The Wedding Journey PART-12

Previous episodes -What could be more entertaining than the love story after marriage? This story is a fairy-tale romantic journey of Vansh and Nidhi. He is a handsome casanova from the USA, and she is a shy gorgeous small town girl from India. They get married and separated in some circumstances, Vansh comes back to take her along with him to the USA. Previously, Vansh comes back from the USA and cherish lots of romantic moments with NIdhi on the terrace. they get ready to go to the temple there Vansh saves Nidhi from the rampage of horses and later they all go to the temple.
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Rathore family entered the temple with stressed minds. Some people greeted Bhanumati and started speaking with all of them, they were a well-known family in the city. Even the temple staff also greeted her as she takes care of many charity and other events of the temple.  

The temple was crowded that day since it was a holiday season and many tourists also had visited the shrine to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva. Some were astonished by the beauty of the newlywed couple as well as beautiful Akansha, they all couldn't resist taking a second look at them. Replying to the greetings of folks, Bhanumati moved towards Pundit and apologised to him for the delay and narrated the story, rest all three stood on one side. Hearing that all, Pundit took aside all the family members and performed the holy rituals by the newlyweds. Nidhi was still in trauma, noticing that Vansh held her hand to comfort her, she was calmed with his touch. Veer along with children visited the temple to meet after hearing the mishap. 

Following a couple of hours rituals, Pundit asked other family members to sit in the main hall of the temple, and Bhanumati sat with Pundit and told him everything that was going on in her mind, she was feeling awful with her thoughts. She asked him is it any bad omen? Why so many obstacles are bothering every time at the unity of the newlyweds. Pundit once again checked Kundalis and calculated something with his fingers. 

On the other side, Nidhi was worried looking at the expressions of her mother-in-law, she was thinking what if Bhanumati declare her as unlucky for her son! She didn't want to lose anyone after all the pain of losing her loved ones in her life. In the worst of her dreams, she never wanted her beloved mother-in-law to disregard her, and her loving husband to leave her. Evoking all the situations that happened since marriage and looking at Bhanumati's behaviour since the time of the accident, many horrific thoughts were running in her mind. 

Akansha was with the children and Veer, discussing all that happened a few hours ago. Vansh went out to answer a call from his local friend. He came and saw his restless wife sitting in the corner of the temple, squeezing her hands. Smiling he sat beside her and held her hand. She was shocked and suddenly looked at him, and liked his gesture to comfort her. 

"Told you to relax, how many times you are thinking about that?" He said grinning. 
"It's not that, I am worried now because..." She paused. 
"Because?" he asked.
"Nothing..." She gave a fake smile and looked at another side. 
"You can tell me whatever is going on in your mind. I am all ears". He comforted.
"No, it's nothing... just the same thing that happened." She said and slowly took off her hand from his grip. She had sensed many people were observing them. She didn't want to be in that limelight. But people were helpless in staring and admiring their cute romance. Vansh already sensed her feelings, he observed that Nidhi was all eyes on Bhanumati. He thought why his mother is making so much issue on a small accident. 

The meanwhile, Bhanumati came to them, and everyone was looking at her, awaiting her response but she asked them to get going. They all kept on looking at her to read what is going on in her mind, she seemed to be relaxed. 

They all had lunch at their family restaurant. Bhanumati's mind replayed all that the Pundit said. He happily advised her nothing to worry about Vansh and Nidhi, their pair is like Ram and Seeta. They will have difficulties but their love and understanding will always keep them together. Bhanumati was relieved after hearing that. But she kept silence throughout the way processing everything. Finally, they all reached home at 4 in the evening. Bhanumati called Veer and Akanksha in her room. Akanksha prayed to God that the wedding night should not get postponed due to all the mishaps that happened that day. 

To their surprise, Bhanumati told them to complete the decoration of Vansh's bedroom before 10 pm. She said the wedding night would be at 11 pm tonight as prescribed by the Pundit. Akanksha and Veer were in high spirits to hear that and proceeded to decorate the room. 

Vansh overheard their conversation and was thrilled about the wedding night. After all the long wait was getting over. Nidhi got the good news by Akansha that calmed her stress once for all about Bhanumati's silence. But on the other hand, she was nervous as well as thrilled thinking about her wedding night. Vansh went out to meet his friend with whom he spoke in the afternoon while in the temple. That gave Nidhi some strength as she had no guts to face him after hearing the news. Bhanumati hired cooks to prepare dinner that night, and Veer called flowerists to decorate the room of Vansh. Nidhi was all alone, children were running here and there in all the rooms. Akansha was busy decorating the room, and she instructed Nidhi not to come inside the room until she calls, and Bhanumati also instructed her not to get inside the kitchen as she wanted her to relax. She went on to the terrace and spent time sitting in the calm pleasant atmosphere, memorising the beautiful moments that took place previous night. 

