Kalindi - My Award winning Novel- (Available in English & Telugu language)

Hey my dear readers,

I am hereby gladly launching my new romance novel of mine- KALINDI


It is another LGBTQ romcom story of bond between a father and daughter, where daughter fearlessly come out to her father, and accepts her sexuality. Ashok her father, is a man of values, who always provided his family also accept his daughter the way she is, the story tells Kalindi's love for her family. 

Kalindi knows her truth but she also knows the reality of society so she doesn't go announcing her sexuality or go in search of love or get desperate to experience her way of love with online dating apps or one-night stands. She first fulfils her dream of providing her family everything the way her father provides them and then think about herself. The story of her falling in love with Siddhi beautifully and waiting patiently for her love.

Kalindi won 1st Prize in Pratilipi Novel writing contest. 

Here are the buying links of the book-

Ebook PDF form in INDIA

Paperback book in Flipkart INDIA will be available as per print on demand.

Kindle Paperback and ebook worldwide-
USA , UK Germany , France, Spain , Italy, Japan, Canada , Australia 

The book is available in the form of Audio series on Pratilipi English and also translated in Telugu language in Pratilipi.

Kalindi (TELUGU language) Print book - Paperback - Now available on Flipkart  Hurry up few stocks left, click here to buy now!

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