"Edge of Love" - New LGBTQ Novels- Double Dhamaka in English and Telugu Language !

Hey my dear readers,

I am hereby gladly launching my new romance novel of mine - EDGE OF LOVE (love has no bounderies) in English and Telugu language.


Edge of Love is a beautiful LGBTQ love story of Indian shy girl Madhu and an American brat girl Breana. Despite of different upbringing, language, culture, lifestyle and country, these two meet in a university of Boston and fall in love in no time, since love has no boundaries. It is all about realising their identity, their innocence and how they get on with their lives and problems in this journey of love. 

Edge of love is most read LGBTQ English series in Pratilipi. 

EBook in PDF form
Paperback book on Flipkart
Kindle English ebook and paperback world wide (all links are below)
Kindle Telugu ebook and paperback world wide (all links are below)
The book is available in the form of audio series in Pratilipi and it is also translated in Telugu language in Telugu Pratilipi.

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Here are the buying links of the book-

English Ebook and Telugu Ebook.

order your copies on flipkart in English and Telugu exclusively in INDIA. Books will be available as per print on demand.

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       USA UK Germany FranceSpain ItalyJapanCanada Australia Mexico , Brazil, Netherlands.

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