The Wedding Journey PART -13- Departure

Previous episodes -What could be more entertaining than the love story after marriage? This story is a fairy-tale romantic journey of Vansh and Nidhi. He is a handsome casanova from the USA, and she is a shy gorgeous small town girl from India. They get married and separated in some circumstances, Vansh comes back to take her along with him to the USA. Previously, Vansh and Nidhi goes to the temple along with their family, there Vansh saves Nidhi from the rampage of horses. Their family arranges wedding night for them which ends with lots of romantic moments but he doesn't go ahead making out with her, as he finds out that she was very tired in the hectic day. 
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Vansh was awake, gazing his beautiful wife sleeping in his arms so close for the first time in all these months of marriage. He can't remember how many times he had dreamed of this moment oceans away from her. He kissed his sleeping beauty's forehead and cheek several times. He felt to wake her up by kissing on her lips but he was so gentle with her that he couldn't spoil her sleep. He wanted to stay awake till morning so that he could watch how she looks when she wakes up but at 4 in the morning he started feeling sleepy, he went to the washroom and got fresh yet somehow he fell asleep.

Nidhi woke up at 6.30 AM as usual, she was in the arms of her prince charming, his right hand was on her waist and left was below her neck and his face was close to her cheek. She felt millions of butterflies in her stomach, she had always daydreamed of this moment and imagined how it would feel to be in his arms. Happiness was filled all over her mind, heart, and body, she stared at his face and felt proud for having such a good-looking cute husband. She was on seventh moon thinking how gentle he was that he couldn't go ahead with anything previous night just because she had a tough day. She recalled all the situations which happened in all these 2 days after his arrival. She was completely in love with the man who rescued her from the accident, who loved her so much that gave her all the love, care, time and what not without even asking. She also wished to give him all the love and attention, she wanted to take care of his needs and wishes. She felt awful for making him wait to give all that he deserved. In all those thoughts she was aroused recalling his kisses and romance, and with a smile, she kissed on his cheek. He was in a deep sleep, shying she placed a sweet kiss on his lips and in the next moment she got thrilled and in happiness and mumbled loudly ''I kissed him...yeyyy'', she shut herself by placing hand on her mouth to avoid waking him up, she whispered ''I love you, Vansh.....Vansh''. She whispered his name, again and again, she always felt shy to call his name whereas all the time he demanded to hear his name in her voice. A couple of times he got angry on her for not saying his name or saying love you and she had sent him several love messages to comply with his anger. Slowly she moved his hand from her waist and went to the washroom by taking her clothes from the wardrobe.

Vansh woke up with the opening sound of the bathroom door. He snapped himself for falling asleep, and swiftly he looked at his hot wife coming out of the bathroom wiping her hair, and got mesmerised by her beauty and kept on staring at her. She was busy wiping her hair turning on the other side and she did not notice he was awake. Slowly he got up from the bed and held her back, suddenly she turned around with his touch, he held her waist and pulled her close, smiling he gently pushed her hair from her face back her ears, their eyes met, he kissed her in no time. There was no space in between them, they both were aroused, kissing her passionately he pushed her towards the wall and moved his hands towards her upper body and this time she didn't stop him, besides she turned her face aside to give him space and his face was in her neck, kissing her all over with open mouth which would surely give her hickeys.

By that time the phone rang with a loud sound, and they suddenly got separated. It was a silent moment with only the ringing sound of the phone, he took a phone from the side table next to them and disconnected it without looking, they looked at each other and laughed. She felt shy and started running out of the room but he held her hand and hugged whispering ''You are so hot''. She hid her face in his chest. For few seconds they were in the same position, she softly murmured "I should go down now". He didn't want to let her go but released her on her request. He went to the washroom and she went downstairs.

