The Wedding Journey PART-17- Disconsolates

Previous episodes -What could be more entertaining than the love story after marriage? This story is a fairy-tale romantic journey of Vansh and Nidhi. He is a handsome casanova from the USA, and she is a shy gorgeous small town girl from India. Previously, Vansh and Nidhi comes to the USA, get settled in their new home. They celebrate their first anniversary lavishly in Hawaii. Things do not workout well soon in between them. Nidhi miss her home and everyone. And Vansh do not care for that. 
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After coming back to City, Vansh got busy in his work and tried hard shifts to take the project of Europe. He used to get angry whenever Nidhi spoke about India, even if it was a small chat on how she cherished the moments with his and her family, Vansh always felt she will again ask for going back to India, and the result, he started avoiding her talks. And Nidhi got devastated by her loneliness. The lovebirds who were never separated in a year by heart, started a cold war. 

Her talks with her family continued. Her besty and soul sister, Akansha sensed her sorrow but she didn't feel it's right to interfere in their personal life. She knew Vansh's nature, he gets angry if the things don't work according to his wish. Save for, she also knew that Nidhi was matured enough to handle Vansh. 

Months passed, apart from her isolated life and his ignorance, Nidhi used to cook for Vansh and wait for him daily. But Vansh was always annoyed hence he knew she was not happy there, and he never wished to go back to India to cheer her up. He spent his time in office and bars. Nidhi started getting sick in depression which she could not reveal Vansh.

One day, she fell on the floor when Vansh was getting ready for office. He got scattered and immediately called 911, and got assistance to reach the hospital. Doctors did all their duty of CT scanning to know the reason. She came to consciousness and saw Vansh sitting beside her holding her hand, tears filled in his eyes. 

"Hey, how are you?" He asked softly.
She nodded in reply. Meanwhile, the doctor entered the room and checked Nidhi. After that, he asked Vansh to go with him. Vansh's heart skipped the beats as he saw reports of CT scan in the hands of the doctor. He sat with the doctor waiting for his reply. 

"Your wife's reports seem to be normal. But I think she is suffering from depression. She is not eating well, is everything fine between both of you?" Doctor said all that in one breath.
Vansh took a long breath of relief and sighed.  "Ahh, Thank god!" he paused looking at the face of the doctor who was looking at him weirdly on his reply.
"I mean, I am relieved there's nothing serious in her called me separately, so I got worried". Vansh said. The doctor smiled at him waiting for the answer to his question. 
"Yeah, actually, she is very much attached to our family back in India and she is feeling lonely here". He answered the doctor.
"Mmm, this happens to most of the people, we need to arrange to counsel for both of you in that case". Doctor said. Vansh agreed with his suggestion thinking those people would help her heal in a better way. He was very much relieved after her discharge on the same day. They did not report all that to their family, as they didn't want to create havoc in all their minds thousands of miles away.

Vansh took work from home and stayed with her for a week. He helped her in cooking, he made sure she eats well and take her pills on time. However, there were very fewer talks between them but he took good care of her. They went to counseling in between. Therapist heard their opinions, she gave a report stating they are in love with each other but he has to leave his dreams which he has been living for years to satisfy her wish or she has to leave her desire for her family and carry on a happy life with Vansh, which is just started. She left the decision to them.  

They didn't speak throughout the way back home. They were rewinding all that happened in those months. Vansh realised his mistake of avoiding her and Nidhi realised her mistake for not understanding his feelings. After reaching home Vansh made soup for her. He was still working from home and taking care of Nidhi, there was still less talk or no talk between them.

One night after having their dinner, he asked her to go for a walk and she agreed. To kill the silence between them, he asked her to sit on the bench and she agreed.

"You know the other day when you went unconscious, hundreds of thoughts ran in my mind, and a cherry on top, when the doctor got your reports, I was scared like hell. All I wished was your healthy and happy life in that horrible moment before speaking to the doctor." He paused sitting beside her with his head down, and she held his hand looking at his stressed face. He looked at her and kept his hand on hers. 

"I always love my family but their feelings always over showed in my aspiration. I know I am selfish (chuckled). As you know, I dated some girls, all broke since or maybe I never cared for their feeling as well. After our counseling, I realised I was doing the same with you too." He paused.

