The Wedding Journey PART-14- Beginning of a new Journey !

Previous episodes -What could be more entertaining than the love story after marriage? This story is a fairy-tale romantic journey of Vansh and Nidhi. He is a handsome casanova from the USA, and she is a shy gorgeous small town girl from India. They get married and separated in some circumstances. Previously, Vansh comes back to India take her along with him to the USA. They experience lots of romantic moments but he doesn't go ahead making out with her, as all the time some or the other obstacles comes in between them. And to start new life they fly to the USA where Vansh is working in an IT MNC.
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Throughout the travel, Nidhi was nervous as well as scared a bit as she was travelling on the plane for the first time that too out of the country. She kept on thinking about how her life would be, outside her world? There were hundreds of mixed feelings jumping inside her, leaving her loved ones and going far away from them, living with all strangers except for Vansh. Meanwhile, Vansh was very much excited as his sweetheart was accompanying him in the journey and for the future. He held her hand throughout the travel and took care of her. 

After reaching New York airport, they finished breakfast at the airport and took a cab to their home. Vansh took all their luggage and walked towards the apartment of a two storey building. Nidhi looked around it was a clean calm street, with greenery in most of the places and all two storey buildings on both the sides of the road. Unlike back in Mahabaleshwar hardly anyone was walking on the road. Some cars moved fast in front of her eyes. Carrying a bag she followed Vansh. He took out the keys from his bag and opened the door, turning back to her with the smile "Welcome to your new home" He said. 

She smiled and walked inside. Vansh got busy taking all the bags inside, and Nidhi explored the house. There was a small lobby on the entry with a side table of shoes, and coat hanging rack next to it, after a couple of steps there was a living room with a big sofa and a TV unit, house was filled with lots of leftover instant food packets, cans, clothes and shoes.

On the other hand, there was an open kitchen, one could imagine it as the kitchen only with the gas stove and small dining table which had numerous food packets and messed up with bottles and whatnot. House looked well furnished, there was a door on the wall which walked inside the bedroom, with an unorganized wardrobe and a bed with a dressing table that had some pairs of socks and towels lying on them. She opened the door of washroom attached in the bedroom, that smelled awful, she closed the door instantly. She came out in the living room. By that time Vansh took all the bags inside the house and closed the door. Looking at her he understood what she might be thinking about his messy home.

He made faces saying "Ahhh...I know this is all messy. I am...sorry for that... I hire a cleaning service every month. While leaving I didn't get their appointment, so had to leave as it is...But not to worry I have fixed their appointment today they will be home anytime". He smiled.

"It's ok, I can handle it. I will clean the kitchen now and make something to eat."

"No ways, I can't let you work in the kitchen after almost 26 hours of a journey (he counted his hometown to Mumbai as well)! You just get fresh, I'll order the food from outside. By that time the cleaning people will be home ". He said smiling.

"The Bathroom is..." She paused saying. He got embarrassed.

"I am so sorry but don't worry, here...this is another bathroom that is unused and clean, you can use it" He walked towards the opposite side and opened a study room door which had a washroom. She followed him and went inside, that bathroom and the entire room was clean and tidy.

He ordered the food and cleaned the other washroom with water and sprayed a freshener. Nidhi forgot to take clothes along with her, while he was inside the bathroom. She came into the living room and took her clothes, brush, etc. Vansh took a bath and wore casuals from his wardrobe. He came out and waited for Nidhi, he sprayed freshener all over the house, happiness was glowing on his face. Kept all the bags of clothes inside the bedroom and all the kitchen bags in the kitchen. He cleared all food packets and mess from the sofa and dialed the number of his home. His mother took the phone and he informed her about their safe arrival, he told his mother to inform Santosh as well. And he personally messaged Santosh about their arrival. Later, he confirmed the appointment timing with the cleaning service. By that time the doorbell rang and it was food delivery. He took all the packs and served food in dishes and arranged all on the dining table.

Meanwhile, Nidhi came out wiping her hair, she wore a short kurti and dhoti style salwar, and in no time grabbed attention of Vansh. He came close to her "You look beautiful in any dress..." saying he moved his face towards her, shying she ran away from him. He followed her and hugged her from the back. She stood still watching TV unit, which had her photographs. Most of them sent by her during their separation time, some were even taken during their video call in which she was shying on his dialogues and he was smiling at his shying beauty. There was a big picture on the corner, which was of their wedding, it had all his and her family members, she smiled looking at all the pictures in his embrace. He also stood holding her watching the pictures. Looking at her mother, she got shattered in the next moment, he turned her around and hugged her, consoling her he kissed her forehead, 
"You know something, I never kept any pictures of my family before. But after our marriage, I don't know, I started missing you as well as everyone..." saying he paused, she was still in sorrow but listening to him. He held her face in his hands and asked "You know why?" She nodded with a gesture of no.
"You changed me...You complete me...All these changes are just because of you". He said smiling.

Nidhi hugged him tightly, in his arms she thought, she was still holding the past and everything she left behind. She knew that all can not be changed but she can make her future worth it by being in the company of the man who loved her with the core of his heart. He smiled and sighed "Shall we have lunch now? I am hungry" he mocked looking at her, she smiled and they both had lunch.