Akansha got her dinner soon at 8 pm on the terrace itself. Nidhi was not hungry in anxiety but she ate some bites forcefully by her loving co-sister. Vansh came home at 9. He looked around for his wife but she wasn't there he went upstairs but his room was locked, Veer welcomed him in his room, he got fresh, wearing the traditional clothes that Veer gave him, he came down having fun along with his brother. Bhanumati served them food, Vansh assumed Nidhi must be getting ready in the room.  Children played so much that they slept in the room of Bhanumati. 

It was 11 pm, Nidhi was ceremoniously dressed by Akansha, and she looked stunning. Akansha blessed her by kissing her forehead and went out, Nidhi noticed tears in her eyes, she always felt the warmth of her love and was happy to have a sister like her. Akansha was also happy for both of them. It was not an ordinary journey that Vansh and Nidhi went through from the time of the wedding. She came out and saw, Vansh was walking towards his room. She suddenly wiped her eyes, stopping him she raised her eyes and winked at him and mocking she said "So much hurry haan..." He blushed and looked other side scratching his forehead. She didn't make him wait for long, wishing him luck and patting his forehead she said "Go..." and walked into her room. 

To her surprise, her bed was also decorated with flowers like a honeymoon suite. Immediately, her door was closed and she turned back. Veer was standing behind her with his kinky romantic smile. She blushed, even after 9 years of marriage no matter how naughty she was with everyone but she always got shy when Veer came close to her. He pulled her towards him by holding her waist "How's the surprise?" he whispered. Shying she nodded and placed her head on his chest. He lifted her in his arms and took her on the bed. 

On the other hand, Vansh walked inside the room. Nidhi was standing near the gallery. Her breath gone fast when she heard the sound of his steps. He came inside the room, she held the window tightly. The room was all decorated with flowers and smelled wonderful. He locked the door and walked towards her, with no talking he held her from the back and kissed her neck. Shying she smiled. Their heartbeats were fast and breaths were strong. They both smelled awesome with their scent. He slowly turned her towards him, her head was down, he lifted her head slightly holding her chin but her eyes were closed. 

"Look at me Nidhi" He murmured. She nodded with no. 
"You are stunning " He whispered. She blushed with her head down. He took out a box from his pocket and opened a beautiful diamond ring from it in front of her. She was surprised to see that, he held her hand and slowly placed the ring in her finger and kissed her hand. 
"You liked it?" he asked. 
''Mmmm" She whispered by nodding her head. 
"Bhai told me that I need to gift you something tonight...I couldn't find anything that suits your gorgeousness's beauty enhanced now in your hand..." He said staring at her. 
She smiled, she was nervously shy and all that with her bewitching beauty was tempting Vansh madly. He wanted to hold her, kiss her all over and make love to her enormously. But on the other hand, he wanted to comfort her by taking that all slowly. 
"Should we stand here only the whole night? I'll do all the talking and stare at you... and you standstill with no words but shy..." He mocked with a joke to ease her. She giggled, holding her hands on her face. 

He waited for a few seconds for her reply but as expected she was silently looking down. He lifted her and took her on the bed. 
"You must be tired". He asked sitting beside her. She nodded with no. He knew that she was completely exhausted after the long tiring day. He didn't want to stress her by spoiling her sleep.
He smiled and kissed her cheek and whispered "My name should be added into the list of all those big Sages of our country... I might be greater than them coz every time I hold on my desire for my wife, the most beautiful woman I love..." 
To his surprise, she looked at him this time with wide-open eyes. There was a spark between them and in no time he kissed her lips, which lasted for a few minutes. Slowly he pushed her on the bed kissing her neck. 

Suddenly, he stopped and said, "You are hard to resist Nidhi... I know you are tired and quite stressed today...and I wanted you to sleep well tonight". He whispered. 
She was surprised to hear that, how did he read her mind !? She loved his act, she held her hands around his neck and whispered "I am all yours". 

He was stunned with her style and kissed her again. But he didn't take that chance as he wanted all that to happen when both spend a happy day. He slept on the other side rubbing his face and head. He took her in his arms and asked her to sleep in his cuddle by comforting her. Nidhi was tired that day but on the other hand, she did not want to hurt his emotions so decided to go with the flow. To her surprise Vansh did not go forward, he could understand her distress and unspoken feelings. His act of love, kindness and comforting words relaxed her, and she was feeling better. In no time she slept in his cuddle. He kissed her forehead and mumbled ''Good night my love".

To be continued...
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  1. This is absolutely a fantastic episode filled with loads of romances between Vansh and Nidhi. Very well-written. I have read 5 times already and many more times to go. Author Swapna Rajput is magician in keeping the readers engaged in the story till they finish reading it. Keep rocking Ma'am.

  2. Your stories minor details with beautiful romance always keep me thrilled and excited. Especially this series has awesome continuity and I am loving it.

  3. I have been reading this since last night...I love your romance style...You take it slow and in a gentle way. Keep writing.

  4. This is very very romantic episode swapna between Vansh and Nidhi. I love part 12 .Keep writing swapna

  5. Thank you all. Your comments motivate me to write more.

  6. Wow it's really amazing story. I read all the episodes in only one day.very interesting.and I'm eagerly waiting for next part.


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