Who is Soul mate?

 This article is mixture of spirituality and love. 

Most of Hindu Gods have 4 hands and many heads, we see images and idols where Hindu gods are always accompanied with their partners, with partners they are called complete form. And in this dogma, one of our powerful divine trinity, Parvati and Shiva who are believed as sources of energy and destruction of the universes have a form of Ardhanarishwara.

Similarly, Greeks also believed that initially humans were born with 2 heads,  4 hands and 4 legs. It is said that humans were complete and they never required  company of anyone or even worshipped God. Humans were the only species who had special calibers. They say gods, split these humans into 2, to make humans social and spiritual. And that is how the two were called soul mates. Surprisingly, recent researchers have found that soul mates have similar DNA! 

And then onwards, humans are always waiting and longing for their soul mates, some for years, and some for lives. Spending life alone or with the company of others, and seeking that THE ONE. 

We see many lucky souls who are happy finding and living with their soul mates,  but they didn't get them easily, they might have waited ages for this unity. Just like our films show that.

As we all know, soul mate is a person who understands you, knows you better than you, feel your emotions without even you speaking about them. 

Yes, our parents, siblings, best friends, colleagues or room mate also might match with all these factors but they are all distinct than a soul mate. 

Soul mate is one and only, with our soul mate we feel that special aura or connection which doesn't come with all the others. 

In most cases, it is not meant that your spouse is your soul mate, nope! Unlike men, women are always more emotional and caring, since a woman understand everyone around her and it doesn't make her everyone's soul mate. πŸ˜… Many men are loving, caring and gentle by nature and that also doesn't make them soul mate of everyone. πŸ˜

These are differences which only a soul mate can have- 

Soulmates never need worldly things to love you. Their connection is beyond looks or physical features, age, gender or status.

Soulmates love each other even after staying apart for years.

Soulmates are always happy with each other with no reason. They feel alive when they are together. 

Soulmate loves you who ever you are without expecting changes in you. 

Soulmates never criticize each other before anyone. Their hearts always loves one other. 

Soulmates do fight but they can't live without each other.

Soulmates never think to get rid of each other, although they might let go each other for various reasons.

Your soulmate knows even tiny things about you, which even you never know or observed in yourself.

Our Hindu scriptures always taught us that waiting and longing is the sign of true love.

The way Parvati and Shiva waited for each other. 
The way Shri Ram and Sita kept on longing for each other.
The way Urmila was longing for Laxman.
The way Rukmini and all Krishna's wives (All the wives were avatar of Laxmi, read the article Krishna and his wives to know more) of Krishna were longing for Krishna.
As the ancient stories says the way Radha was longing for Krishna, we humans also keep on waiting and longing for our soul mate. 

With our karma and spirituality, we might get our soul mates sooner or later. 

P.S- When I was discussing my romance novel- In search of a Soulmate with people, someone asked me whether an animal can be soul mate of a human?
The answer is NO!! When you are born as human it is natural that your soul mate is also born as human, but yes of course, there is no gender discrimination in soul mates, your soul mate might be male / female. 😍 My answer is based on Indian epics and Hindu Puranas. πŸ˜‡

Now you think and comment me in below box, have you found your soul mate or still longing your other half?

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