Half belongs to you (New novel)

 Hey my dear readers,

Here I am ack with yet another lesbian romance novel "Half belongs to you". 

Synopsis- As I always say true love doesn’t see gender, age, status and colour. I am back with yet another lesbian love story based on true events. A heart touching love story of Shree and Mitravinda who falls in love without seeing each other.

Shree is a north Indian popular writer, lives in Mumbai and Mitravinda is from a small town of Telangana, they have 15 years age gap. They do not know each other’s languages, belongs to two different cultures, backgrounds & lifestyles.

This beautiful tale display how they fall in love without seeing each other and how they bear all the pain and drama to meet each other.

A story of courage and fighting for the right to happiness. I wish you all good luck and stay blessed in getting what you deserve. 

The novel is now available on Kindle, Amazon and Flipkart.

Following are the buying links of the Novel-

Kindle eBook- India, USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia

Paperback print copies will be available soon on - Flipkart & Amazon



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