The Wedding Journey PART-15- Finally...A unity of body and souls !

Previous episodes -What could be more entertaining than the love story after marriage? This story is a fairy-tale romantic journey of Vansh and Nidhi. He is a handsome casanova from the USA, and she is a shy gorgeous small town girl from India. They get married and separated in some circumstances. Previously, Vansh comes back to India take Nidhi along with him to the USA. They experience lots of romantic moments but he doesn't go ahead making out with her, as all the time some or the other obstacles comes in between them. Back in the home at New York, Vansh plans to spend a wonderful night with his wife but she falls asleep. Next morning, Vansh gets ready to go to the office and Nidhi feels guilty for everything and plans to surprise Vansh. Will that be sensual?
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Nidhi finished her breakfast. While keeping the dishes she observed flowers and candles on the corner of the kitchen. She understood Vansh planned for the surprise night, she felt shy as well as guilty for sleeping over on his plan. She felt pity for her poor husband, he always waited for her, and she felt like she was taking advantage of his patience.

Thinking about Vansh, she cleaned the house and took a bath. Meanwhile, she had spoke to Santosh and Soumya. Later, she also called her home and spoke to everyone. Akansha went away from all and asked her about the special moments of previous night. They had a bond of close friends that they shared everything with each other so, Nidhi told her everything. Akansha laughed hearing her out, she ordered her not to sleep now for God's sake and make it work that night! Blushing Nidhi agreed. Akansha demanded her to confirm that on the next day. Shy Nidhi disconnected the phone saying bye to her swiftly. Akansha giggled.

It was chilled weather in New York, bit higher than Mahabaleshwar. She took out the idols and photographs of Gods that she brought with her and placed them in the living room on a clean space near the TV unit and completed puja chanting shlokas and mantras and prayed to God for their peaceful happy new life.

By that time the phone rang, and she hurriedly answered it as she knew it was Vansh. ''You answered so fast, you were waiting for my call... haan?" He asked swiftly.
"Hmmm, you reached office?" Softly she asked.
"Yeah, an hour ago, you had breakfast?".
"Mmmm...I...I saw flowers and candles...on the dining table" She said with a pout.
"Yeah...faded flowers shows my fate..." He said sarcastically, and she didn't answer, biting her lips, she stood embarrassed, and he heard her silence.
"You know what? you sleep like a tiny Kumbhakaran. Once you sleep you do not wake up, no matter what, I carry you till the bed, I kiss you, I caress you but you will not wake up until the morning". He mocked.
"And what all you did other than kissing me?" She asked blushing.
"I wish ...but I couldn't spoil your sleep every time". He sighed. She felt shy on the other side of the phone.
"Tiny Kumbhakaran? Why tiny?" She asked surprisingly
"Yeah tiny. Kumbhakaran was gigantic and you are tiny, zero figure, hot, sexy babe...Who's agonizing me". Moaning he said.
"All these words come as synonymous for tiny?" She asked biting her lips.
"Hmmm...all match you..." he sighed looking outside the window of his office. He saw her face in all those skyscrapers outside.
"I hope tonight I will not be disappointed?" he said in a kinky way. Shying she blushed.
"What do you like in dinner?" she asked to change the topic.
"You" he said swiftly. That made her blush, she did not say anything.
"Imagining you shy tempts me a lot... "  He said moaning. As always, she was all blushing with his words.
"You are talking all that in your office?'' She asked wondering.
"I am away from all. But if I talk to you more I can't concentrate on work...So, I got to go now, love you and miss you...See you soon...Bye". He said all that in a single breath hurrying and kissed the phone before disconnecting.
"Bye" she whispered.

She planned to surprise him and started preparing the food which he likes. There were some supplies in the fridge and also had all the groceries she brought. She cooked all the food and had lunch. Vansh spoke to her for a couple of minutes at his lunchtime as well. She slept for a while so that she does not fall asleep in the night again to disappoint him.

Throughout the day, she was getting nervous thinking about the night. She woke up in the evening and took a bath once again and got ready wearing a saree of his favourite colour. She sprayed freshener all over the house and lighted those aromatic candles and lighted diya and dhoop in front of her small mandir.

It was 7 in the evening, and he came inside opening the door to surprise her with flowers and chocolates, and got surprised seeing freshness filled all new look of the house. He walked inside staring at Nidhi in saree, he was stunned.

Staring at his gorgeous wife, he walked towards her and gave her that bouquet, she accepted it blushing. Leaning towards her "I thought you will be asleep" saying he grinned. She hit him with those flowers showing fake anger. He pulled her intensely and kissed her. She also reciprocated his kiss by holding his face first, then surrounding her arms around his neck.

After some intense kisses, he went to the washroom to get fresh. They both had candle light dinner together and Vansh loved the food that she cooked for him. After years he ate homely food there. He told her not to clean any dishes as he did not want to waste the time and was also concerned that she should not fall asleep before starting anything. He got an urgent call so he went to attend that in the bedroom. After finishing call, he came and saw she cleared all the mess that fell all on the dining table and was washing her hands.

He held her waist from back, "I told you to stop working here and come in the bedroom". He murmured kissing her neck. She got nervous with his embrace and kisses, a dish fell from platform by her. He bent down to take it and mesmerised with her open waist in that saree, he held her back waist, kissing her, he turned her around and kissed her belly with open mouth and moved upwards slowly kissing her upper body and then neck passionately, their breathing was strong. She leaned towards the basin and he kissed her on lips. Kissing they moved inside the bed room. He removed her saree and enjoyed every bit of that moment gazing her beauty. He held her  passionately and laid her on the bed and kissed her all over again, whispering I love you with every kiss. Her hand moved up to switch off the light, he stopped her saying, "No, I want to see you" Shying she looked other side. He opened his t-shirt and moved his hands to open her blouse, she held his hand, closing her eyes "I am scared" she whispered. He smiled "I'll be gentle, I promise" saying he kissed her cheek. She hugged him. After almost seven months of marriage finally that night they were united and had passionate, sensual moments for the first time together.

To be continued.....

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  1. Wow very romantic episode.i loved this.i wish this story could be made a movie.then it will be very famous film.good work Dee. Love u.

  2. You create magic in romance...loved this part. You are Queen of Romance in writing...keep writing.

  3. Wow dear magic in ur writing very romantic this ep I love this story n romance too dear


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