Within few minutes the cleaning people came and they started cleaning the entire house including washrooms. They both had chitchat in the balcony during the cleaning work. Vansh told her all about the locality. He shifted in that house 2 months ago, before that he lived in a sharing house in the main city. Now he moved to this extension area separate house which was close to the supermarket, laundry and many others. Like most of the people, he also had a car but he travels on public transport to his office daily and on weekends he used to take out his car. He explained to her the electric points which were different from India and also showed her internet calling and many things. He told her that he has a couple of Indian friends 2 blocks away. Nidhi was gazing at her heartthrob, he was explaining all so nicely like a professor, he wasn't in a romantic mood at all but Nidhi was staring at him this time romantically, and felt like kissing him. The weather was also cold that she wished to hug him tightly. They had hi-tea and some snacks, which they brought from home.

Cleaning people left after doing their job. Nidhi walked inside the house from the balcony and it was a new house after all the cleaning. She started organising all the groceries which she brought from home, Vansh helped her in all that. Together they arranged the clothes in a clean wardrobe in no time. Nidhi was getting ready to prepare dinner but Vansh said she need not to, and ordered food again. Nidhi was surprised to eat Indian food over there, he said it was from Indian hotel nearby. They ate food and Vansh was under the impression to have a nice first night, he told her that he will check on the car and went to bring candles and flowers from near market to surprise her. Nidhi agreed and arranged the kitchen after dinner and sat watching TV waiting for him. By the time he came back, Nidhi slept on the sofa itself. 

He switched off the TV and kept the flowers and candles on the dining table and moaned on his luck. As usual he carried her in his arms pitying himself and laid her on the bed and slept beside her. He was also tired that he slept immediately.

Morning, Nidhi opened her eyes and wondered where she was, and got up suddenly. She sighed after realising she was in her new home. She noticed Vansh was not near her, hearing a sound of shower she made out he must be in the bathroom, she saw the time, it was 9, and she felt terrible for sleeping that late. She thought, what Vansh would have thought about her for sleeping like that in the night and not waking up on time.

By that time he came out of the shower wrapping himself in a towel, she got down from the bed and looked down sadly, apologising him she said "I am sorry, I was watching TV, and don't know how I fell asleep".

Smiling he went to wardrobe got his shirt and pant "It's ok, it happens in jet lag. By the way, I have to go to the office now, I thought of working from home today but my laptop is shut due to some technical issue". wearing clothes he said.

"Ohh, I'll get fresh fast and prepare something for breakfast". saying she hurried.

Vansh stopped her saying "No, it's ok, I have already made omlate, toasts, and tea for us, you get fresh we will have breakfast together, I will pack my bag by that time."  He said calmly.

She got embarrassed hearing that, stood there, tears filled in her eyes she mumbled: "I am sorry, I should have woke up early and made food for you".

He came close to her, holding her shoulders he said "Hey, it's ok. It is my routine. I am happy that I have company for breakfast today, so go and get fresh fast I will have to leave in 20 minutes".

Agreeing she went inside the bathroom swiftly and came out in 10 minutes, rushed to the kitchen so that at least she could serve him food but he had already served the breakfast. She walked to the dining table with a dismal heart. He gave her a plate and started having breakfast. She took small bites, looking down. "How is it? I mean all spices are ok?" he asked looking at her and ate a big last bite.

"I am feeling awful for all I did on the very first day here... " She paused.

Wondering at her reaction, gulping his bite "God! why are you so serious about this small thing? Did I say anything to you? (She nodded with no) It's alright if you slept yaar...Even I sleep like this only but today I got a call from the office so I had to wake up. So just relax, and look I have written my numbers on the note pad near the phone. If you need anything you call me. And tomorrow is Saturday I will be with you for the next two days. I am sorry, I have to go to the office now...You have your breakfast and sleep well, you will feel sleepy in jet lag, rest well". He said all that fast by sipping his last sip of tea and wearing a jacket. She followed him till the door, he turned back and hugged her tightly and kissed her saying "Bye, I will call you after going to the office". She smiled waving at him and closed the door shying when he got down the stairs.

To be continued.....

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  1. Very nice. I'm eagerly waiting for vansh and nidhi 'S main romantic first night.. When it will be available the next part.

  2. Wow! I have been reading this series from the beginning.
    You write so well that I feel like all the scenes are happening in front of me. I could imagine the love and the feelings of all the characters. Keep writing.

  3. Superb! I came to USA 7 years ago after a year of my marriage. And this part explains everything that I had experienced on the very first day here. I feel myself in NIdhi.
    I have read all these parts so many times. Waiting for the next part eagerly to feel the first night of Vansh and Nidhi. I want thank you once again coz this series turned me on many times ...I have romanced my husband reading this. ;) This series is decent but on the other hand protagonists romance is quite arousing. I am also bit shy like Nidhi so going anonymous. ;)
    Please post next part soon. WAITING!
    Love you.
    By the way I ordered your novel In search of a soulmate to read more romance by you.

  4. Thank you all my lovely readers ...your comments are the motivation for me to write more.
    Love you all.

  5. Very nice I'm eagerly waiting for next ep dear


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