Award winning stories- Collection of 13 stories

      Hey my dear readers,

     Here is the collection of 13 "Award winning stories" by me. 

Here is the collection of wonderful heart touching stories. All these stories won various awards and rank in the reading app ‘Pratilipi’ and loved by the readers as these are the most read stories. 

Many of these tales have social messages and others have the innovative storylines based on the reality of life. 

Contents- All Awards won in Pratilipi 

1- Terrace and the legacy- Nostalgic 90s story of a teenage boy- Won 9th Rank in 'Feel good stories'

2- Road trip to a mysterious girl - A journey of a person to find love- Won 1st Rank in 'tell your tale'

3- My First Crush- A story of teenage love in 90s- Recognized as feel good story

4- Rain 26th July- Story of a corporate employee who gets stuck in office during 26th July 2005 rain.- Won 20th Rank 

5- If completed- A beautiful story of 2 roommates who unknowingly fall for each other. - Won 20th Rank.

6 - Moonlight love letter- A story of finding decade-old love letter- Recognized as best feel good story by readers

7- Does the Dream come true- A story of meeting long waited love- Recognized as best feel good story by readers 

8- Mesmerising Scent- A train journey of a girl who hates odors while travelling but smell a mesmerising scent one day! -  Recognized as best feel good story by readers 

9- Dream honeymoon- A short story of newly wed couple honeymoon- Recognized as best feel good story by readers 

10- An old Begger- A short story of a young kid and a old beggarRecognized as best feel good story by readers 

11- Glimps of love- 9 emotions of love 9 different situationsRecognized as one of the best story in waves of emotions.

12- Being brave- Courageous story of a girl coming out in an orthodox society about her loveRecognized as best story in Women of wonders. 

13- That beach and my silent love- Every love story does not have happy ending- Recognized as best feel good story by readers.

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