The Wedding Journey PART 18- The beginning of new journey (Last episode)

Previous episodes -What could be more entertaining than the love story after marriage? This story is a fairy-tale romantic journey of Vansh and Nidhi. He is a handsome casanova from the USA, and she is a shy gorgeous small town girl from India. Previously, after living in USA for few months Nidhi miss her family and wish to go back to India along with Vansh as she knew their family always wished to stay united. She throws a challenge to him to live with the family for 3 months, and if he is not satisfied living there then she will come back with him. Vansh accept her challenge and comes to India along with her. 
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Almost 2 months passed, Vansh and Nidhi were living in Mahabaleshwar with their beloved family. The first few days went by discussing the surprising decision of the couple which everyone in the house couldn't believe. Soon, Vansh joined his family business, Veer was very much happy and slowly shared the workload with his younger brother, Vansh understood everything and took charge along with his older brother in no time. He served food in the restaurant, he billed for their customers, spent hours in accounting and stock monitoring, it was not only office work but also fieldwork for him. For the first time he sensed how hard his brother was working to grow their business, he never knew that all sitting thousands of miles away from him. His respect for his loving brother doubled, as without his hard work he couldn't have completed his degree or achieved his dream. He realised how he was running away from his responsibility in his selfishness, he gave his hundred percent on his new job. 

Bhanumati's love and happiness came out in the form of tears many a times. He was so much dedicated to work and home that Bhanumati thanked him repeatedly for coming back. He used to wipe her tears and hold her hand asking not to cry anymore. Because of him Veer started spending some quality time with his children and wife. Veer rarely could ever get a time for his personal life in his workload. Akansha and children were in high spirits with Vansh and Nidhi's homecoming. Both the co-sisters cherished the joyful moments just like good old days. Children were getting to know their loving Chachu. The couple did not tell about their challenge to anyone in the home and everyone thought that they are back forever. 

Everyone in the house was blissful but Nidhi sensed that somewhere Vansh was still thinking to go back to the USA. Even after all the loyalty at work and loving his family, Vansh used to get lost in his thoughts in the night, what if he fails in the challenge and stay back at home and lose his dream to explore the world. His family attachment was slowly becoming a hurdle before of his dreams, he had only one month left in hand to resume his old job and that was driving him crazy, especially when he was alone with Nidhi. Whenever she came close to him, he used to get irritated and regret to accept the challenge she had thrown on him. Things were not normal between them. Nidhi used to bring his breakfast on the dining table hoping to see the same old romantic moments they enjoyed staring at each other initially but he never paid attention to her. She used to enter the bedroom in the night with the smile to have a beautiful time together but he always slept early after the dinner, and if he was awake he used to work or chat with old friends. If she spoke to him, he used to give one-line answers. Whether it was a family picnic or dinner outside they were physically together but separated by heart. But she didn't lose hope and tried to cope up with his feelings, as she knew she was responsible for all his mental situation. She never showed their relationship issues with the family and somehow others also couldn't notice in cherishing their miraculous unity of family. 

One fine day, Nidhi came up with the solution and asked Vansh to go to her native place Kolhapur along with her. She wanted to visit her cute nephew whom she met only once immediately after coming back. All the family members were there when she kept her wish infront of him, so he couldn't deny and went along with her. 

One the way to Kolhapur, Nidhi was waiting to start the conversation. But Vansh was very timid to talk anything with her. It was not like he did not love her anymore but he was afraid, he thought what if he talks to her and fall again with her wish, and stay back there and get stuck forever. It was not like he did not love his family or new home, he loved everything and everyone. Hence he was more worried about how he would come up with his family and break their heart once again. He was worried about what if Nidhi do not agree to go back with him this time? All these thoughts were killing him inside. 

