The Wedding Journey PART-16- Anniversary !

Previous episodes -What could be more entertaining than the love story after marriage? This story is a fairy-tale romantic journey of Vansh and Nidhi. He is a handsome casanova from the USA, and she is a shy gorgeous small town girl from India. They get married and separated in some circumstances after a long separation they get back together. Previously, Vansh and Nidhi comes to the USA, get settled in their new home. And for the first time they experience the unity after half year of their marriage.
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6 months passed for the startling night of Vansh and Nidhi. There were hundreds of such wonderful moments filled not only with passion, love, romance but also tours, dinners, outings, camping etc., Their life was going on wheels, Vansh had booked all the travel plans before Nidhi's arrival and they had travelled almost every state of USA, in addition to some parts of Canada. Vansh was reliving his dream of travel again after the long break with his comrade. He never let single weekend go waste in the house, he planned each of them, adding some long breaks from his office for travels, he arranged for their camping with close friends or dinners with them. He changed Nidhi's Indian traditional looks into Prada. He always bought all expensive clothes that he wished to see her in, and took her to lavish places to suit the attires and standards. He was caring and loving, he never let the blissful romance fade away even after months of togetherness, and to prove that again, the love birds were travelling to Hawaii, to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

On the other hand, with all those loving kisses, hugs, and intimate sex every now and then, Nidhi was missing something. She loved Vansh and cared for all his wishes but somewhere deep in the heart she was unhappy. She enjoyed his company and all the new friends there, who were generous with them. Together, they all visited many places but all of them met only during weekends with a common reason, all of them were working five days a week. And on the weekdays, Nidhi had company of silence in the house, she was not a TV person but read number of books in her solo time, spoke with pigeons visiting in her balcony, and not to forget, her plants. She had her driver licence and drove the car to stores, markets the places for buying routine stuffs for home. Initially, Vansh accompanied her for couple of times but later he requested her to do that all on weekdays as he hated to waste his time standing on the billing counter of departmental stores on weekends. Everyday, Nidhi used to chat with everyone back in India. Santosh and Soumya were blessed with a baby boy. Nidhi's yearning to cherish the moment of holding her cute nephew was nowhere seemed to be close. Many times she cried missing everything but hid her feelings from Vansh and pretended to be happy in front of him all the time. 

Their flight arrived at Hawaii airport. Their phones were filled with dozens of anniversary wishes but they had least time to reply them in the hustle of travel. Nidhi was happy for all the excitement of Vansh. Each instant was a surprise for Nidhi, he booked a Limo for their ride from Airport to reach their honeymoon suite in a luxurious resort. Nidhi always told him to stop spending so much on all the luxuries but he never cared. 

