no other vehicles were passing through except for the horses. Vansh replied, it will take just few minutes and he asked all of them to sit on the bench on the other side of the road.

He winked at Nidhi while passing through, and she reciprocated by biting her lips. Vansh got tempted, he could not believe that the day is moving very slow and he could not wait till the evening for the wedding night. When three ladies were about to reach the bench, a group of horses were running wildly towards the road from the other side. Akansha helped Bhanumati to reach safely on the side of the road, but Nidhi got scared and stuck in the middle, she started running to escape from the rampage. There was a horse man on one horse who was trying to catch his horses but failed. Vansh quickly ran and jumped on one of the horses by grabbing its tie, he was grown up in those hills and knew horse riding since childhood. He was a Polo player as well, so it was easy for him to catch a running horse. It was a turning point of the road, and a vehicle was approaching from the opposite side, it was all seemed dangerous.

Everything was happening so quickly and the ladies were watching every bit of it helplessly holding their hands on their mouth. Vansh kicked the horse to run faster, and he soon reached Nidhi who was all scared in the middle of the road, he bent down to his right and reached out his arm to pull Nidhi. He stretched his hand towards her and held a grip of her hand,  and with all his strength he pulled her up onto his horse and took a control over his horse. He safely got down along with her after few yards. Horse man followed them  apologising, he said he was taking all his horses to the sightseeing point fast and in that hurry all this mishap took place.

Nidhi was in a massive shock, she hugged Vansh tightly and started crying. He consoled her saying everything was okay by holding her and rubbing her back. Bhanumati and Akansha came running to the spot. They both did their part to console Nidhi. Akansha was trying to bring Nidhi's state of mind back to normal. 

They all walked towards the car, Vansh soon changed the stepney and they all went to temple half an hour late. On the way to temple, Nidhi was still scared, Vansh calmly consoled Nidhi with his eyes. She felt blissful to have such a caring and courageous husband.

Bhanumati was worried, every time she planned unity of Vansh and Nidhi, some or the other obstacles occurred. She felt it might be a bad omen. 

To be continued...

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Design - Swapna Rajput, Asst Designer- Nanadakumar D.


  1. Very nicely described story. I am loving all the episodes...keep writing...
    I see you are perfectionist ...You continue the episodes with all the back episode details. Even minor details like their sleeping times and behaviour, everything is so realistic...

    And the best part is, you even chose pictures depending on the colours of clothes that r described. I have seen last episode the hero is in black shirt and you kept that in both the pictures and also it continues that shirt in this episode as per story. BRAVO. !!

    Imagining that much for the story and searching those pictures really needs hell lot of patience...Anybody can write romance or any story but this much of perfection all such detailing only few got that talent ...I understand that coz I am also a writer and I truly feel there is much more to learn from you.

  2. Very nicely described story. I am loving all the episodes...keep writing.........dear and I feel the story with reading thx swapna really nice neat n most romantic story


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