Soon, Nidhi got a chance when they stopped for snacks on the highway. 
"In this nice weather travelling is awesome, right?" She started a conversation with sparkling eyes.
"Hmm," he gave pale reply sipping his tea looking at the weather.
"I was thinking...." She paused to see his reaction. And he suddenly looked at her wondering what she would say now?
"Why don't you start your new business here in India?" She said.
"What...? Did you forget that we are going back next month?" He asked the question for which he also had no answer. As no tickets were booked yet but his boss was still looking for his return as he was an skilled asset to him.
"Ok that's it, just keep as quiet as you are from the past couple of months with me, and listen..." She said strongly. And he was astounded with her tone. She sighed and started speaking. "I know, you want to go back only for one reason. And that is surely not to work for that American company or not to earn more money, all you want is travel around the world. I have an idea for you." She paused. But he was all ears as her every point was right.
"You can start your new business here, that is the travel business. Look, we are living in one of the popular tourist place of India. You can open up your travel business in hometown to start with. Write your travel blogs and create travel vlogs. You have the capital for this business. And your business can also grow our family business which will be sister concern type for that. You can achieve your dreams by travelling around the world with that, and your blogs and vlogs can attract more people into it. Think!" She said that all with excitement. He liked her idea but thought about the competition and struggle. But before he opens his mouth, she started speaking again.
"I know what you are thinking, things are not as easy as I am saying, but why do we have to worry, you have back up and you can survive with that back up for more than a year even after investing in this business. And if things work you can achieve your dream by living with our family. I know your heart wants to be here but your brain does not want to give up on your dream. With this option, you can do justice to both your heart and brain. And with any bad luck, things don't go well, you have experience and degree which you can use in your old field and go back to the USA or where ever you wish. And I promise that time I will not say anything and go with you." She said holding his hand, staring at him with wide open eyes. He was processing all that idea she said so smartly.

"But you said same last line while leaving the USA," He said with sarcasm.
"Yes, that time I had no idea how much you love your family. All I knew was how much these people love you and were waiting for you like eternally. Now that I know even you have the same feelings to live with them, I got this solution." She said firmly.

He smiled at her, with a big exhale he said "Ok, I will think about it" 
"That is your first honest smile at me after 2 months". She mocked staring at him. He looked down, smiling with mixed feelings. In these months she tried to please him in various ways, wearing the clothes in which he loves to see her, cook his favourite dishes, talk about things he loves, or even watch the movies he loves. But nothing worked out, at times he loved her in all the attempts and gestures she made to seek his attention and love. But deep in the heart he blamed himself to accept her challenge and the result neglected all her love. 

After a few minutes, Vansh paid the bill of their Hi-tea and started their journey to Kolhapur. While driving the car "I love you, I always have and will be...And... sorry for my behaviour with you recently...You looked as stunning as always in those sarees and dresses you wore, I loved every bite of the dishes you cooked for me, I loved watching movies with you. And sorry for pretending to be sleeping but I was always staring at you in the night when you were in deep sleep". Saying he took her hand and kissed. She was amazed by all that surprise romantic talk after months and his gesture of kissing her hand, blushing she kissed his cheek and looked out of the window, she wished to treasure that smile in her beloved husband forever. He loved her act, smiling he raised the accelerator to reach Kolhapur soon before night. 

Time passed like a blink of an eye, after 20 years of the wedding, Vansh and Nidhi cherished each moment of their journey. Within 2 years of their wedding, Vansh and Nidhi were blessed with a boy and after 2 more years a girl. Even after years, the spark of romance was always given attendance in their life. Vansh's travelling business grown and the sky was the limit for him. He was one of the popular travel blogger and his travel videos were getting millions of hits every week. He travelled around the world not only with his beloved wife but also with the entire family most of the time. Vansh and Veer opened branches all over India and abroad. Veer's restaurant business emerged as five resorts across India. Akansha and Nidhi also joined their family business. Children were grown up went abroad for studying but all aimed to come back and look after their family business. Luck bestowed them with anything and everything they ever wished and there was no looking back for everyone. Bhanumati took her last breath a few years ago, she was happy to leave everyone as all her all wishes came true. 

                                                      ********* The End ********

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  1. This is beautiful....But I am upset, why did you end this series??? I am in love with this series and really feeling sad to see this end. But I am waiting for your next series.


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