They were welcomed in the hotel with garlands and drinks. They entered the suite which was decorated with petals in the shape of heart which had V & N in the middle. As soon as the bell boy left the room keeping their luggage, Vansh grabbed her waist and kissed her passionately, moved his hands on her body and initiated intimate love as usual. She wasn't the shy girl anymore, yet blushed most of the time with his touch. 
After a long hour of love, Nidhi murmured in his cuddle "Vansh, can we go back to India?"
"What? Come again?" He asked surprisingly.
"I miss everyone..." She mumbled sleeping in his arm.
" talk and chat with all of them almost every day!" He said grinning and circled his fingers on her bare back.
"Yes...But I still miss them". She said softly. He sighed
"Look, I understand you feel lonely at home, that is why I make it up to you by arranging all these things on weekends and whenever I get free time from office". He sighed looking at her. 
"I know... I completely understand. I am always thankful to god for blessing me a loving husband like you". She said looking straight into his eyes, holding his face in her hand.
"And how come that is not good enough for you?" He asked, holding her hand on his face.
"You know what, forget that I asked you". Saying she started getting up from the bed. He pulled her back holding her hand.
"Nidhi wait, tell me what is bothering you" He asked.
" I am sorry" She mumbled in his clasp. 
He hugged her back and whispered "Don't be sorry...tell me what is it?"
"Don't get me wrong. I know this is all your like travelling and this life away from home...I liked it too...but how long we'll be like this? I love you. But I miss everyone back in India. I miss the funny chats with Di, affection of Maa, naughty mischief twins, Santosh bhaiya and Veer Bhai's care. Soumya bhabhi's hidden love in her scolding, all those gossips of our neighbours by our maid Sumitra... (both chuckles)...Here, all I have is silence and the social media chat according to time zones" She sighed. 
" you want gossips haan" He grinned.
"Common, you got only that in all I said?" She patted him.
"Darling, I understand. But we can't go back" He said surely. 
She looked at him and he looked other side. 
"Ok. but don't you feel like we should settle down? We are already living alone...we would have enjoyed our anniversary at home...but you booked this exotic holiday..." Before she say a word he stopped her asking.
"Wait a this again on savings? Oh God! Common Yaar!! I wanted to make this day special. I planned all this just for us...don't ruin this WE time with that old money talks like middle class people!" He said angrily.
"Middle class?" she asked staggered by his words
"Yeah, I mean... sweetheart ...I feel like middle class whenever you talk things like this...I have planned all this long ago and it all came very cheap so stop worrying about money...However, I have back up for any situation so please do not nag me on this anymore" He said sighing. 
"Ok, I don't mind you call me middle class. I am middle class and this is how I lived. But today I am not talking about only money. I am saying... Why can't we celebrate this at home...I mean...Look, it's been 6 months I came here, did we spend a single weekend at home? every time you are home, you plan something...We could spend a weekend having nice lunch, shop together for home and celebrate candle light dinners at home and have a sweet night together". She said cuddling in his arm. 
"Nidhi, this is done by middle class people" he grinned.
"Ok, if you think so FINE, can we at least spend one weekend like that? I mean I am tired of this outings, campings and travels... We can have this WE time at home as well...because all we have is only WE there at home!" She said and paused.
"Ok, chalo we will go home and spend rest of the anniversary at home" He said sarcastically. 
"If I say something, you talk like this...That's why I feel like so lonely and wish going back to India." She repented.
"How could you manage to think like this? I one moment you were saying you are missing home...other moment you want to spend time at home, and in next you want to save money, and now you are lonely again...I mean....they say it right...Nobody knows what woman wants?" He grinned with sarcasm. She quietly heard his sarcasm staring straight into his eyes.
" I got it...hormones? your periods are nearby". He chuckled.
"Shut up!" She patted his chest.
"Sweetheart, I love you...I can do anything to make you happy but I don't like to go back to India." He said holding her face. She cuddled back in his chest. He kissed her again and in a moment rolled over on her with another round of intimate love.

After relishing wonderful moments of their first anniversary, they came back to City, Nidhi to experience the same old loneliness and Vansh to plan and work to fulfil his continental dream. 

Although, Nidhi hinted him persistently on how she feels on his lavish expenditures but this was the first time she opened up on her loneliness. Having children near future was a nightmare for Vansh for the same reason, he wanted to travel more and he was trying hard on his job to shift to Europe soon, so that he can explore the other continent with his life partner. 

Nidhi also never wished to have children away from all. As she knew how it feels for not being able to embrace the tiny little life of your loved ones staying away from all. She had only mission now, convince Vansh to go back to India. She knew, how Bhanumati wished in her untold words that her younger son to be with her before her last breath. Veer never said anything but he always wished to share the burden of home, store and work with his pampered brother, Akansha never stopped talking about the fun stories which she always had with her rakhi-brother, twins never got a chance to explore the fondness of their loving chachu for long time. 

To be continued.....

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  1. Wow...You are a portray everything so nicely I felt all infront of my eyes...This was my feeling when I came here but my husband was not this much into outings and all. But however got adjusted here, and now I don't feel like going back to India. Thanks to Indian traffic, and Indian economy which is more expensive ��


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