It's Not Straight - Romance Novel

The Love story is rated as an Eye opener and a fiction. This Romance Novel is on 1st rank in LGBTQ and Humour category on Pratilipi.

This is a romance story of a gay girl Krishna. She is a young upper middle-class, independent, disciplined, funny and easy-going girl, she doesn't demand much from her life and always tries to maintain the aura of happiness around her by helping everyone. She has everything that a person ever wants in life but love! One day she meets an accident and find a young lady doctor Aarohi, and fall in love with her at first sight. But Aarohi is already engaged. Krishna has a past with lots of heartbreaks, does she ever find her love? Let us all explore the wonderful ROMCOM journey of her past and present with the good and bad of her gay life, and how she fights and comes out to the society in a wonderful way. With this story, let's get over the taboo created by the society.

Preface on LGBTQ 
Love never understands religion, age, and sex. All these three are considered as obstacles in society to lead a happily ever after life. We are living in a social order where the first two obstacles might get accepted but the last one, that is sex or to put in another way, homosexuality is treated as taboo.

Homosexuals and transgenders were present from eternal time and they were accepted in India before the rule of British. During their rule, British passed the law of section 377 declaring homosexuality as unnatural. And people started living with that, about this topic we will read in this story later.

LGBTQ is just a word for many, but these people hide, and for which live in a guilt and live with self-doubt and most of them spend life by compromising on their love. LGBTQ in India rarely search for any partners in the fear of the society, you might find any hub for them to meet and discuss these things in the metro cities, whereas in rural and urban areas it is lawbreaking even to talk about this topic.

The only way to express their life to the world is the mass-media. But unlike some other countries in the world, India also lacks in entertainment media like books and movies exhibiting the feelings and emotions of homosexuals. There are rarely any books in India concerning on a homosexual love story. However, in the past few years, some movies and web series are taking a step forward by portraying only gays comically. Whereas lesbian movies are banned or rarely shown, and if at all they are, then their stories are always displayed with lots of complexities.

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