TV shows and Movies Kids selection in Ads,

These days almost all serials cast kids when the TV soap begins. Its become a trend and initially the TV soaps TRP increases by these kids acting.

Kids are always charming and smarter then elders, they set TRP so high with there innocent acting that when the story takes leap and show the grown ups, the TRP will surely come down for many days. Finally, the scriptwriters and producers ad twist of marriage and no sex. People die to watch such shows.

Today many parents are trying to push their kids into this acting and modelling business by spending thousands of rupees on agents with the hope of being 'star kids' Mom and Dad one day.

The procedure is- You have to pay the Agent and sign a contract. Kids have to go thru the photoshoot first and wait till the pictures come. Those beautiful pics of your kids will be seen only by you with love, your friends and relatives will see them and comment "issme itna paisa daala? isse kya picture miljayega?" (Even some may feel jealous of you and your kid).
You will have no answer other than to smile at them.

You have to wait for agents call for suitable auditions. These auditions are usually in weekends. Once it comes you have to rush without food and water as early as possible and stand in the Q as if waiting for Tirupati Balaji or Lalbaug Raja Darshan. Trust me the pics of your kid are never seen in crowded auditions.

The auditions take place in small rooms with lots of suffocation, filled with parents and kids just like sheep herd. The fans and AC's will be no use in such a choking place and your kids drain their energy battery by playing in the waiting time with other kids in that long Q!

At the time of audition the kid will feel drowsy and may or may not act in front of the camera, totally depends of his/her mood. Cameramen also take shots on their own moods and some times just pass the kids just by clicking the camera on and switching it off immediately. After all this circus, you will be hungry like hell, by the time you come out it will be almost half a day you have food in any hotel or mall your kid will sleep or play more in mall again and you come back home..your weekend is over.

Again after some days a call come for audition and same process go on... If  luckily if your kid gets seleted then do not go out of the city for months. Coz the call for ad comes only when you are out of town. After a year your contract with agent will end and all vanished. But yes, you will have beautiful pics of your kids purchased for thousands of rupees!

If the kids get selected, then parents feel happy on top of the world, I have seen some parents left their full time jobs and started living on the kids income and roaming around with the kids on shoots. Of course its necessary and makes anyone feel proud, since it gives name, fame and lakhs of amount as payment to the kids and their family but parents ignore side effects. Its not true that if the kids get the opportunity it will make them live happily. Kids have to work as per the schedule and their education and childhood all will be spent only in work. Think yourself, does your kid need this? If your kids dream is to be a star then do whatever to make your baby a star but don't do it for yourself. I would say its another name of child labour. 

I am not saying that do not try this, its fine to try once of your kid is smart and good looking, active and has capacity to perform everything and most importantly if you have mney to spend on this luxury. But just by listening to others or in a competition don't try it.Basically its all luck, If you and your kid are lucky enough to get that name, fame and money then it will come in your hand one day.

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  1. TV Casting for Kids have become way too competetive.


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