10 signs to know is He or She ‘THE ONE'

Finding THE ONE is not so easy as it is written in novels, shown in movies or television shows. Things like Love at first sight, saving the girl from goons or any snags, meeting in rain or in an accident and falling in love rarely or never happen in real life. Whether you are dating someone seriously or you falling in love with someone and situations more like in India your family has arranged your marriage with someone, even great your family would get you married with someone who they chose for you! In any situation of beginning the relationship, this question ‘is she/he the ONE?' inevitably arrives in your mind.
So to help all those who are searching ‘THE ONE' or ‘soulmate' we have researched few situations, where you can easily find out whether you are with your ONE or not. It's not even that easy as you get few social media quotes like ‘if a boy treats well with the waiter in the first meeting at the restaurant he is the one' or ‘If a girl feels shy in front of you at first meeting she is good for you'! Any relationship needs time, and in that time period, if you see all or most of the following points in your person positively then congratulations!! You found your ONE! 

1. Going well with your family- In most of the love stories, the first thing you have to face is Family! In India, people get married first then fall in love! So if your partner goes well with your family then you found your true love! Most of the families behave well in the beginning but later on situations changes, you'll find how good your partner is, in worse scenarios for example, she knows your mother doesn't like her, your father doesn't care for you and your partner's life, your sisters and brothers nag her (no offence to sweet in-laws ;)), yet she behaves well with all of them, and tries to do things beyond her patience level. If she behaves well with them with full of heart, just like her own family buys gifts for your family, treats your family's young ones sweetly and respect your elders then my dear friend, you are with right girl! Vice versa,  he knows how nagging your mother is, how possessive your father is, you have an over-enthusiastic sister and irritating brothers,  yet he goes well with all of them and treats everyone with love and respect, only because he likes you and wants to see you happy.

2. Missing you- Missing someone is the beginning of love. Your person would miss you badly when you are away, He/she would wait for the moment to see you again and never finds anyone attractive in your absence.

3. Your happiness is your person's happiness- He/she is happy when you are happy. Your person does all the things to keep you happy. Your person would regularly bring you gifts or, take you out for movies or eating or cooks for you, or else does things which you like. Helps you in your work and supports in decision making. Your person’s first intention is to make you happy if you get sad on various things.
4. Supports you- He or she would support you in all the good and bad situations. Your person would accept your dreams and support and puts efforts to fulfil them. He/she stands with you during crisis console you and tries to do things which make you happy.

5. Your best critic- Though she/he support you in all ups and downs of your life, on the contrary, your person is your best critic, She tells you where you went bad in your life and works not to criticise you but to make you a better person. He won't hesitate to say smallest thing like your dress is not pleasing not to disappoint you but he wants you to look great all the time.

6. He/She knows all little things about you- Like for example, she knows how much sugar you take in your tea or coffee, what you think and feel for her and others. How alcoholic your mind gets while meeting your friends. In the same way, he knows what mood swings you get in your periods and maintains his patience level, he knows how excited you become when you see a great dress or how you maintain your crave when you are dieting. Your person knows almost all your favourite movies, food items etc.,

7. Looks don't matter- Your person will fall in love with you beyond the limits of looks. He or She would love you and accept you with all your imperfections. You didn't shave and didn't take bath and looking ugly at times, yet she loves you. You are drunk & hung-over, smell disgusting! She shouts at you to get fresh but she loves you with the bottom of her heart. He doesn't care you got few pimples due to your hormonal changes or got little fat due to circumstances. He loves you for what you are not for how you look.

8. Fights often but can't stay apart- As they say ‘we fight with our loved ones'. Your person fights with you very often on small things but can't stop talking to you more than a day. But do mind one thing, if the fights are more often and it takes more than a week for your person to talk to you and even after that he/she not leaving his/her ego, then you better call off this relationship. Because small fights and arguments are sweet, but fights with ego and dishonesty aren't.

9. Trust you!- Trust is the basic need for any relationship. Though jealousy is normal in love, but over possessiveness and not trusting your partner is never good for a healthy relationship, if your partner has full trust on you then you are with the right person. He won't interrogate you when you are going for official trips, or even for the girls night out. She won't feel insecure when you stare some chics, work with your female work partner, or when you meet your ex!

10. Respect- Your person respects you for what you are and who you are. He/ she would not talk bad about you in front of others. He/ She would never put you down in front of others. They know you and uphold your self-respect in front of you and others. 

Now you know how to find out your soulmate, keep in mind one thing that every love story is unique and personal, enjoy your love story.

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  1. Thanks for telling us the sign to know whether he is the one who is connected to you by the heart. Apart from that, guitar will also be played in the background once he comes in front of you 😉

    1. Welcome. 😊
      Yup background music is always no.1 to know the 'One' 😄😄


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