"Vansh, you are always caring and loving". Nidhi assured him gripping his hand.

"Hmm.. caring and loving? No, I always thought about what I want, and imposed my wishes on you too, never thought what you want, you know why? Assuming your wish is same as mine. Coz, from the beginning, we always knew that I have no plans to go back to India and you will come with me. But I never thought that in those few months you would be so much attached to my family and wish to live with them over me... lots of time, I feel like... my love for you is lacking somewhere in comparison with my family's love ". He sighed saying all.

"No Vansh! Don't say that... There is no such thing. It is just that I miss everyone, they all are so much loving and caring just like you. I know it sounds strange for any daughter-in-law to say things like this but I am blessed with such a loving family how can I deny that? And to be very precise, they all miss you! I just wish we all stay together, share the happiness, sorrows, burdens and enjoy the life of togetherness, which I know, you also cherish when you are with them". She replied to him with an instant confidence.

"Nidhi, I enjoy staying with them but I can not imagine staying there for life. Coz the time doesn't move there, everything is so slow. I get bored! Life is so limited, people still think backward. There are no challenges in their work and life, they hold the past, no adventure, no excitement, people live in 4 walls, which is definitely not me! I am sorry but this is how I am". He said expressing his grief.

"So you think everyone there is just wasting their time, and not travelling and enjoying life like you? They have responsibilities. Everyone can not afford the time and money the way you have. And about family, I don't have to remind you how much they all sacrificed their wish and time to fulfill your dreams. I am sorry, do not get me wrong, I am not judging or criticising you, I know you never backed out of your responsibility in providing financial support. But they wish you to be with them, not your money. Maa still hopes, she will see you living with them forever. Bhai always wishes to share his work and family life with you. And Di, even after knowing your aspiration of never coming back, designed your room spending her time and creativity as per your taste. And you think they all are just wasting their time?" She asked.
"I know all that. But I have told you hundreds of times that is not me if I go back there! You know what? I will book your tickets, and you can go back to them." He said sarcastically.
"I knew you would say that. Here is the deal, let's go back together and spend 3 months there. You work with Bhai and share his daily work like shop, restaurant, Maa's work, etc., And after 3 months if you still feel the same way of living outside the home, I will come with you, WITHOUT ASKING  A SINGLE QUESTION! You said  challenges haan... Will you take this challenge?" She asked with an excitement ignoring his sarcasm.

"Are you... out of your mind?" He asked wondering about her words.

"No, I am making sense, you win I will go with you wherever you say and I win you will live with all back at home!" She said.

"I don't want to take this useless challenge. I have my career here. I can't spoil that for your useless challenge". He said by getting up from the bench.

"Oh common, You have experience and talent, you can get back to your job anytime. If you love me, can you take this test? And I am not saying leave all now. Take your own time, a month or 2 whatever it takes to leave the job. I am ready to wait. But I want you to take this challenge for me, please!". She requested.

He looked at her angrily and she smiled. 

"Did you watch, Swades movie or anything like that lately?" he asked squeezing his eyes, wondering her ideas. She nodded with no. He kept quiet for a few seconds, he was thinking about fulfilling her wish after the counseling. 

"I have to put my papers and lose this job, I can not take work from home for months for your so-called 'challenge', you know that?" He asked again. 

"You accept this?" She asked with hope of a smile. 

"For you, I am taking this risk. I signed the contract, need 2 months notice period. You are playing with your husband's great career and our wonderful lifestyle here! People wish this life and you want to let it go!". He said pointing his finger at her. 

"Thank you" She got up from the bench hugged him tightly. He held her waist and got mesmerised within a fraction of seconds with the touch and scent of her body after a long time.

"It's been months you hugged me". He mumbled. She blushed hiding her face.

"We should go home". He murmured kissing her neck.  

As the door slammed, they kissed passionately, he removed his t-shirt kissing her all over and they rushed towards the bedroom. 

The challenge was on, Vansh wanted to finish that all soon. And resigned from his job on the very next day but to his surprise, his boss did not accept his resignation and gave him an option to take a break for 3 months without pay.  Vansh was happy with that option and accepted the offer. After a month, they left for India, Vansh to face the challenge and beat his beloved wife in that, and Nidhi to make him stay with all his loved ones. 

To be continued.....

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