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One of the oldest culture and tradition of this planet earth is India, which has a history of more than 10000 years or beyond that and its literature is dated back to 7000 BC. I have written many articles on Hindu culture, mythology and it's Superstitions etc., and recently composed a book ‘Itihaas-Saga of India' stating the facts and short stories of India and its greatest legends from the time of mythology till 18th century. The book also has interesting facts on our rituals, which we perform on a day to day basis.

However, coming back to this article, I am stating some important facts which confirm that whatever is getting invented in this era has actually been mentioned thousands of years ago in our mythology.
  1. Recently Dr.Sergio Canavero has stated that he will be doing first head transplant surgery in this year. It is really great news for the world. But has anybody noticed that it has been already performed by Lord Shiva in our mythology? Lord Shiva has done this head transplant twice, first Daksha Prajapati and later Ganapati. However, this is mythology story but if dig into history we find Sushruta the father of Surgery has first invented all type of cosmetic surgeries and brain surgery well.
  2. We also read the news that now medical science has invented ‘Artificial womb' and also successfully grown a baby sheep in it. We also saw few videos on future artificial wombs in a shape of pot. This term is scientifically called ectogenesis. These pot shaped wombs are actually motherless wombs in which foetus would get developed right from fertilisation till the birth of a baby. 

    I would like to recall few such incidents mentioned in our mythology- Again Lord Shiva and Parvati invented this, to begin with, the story of Kartikeya (Son of Shiva and Parvati). Due to the curse of Rati, Parvati wouldn't conceive a baby and demon called Tarakasura got a boon that he would be killed only by the son of Shiva and Parvati. Shiva created artificial womb with the help of Agni and inserted his semen and egg of Parvati in it and Kartikeya was born from that womb. 
    The second story is of Kumbajas- Maharishi Vashisht and Maharishi Agastya were actually born from a pot. It is said that Mitra and Varuna (Gods) saw Apsara Urvashi in an arousing position and effused their semen, and both the Gods semen fell into pots or jars filled with water and earthy materials and from those pots developed two fetuses, namely, two holy brothers Vashishta and Agastya. That is why they are also called as Kumbhajas (Born from Kumbha or pot).
    Third and most popular incident comes from Mahabharata- All 100 Kauravas were born from pots or hundred artificial wombs. It is said that Gandhari gave birth to a large piece of mass after a long period of pregnancy. Ved Vyas Rishi consoled sorrow of blind couple (Gandhari not actually blind) and divided that mass into 101 pieces and kept them in pots to incubate. And later, from those pots born Duryodhana and all 100 sons and a daughter Dushyala. 
  3. Grahana or Eclipse happens every now and then, which has been mentioned in our mythology. But enlightened to the people few hundred years ago in the name of science. Nevertheless, it's precautionary steps and rituals to be practiced before, during and after eclipse was also mentioned in our mythology, which was once believed as superstitions but now scientifically proven as correct methods.
  4. We should not forget that the diameter of Earth, presence of all the planets in our galaxy, presence of many such galaxies, gravity of earth, eclipses, numberings, geometry, mathematics, and much more scientific inventions are firstly understood and preached by our holy sages in Indian mythology and history like Aryabhatta, Varahamihira etc.,
  5. Telepathy- It was present in mythology at the time of Ramayana and beyond that. It is very clear that all the Gods use Telepathy to contact each other.
  6. Nuclear Bombs - These advanced weapons were used in the period of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Researchers found the vestiges of these weapons in Srilanka and Kurukshetra, where Ramayana and Mahabharata wars took place. For more details buy this.
  7. The sound of Sun is AUM or OM - Recently NASA has recorded the sound of Sun which is OM! But our rishis and mythology has stated this and practicing this universal sound to meditate from millions of years in our culture. It is also strange that OM is actually used in all the religions whether Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism etc., Surprisingly, in Islam also it is used! 786 is a holy number in Islam but actually if you write this number in Devanagari and look in the mirror it forms AUM. It is very clear that earlier India had a vast range from present geography, it was stretched till Europe. We even find some vestiges and Gods depicting Shiva and Parvati in these areas. It is also used in Jewish and other cultures. However, the truth is, the sound of OM covers all the words and all the sounds of Human language thus it is called universal sound.
  8. The distance of Sun from the Earth has been correctly calculated by Tulsidasji 500 years ago without any technology and he mentioned it in Hanuman Chalisa. The details are clarified in my book ‘Amazing legends of India'.
  9. Surrogacy and Test-tube babies are actually mentioned many times in Indian mythology and in history. Lord Hanuman is actually a test-tube baby! He was born from the semen of Shiva, which was inserted in the womb of Anjani from Vayu deva.
  10. Robotics is also mentioned in our mythology! Researchers claim that Kumbhakarna was not a giant brother of Ravana. He was controlling a giant robot in his shape by sitting inside that. Even Giant Garuda, vahana of Vishnu is also a giant robot which was used as killing machine by Lord Vishnu during the wars. The movie Avatar is completely inspired from Vishnu Purana. Depicting Vishnu who always sleeps and takes various avatars to fight the evil, he rides giant bird.
This article doesn't end here. I am researching many such things to compare and prove that our mythology which is considered as a myth by many people has actually unlocked the doors of many hidden truths on current and future technology.

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