Prayer before eating- Hindu spiritual guide.

A prayer is performed by all human beings for peace of mind and spiritual awakening, it is beyond religions. Everyone pray everyday, even atheists also pray by cursing the almighty with their non-beliefs.

In this modern world, Indian people follow many western culture and in this race of modernisation most of the Hindus are forgeting our roots.

They do not know that in Santana Dharma there are prayers for each and every routine chore. Starting from waking up to sleeping in the night, there are prayers while taking bath, worshiping sun, moon, all gods, taking medicine, going out of home on work, coming back to home, commencing studies or work, there are numerous prayers.

In these prayers there is one important prayer that everyone should chant before having food.

The way other religions pray by thanking god for providing them food, in most of Hindu families, people often chant a prayer before eating, we have that one spiritual and mindful prayer thanking our Goddess Annapurna πŸ™πŸ˜Œ

In Hinduism, food is considered sacred. Grain is given the title of Goddess Annapurna. Food is the energy that we consume to stay fit and healthy. It is a blessing by goddess Annapurna, so everyone should thank her before consuming food so that the engery we consume should be utilised for positive results in our life and on our health.

The prayer is -

| Annapurne sadapurne shankara prana vallabhe |
Gyanavairagya sidhyartham bhiksham dehi cha Parvati ||
| Aham vaishwanaro bhootwa praninam dehamashritah |
| Pranapanasamayuktah panchamyanam chaturvidham ||

I hope now onwards everyone chant this prayer before having food. πŸ™πŸ˜Œ

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