Servants, Sumitra and Suresh the gardener used to come early in the morning and clean their entire house, dishes, wash the clothes and do the gardening. When Nidhi walked down, Sumitra smiled and asked her in a naughty way, "Why you woke up early today?". Shying Nidhi went inside the kitchen without answering her. Bhanumati was walking in the lawn garden, children were still asleep in Bhanumati's room. She wondered why Akansha wasn't in the kitchen, she usually comes along with her in the morning and they both prepare breakfast for all. She looked at the watch thinking did she really came early but she was already late as it was going to be 8, they both enter the kitchen at 7.30 every day. Soon, Akansha walked inside the kitchen hurriedly and surprised with the presence of Nidhi over there.
"You woke up so early or didn't sleep the whole night?" winking at her she asked. 
''I woke up on time, as... nothing happened''. Shying with a pout she reciprocated looking down.
Akansha got surprised with her sentence "Whaaaaat? Come again?" She uttered.
"Shussshhh, mousi (aunty) will hear us". Nidhi shushed her reminding of Sumitra who cleaning in the living room.
"What are you saying?" Akansha asked again as she couldn't believe.
"Nothing happened...He said you are tired so you take rest".
"And you slept? Idiot... How could you?? It took an entire evening for me to create the room for your special moments and you sant people slept!" Akansha expressed herself wondering their decision. Nidhi was silently smiling and shying hearing her scolds. In the meanwhile, she observed hickeys on Akansha's neck. She understood why she woke up late that morning.
"Anyways ...It looks like someone else had a long night". Saying Nidhi came close to Akansha pointing a love bite on her neck. Akansha unexpectedly noticed the bite on her neck, shying she pulled her dupatta on it and turned other side. That was Nidhi's time to tease Akansha. They both chuckled.

In a little while, altogether had their breakfast. Both the couples were staring at their loved ones, love was in the air that morning. Bhanumati was getting ready to go out to buy things for Vansh and Nidhi so she left early after the breakfast. Soon, Veer and children also left the house.

Vansh saw the phone which rang in the morning and it was a travel agent. He called the travel agent and took Nidhi's VISA Passport and their tickets of flight which was supposed to take off in a week. Vansh got 10 days to leave for his trip. He was very much excited as Nidhi was accompanying him this time. His loneliness was about to end there. Though he was attracted to many women before but he never thought he could love anyone as much as he loved Nidhi. He was happy thinking about the tours he will make with her, the weekends, parties, dinners, outings, happy time at home and whatnot. He did not go on any tour in the last six months as he saved all plans to enjoy along with her.

To their surprise, Santosh and Soumya came to their home in the afternoon. They all had lunch together and exchanged gifts for each other. Vansh bought many kinds of stuff for them and Santosh also bought gifts for all the family members. Santosh returned the cheque of balance amount which Vansh gave him months ago but Vansh did not take it and forced Santosh to keep the money for the new arrival in their family, as they all were happy to know that Soumya was expecting a baby. Santosh and Soumya lived with them for another 3 days and all the family members had fun, did outings and dinners together. During their stay, all the ladies slept in one room together and gents slept in one room.

Santosh, and Soumya got emotional when they were leaving Nidhi, as she was soon going far away from them. Even when they left, Nidhi was getting sad while packing, and talking about the world outside her home and country, she was getting shattered on every small thing imagining separation from all the family members. Vansh never felt this sad for leaving his family members the way Nidhi was, she got very much attached to everyone. Vansh felt happy to have such an affectionate wife, who loved his family the way she loved her own.

Vansh wanted a happy first love night with his wife that did not come so soon as Nidhi got her monthly break. He searched on the net on how to make her happy in periods. And got her chocolates and ice-creams to cheer her up. Perhaps, there was no shortage for kisses and hugs in the middle, whenever he found Nidhi alone he countered her with tight hugs and kisses. Akansha caught them a couple of times romancing and she used to mock ''God!! Why I always end up on these love birds!''.

One morning, when Vansh came out from the bathroom wrapped up himself in the towel, Nidhi was in the bedroom, sitting on the floor with her bags packing some eatables that Bhanumati gave her. He did not notice her, humming a song he was picking clothes from the wardrobe. For the first time she saw her man half-naked, she got engrossed with his macho body and kept on staring at him, in her spellbind a pack fell on the floor from her hand. He turned back swiftly, she got embarrassed and shy at the same time and got up from the floor to go out of the room. He came close to her as he found out she was staring at him silently.
biting his lip, "Someone's getting hot" he said winking at her.
She looked down in shyness and started walking away from there, he held her hand and pulled her in his arms. She tried to get off from him but couldn't and suddenly Akansha walked inside the room and it was again an awkward moment for all.
"Oh god! guys please lock the door before anything like this!" Akansha said mocking. 
''Yeah...and next time if you do not knock the door before entering, I'll romance her in front of you!" Vansh said showing his fake annoyance. Akansha chuckled hearing that and Nidhi widened her eyes at him and ran out of the room shying.

A couple of days passed with all the chitchats and fun around the loved ones. And the night came for their departure. All the family members accompanied the couple to Mumbai airport to see off them. Their flight took off in the midnight, after 16 hours of journey with a break in London, they reached New York to begin a new journey of their love and togetherness.

To be continued.....

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