5 Females of the society

|| Ahalya, Droupadi, Kunti, Tara, Mandodari

tatha panchakanya smarenityam mahapataka nashanam ||

This s​​hloka from Hindu epic Puranas says, remembering th​​ese 5 kanyas every day, will destroy the great sins of humans. These are the 5 females mentioned in our Puranas as eternal Kanyas (virgins) besides marriage and bearing children. Why? Because all of them were pure souls but sexually assaulted or used by the men in that era, but they all got a boon that their virginity would be protected all the time and they are always called Kanyas, remembering their names will destroy the sin of humans.

Search on the internet to know more about these women, as today I am not talking about them but present era females.

I will talk about 5 girls or women of present era, who are still suffering in this male-dominated society by one or the other way. I am giving examples to narrate the situation more realistically, but with no names to these characters.

1.             She was very ambitious to achieve something in her life, she was an athlete, but she was not given a chance to exhibit her talent and her family got her married to the man of their choice at an early age. All her life she provided everything to her family from children to household chores without demanding anything, yet her family always blamed her, being an athlete she became a victim of domestic violence! Yet, she didn’t leave her family, didn’t raise her voice against them, why? In the fear of society! Poor girl knew that it would blame her in the end, no matter of her innocence. She sacrificed her dream for her family and became a victim of the most common transgression of society, domestic violence.

2.             She was married to the man of her father’s choice. She was a beautiful, caring, loyal wife to her husband. She loved her husband the most, he was also loving to her. After a few years of marriage, she gave birth to a daughter. One black day, she witnessed her husband molesting their 2-year-old daughter! She fought with her husband, he threatened her to leave the house. She told that to her younger sister, then her younger sister told what happened to her! Shockingly, he had molested her younger sister when she was newly married to him! Her sister never raised a voice in the fear of spoiling her elder sister’s newly married life! Her parents were poor, she and her younger sister told the truth to their parents. But their parents shut the mouth of both the girls with an excuse that they can’t take care of all the girls! They spoke to her husband, he promised he will not do such a deed in the future and she had to live with her sinner husband! After a few days of fights, she accepted him back and gave him sexual satisfaction whenever he demanded and took care of him with a pure heart. But she had to always guard her young daughter from her husband. Her loyalty was pure, yet she had to live with such a beast! Just because her parents didn’t accept her back after marriage, she had no source of income, and she had a young life in her arms to feed.

Many innocent girls and women get molested and raped with no fault of theirs, but they never get justice! And men who do such sin are never punished but enjoy their life to the fullest.

Our history never tells dark secrets of how women were traded as sex slaves in the markets, how the invaders pounced on their body and snatched them like eagles. They were always seen as a childbearing machine or pleasuring things in some cultures.

Time and era changed, but we as a society, still leave such freaks freely out there who have mindsets of hurting women's respect. We blame the men who rape and molest women when it happens to others, but we shut our mouths when we experience that in our life or our close one’s life.

3.             She loved a girl, but she never came out to anybody about her love. And she had to compromise her love and sexual interest and marry a man whom she never liked for the sake of her family. A research says 80% of women in the world are bisexual and 35% are lesbians, but they never come out to society, and sacrifice their sexual desire. Some of them never realise their sexual interest for the entire life. Because they live in a society where homosexuality is taboo. Homosexuals are the most neglected and mistreated people in this society.

4.             She was extremely hard working and highly ambitious, she made the highest profits to her company with her talent and hard work, but she was always judged on her gender, so paid less compared to male colleagues of similar level, and she was never given credit.

From labour class to white-collar, from small jobs to biggest industries, women are paid less just because they are women.

We talk so much about women's empowerment but when it comes to paying them, we judge with gender norms. From history to the present era, men were glorified for their smallest achievements. But for women, it was always a double-duty, work hard to achieve the goal, and work harder to get recognised for your work!

All the boards on construction sites still read “Men at work”, whereas, we see women working harder than men, they carry the heavy load of materials on the head where some of them are pregnant and some with an infant in the back!

But yes, in our society only Men are at work!

5.             She was a divorcee and was earning her income to survive. But from her family to her colleagues everyone saw her fault in her unsuccessful marriage, it happens with widows too, they are also blamed for bad luck since they lost their husband! Such women face the lustful eyes of men at work! Whatever might have happened in the personal life of these women, who are we to blame them and judge them?

These are the most common girls or women in our society who are living in every corner of the world. They live and smile, sacrificing their dream, talent, love, hope, income, and life.

Our history never tells the dark secret of how the women were traded as sex slaves in the markets, how the invaders pounced on their body and snatched them like eagles. They were always seen as a childbearing machine or pleasuring thing in some cultures.

The time changed but the situation of women has never changed. And in the race of gender norms, not only men but even women themselves carry the flag of disheartenment for other women.

As a society, are we doing enough for such women? 

BIG NO!! We are not helping them just by holding the candle march after the rape and murder! No debate and speech on women's empowerment will bring justice! Just by advertising the designer banners, wordy slogans, or quotes on social media on women’s day is not the respect they seek!  

All we have to do is CHANGE OUR MINDSET. Do these 5 things first from today onwards to help these 5 types of women-

  1. Kill that venerable influence that has fed in our minds by our elders on gender norms!
  2. Raise our voice for the truth, fight for your known person and loved ones who suffer sexually or in domestic violence!
  3. If you are a woman and love other woman, do not sacrifice your life by marrying a man, if you can’t marry a woman then don’t marry a man! Don’t ruin lives for the sake of family and society. Support LGBT people in your circle. Help them find solutions in their love life.
  4. Raise your voice to the government to make a law of equal pay in all sectors, if the governments are providing that, then educate yourself and all the women about that.
  5. And lastly, if you are a woman, the first thing is to respect yourself, your feelings and desires. Then do the same for other women.  

Being​​ a writer and a woman, I am doing my part by publishing various posts and stories onwomen in various platforms, educating and spreading awareness around. No matter, some people call me a female chauvinist. I am doing my part, are you?

Let us not wait till women’s day to talk about women, and take a pledge today to take care of the precious gems of this society, WOMEN!

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