Romance Book- 'The Beautiful Roses' briefing of all the love stories

It is the wonderful collection of 6 love stories book, which is filled with romance, love, care and passion between the characters. Te book is loved and accepted by all its readers, and best part of this book is it is INDIA'S FIRST HINGLISH (Hindi language in English script) BOOK.

It is my bestseller and it sold 5000+ copies!! and more than 300 copies are available in most of the popular libraries of India.

So I am here, celebrating the success with briefing of all 6 love stories of THE BEAUTIFUL ROSES with all new cover and new edition.

Now the book is available in 3rd updated edition with all new look- 


Aashirwad- Raghav a well educated, rich, handsome guy lived in Hyderabad happens to marry Smita, a pretty, soft spoken, less educated village girl to fulfill his mother’s last wish. He never accepts her as his wife because of her education, which breaks the heart of Smita. But strong girl never loses hope and learns English and make over herself to meet Raghav’s social status. How Raghav slowly realise his mistake of looking at status and not the innocent loving heart and falls in love with Smita…And how his father Ravi and brother Ram helps the duo to be together forever.

Pehla Pyar: Sequel of first story, Ram a well established handsome guy from Hyderabad, meets Kavita in a social club and fall in love at first sight. Kavita, a small town fashion designer, coming from orthodox family has no right to fall in love or opt for a love marriage. Ram’s charming personality soon attracts gorgeous Kavita’s heart and she falls in love with him. Her family calls her to hometown and arrange marriage of hers, without her notice, Ram doesn’t take her calls…What happens next?

Imtehan: Parallel story of Pehla Pyar, Victor a bank manager falls in love with his employee Neha. Express it in front of her. Good looking Neha also likes him. But soon she lies on the death bed, her sickness demands hell lot of money for curing. Middle class Victor arranges money from various sources but before he gets money, amount gets deposited in the hospital. Who deposits the money and why? Does Neha’s illness get cured? What happens to the couple?

Chahat: Aditi a half British and half Indian pretty girl is a CEO of a well known company at a very young age works in Bangalore. Her strict behavior never lets anyone get close to her both professionally and personally. Varun a young writer belongs to a rich business family of Mumbai falls in love with her. They meet again and again in India and London. Apart from Aditi’s strict nature Varun feels her soft heart inside and both get attracted to each other and get in to a physical relationship. Varun realises his love and express it to her, Aditi is older than Varun and due to her family background and her age she feels that Varun’s traditional family will never accept her and she goes away from him. What happens next?

Ardhangini: Nandini a beautiful girl is a heart of her family, lives in Kanpur. One day a rich lady comes to see her family and everything changes afterwards. Her loving father becomes strict army officer as earlier; her mother goes under the shell of guilt. Soon a handsome struggling guy Arvind comes to live as paying guest in their house. His witty nature and charming personality attracts Nandini and she falls in love with him. Arvind also loves her. Then secret opens… Arvind is a son of that rich lady. What is a mystery of that lady and Arvind? Why Nandini’s father is mad at her and why he came to Nandini’s place?

Kesariya: Suraj a handsom NRI lived in Australia marries Divya, a girl from Kota, Rajasthan. He is totally mesmerized with Divya’s bewitching beauty. But Divya never allows him to touch her. They go to Australia after marriage. Suraj tries to get close to her but she always makes stories to stay away from him. She performs all the duties of a perfect wife and takes care of him very well, when it comes to love she is always away from him. What is the reason? And when the secret opens Suraj gets mad over her but he controls his anger and how he takes care of her is the story all about…what happens next? Why Divya is keeping distance from him? Kesariya is the best story loved by everyone and has best social message for today’s generation.

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So friends grab your copy today and read all the romance and love between these wonderful characters. And don't forget to post your reviews on Goodreads and other online stores.

Romance Book Trailer - The Beautiful Roses

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  1. Nice and light hearted stories. Will purchase one. Highly recommended for all

  2. Nice Book, Swapna I wish you all the best


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