What is Beauty?!

I am not posting any big article on beauty. It's a small article on comparison and description of the beauty in the history and current era.

So here, I am posting some Popular historical beauties of the world. 

Rani Padmini

Rajput queen of India, eternal beauty Rani padmavati or Padmini story is not new for all of us. Please do not remeber the movie as all Indian movies are fake, false and overrated. Read real history books and gain knowledge. 

Rani Padmini was a princess of Pugal, Jaisalmer Rajasthan. Her father was Rawal Punyapal Bhatti and mother was Kanwar Jaam who were exiled from Jaisalmer. So, she wasn't from Singhal or Srilanka as shown in movies. Rest her story is known to all, point is just like all Rajput women she was also fearless warrior. But she is popularly known for her breathtaking beauty, Rani Padmavati was extremely beautiful that it is said if a diya is lit before her face it would glow more with her beauty. 

Queen Cleopatra

She was the queen of Egypt and was great politician. But she is also famously known for her eternal beauty and her affairs with so many men. Again movies show her images in wrongful way. This is her real image graphically desinged based on her sculpture in the German museum. Check out she had macho face and stature.

Princess Qajar

Yes, do not think she is a man, she is princess of persia Princess Zahra Khanom popularly known as princess Qajar. She was outspoken, feminist, highly educated and had knowledge in many things in her time.

And yes, she was symbol of beauty in persia, she had upperlips, overweight, manly body, yet known as goddess of beauty. 

13 men committed suicide since she rejected them. She was love interest of thousands of men.

Marilyn Monroe 

Many of us know her, Marilyn Monroe was an American actress few decades ago. She is still known as sex symbol of Hollywood. And her beauty and styles are still copied by many actresses around the world.  

She didn't have perfect zero figure as they mislead people in present era. Her thighs touched, her belly wasn’t tonned, her stretch marks were shown, her arms weren't skinny and to be very precise, her b##bs were also not perfect, yet she was the desire of the world.

So, with these examples we understand that beauty isn't all about that movie industry show us and the cosmetic market hypnotised the minds of people with zero figure, perfect b**bs, skintone, cosmetic surgery etc.,

It is said that a little belly of humans called as a symbol that he/she leads a happy life. 

Compare the reality and fakeness filled in the drama industry. Just lead a healthy and happy life by taking care of yourself.😊

Eye candies are good for eyes, everyone loves to stare at them. πŸ˜‰

But ask yourself what is real beauty?πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡


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