How to get Rich with 10 simple steps!

Welcome back to the blog where you get to read on countless topics. Before beginning thank you all for making this blog cross 4 lakh+ reads! Now let’s move on to today’s topic.

Yes, exactly you read it right. I am not gonna tell you Money Heist plans or algorithms of winning lottery luck games! I will tell you the simple and easy rules of money management by which you can create a happy rich life! Any financial advisor will charge you around Rs.20K+ for these steps but in this article, I am giving you all this for FREE! 

I am a commerce student and handle finance from years I started from ZERO and made my life good to go with these policies. 

The basic thing you need to remember for this is - To be rich you have to have a dream of being rich! 

Let’s hit on the topic, 

No debts and liabilities

The first and foremost rule of getting rich from 0, is to get rid of all those debts you are holding on to, or borrow now and then. And if you don't have any debts then you are ready to get rich!

  • Do not take out that magic card termed as a credit card unless it is the last option. 
  • Do not spend high on marriages or family functions for which you have to take loans. Cut down all high dependencies. 
  • Do not push your big cheque to pay on EMI’s.

No Rich Dad Poor Dad!


80% of the rich people are not born to a Rich Dad! They all started from the Zero. So do not console your mind or blame the destiny with the lines like ‘He/She is born with a silver spoon so he/she got it all readymade!’ or ‘I am destined to live like this, so I was born in such poor family!’ If you want to reach the sky you need to build the ladder for that. 

Be an early bird and start NOW! 

Almost all the rich people are not working for other’s dreams. They are rich because they are working for their dream. So if you wanna be rich then start working on your dream NOW! This doesn’t mean to quit your job on which you and your dependents are living. Start part-time work where you can spend 2-4 hours a day and get all the planning and homework done and start it as soon as possible. 

A man had planned to start a telephone booth in his newly constructed locality 25 years ago But he was unable to give a time for the business from his job, he kept on thinking but never acted. Soon another person put on a telephone booth in that area and slowly he added groceries and vegetables in the same shop and built a supermarket in the same place after 20 years and today he has a lavish bunglow and earning wonderful income. And the first person who thought of doing it is still serving in his 9 to 5 job with the same limited source of his salary income and living in the same old small house.

You are not unique but you are, when you have passion! 

I know it is confusing, but I will explain. Someone in the world has already started earning on the business ideas which you have in your mind now. But you need to start working on your business idea with your style which is unique and you can also get that limelight sooner or later.

I will give my example for this, as I feel there is no better example for uniqueness in writing than me in this present era! 

  • I started blogging a couple of years ago, before me, and with me, there are millions of bloggers around the world. They all blog but most of them write on their niche segment but I write articles on numerous subjects, and today I have 4+lakh unique readers on my blog and still counting.
  • I write simple English that you don’t need a handy dictionary along with my book! 
  • I wrote and published 6 books in 2 different genres i.e., Romance and History.  
  • Till now wrote many romance stories. Recently I created a difference in romance as well, by writing a lesbian love story 'It's Not Straight', this uniqueness made more ways for my writing business. 
  • I wrote my first anthology book in ‘Hinglish’ (Hindi language and English script) which was again a unique style and numerous south Indian people who love reading Hindi romance but are not comfortable with Hindi script, and they love my book so only I get more orders for 'The Beautiful Roses' book even after so many years of publishing it.
  • I tried sketching in my history book Itihaas  saga of India which again was loved by the readers. You can order my signed copies from VED BOOKS on Amazon and Flipkart exclusively for Indian customers.

I could do all that because writing and sharing knowledge is my passion. So try the unique ways of your business idea and make it your passion.

Educate yourself on what you want to do
We all had those years in school where we learned just to get those good grades to please our relatives and the world around us. Nobody loved those a²+b² formulas or action and reaction theories.

But if you want to start something for your earning and create your brand then you need to read and educate yourself more on that particular segment. All rich people do the same.  Just for Eg- if you want to become a photographer you need to learn how to take shots. If you wanna start the restaurant you need to learn cooking. With all that you also need to think and have that unique style of yours which is said in point 4. Because people love to change!

Control your spending

A research says that the middle-class are the people who run the market of the entire world from pin to plane! They buy all the needless things that are made for drilling a hole in their pocket! 

Yes, most of the people in this world make that mistake and live the life of the middle-class for the rest of their life and that continues for generations! Focus on what are our necessaries- Food, Cloth & Shelter. And what we actually do with these?


The pandemic of Corona has taught us to eat homemade food but before this average people spent 25-30% of their income on those high-class AC restaurants or long drive highway Dhabas and mouth-watering street foods! Cut these off and you can save at least 15% of your income on this.


Do you know just a normal plain t-shirt will cost Rs.100-200 but if that gets a print of a well-known brand it will cost you anywhere around Rs.1000 to Rs.5000! That is the marketing trap and the name is Brand! They will sell you the same Rs.200 quality t-shirt at 1000! 

Indian women spend a large amount of money on dresses and sarees which sell like a hot cake during festivals and ceremonies. Shopkeepers sell you Rs.500 saree at Rs.5000 and Rs.200 Kurtas at Rs.2000 during seasons, and in the rainy season, they call a SALE and put all rejected old stock clothes at a discounted price! And our women run in that race as well. Use the good old clothes which you wore once or twice in the family functions and save that money for good use!


Today people want a high-class society and lifestyle. So they rent an apartment in a posh locality which cost’s 30% of their income! It could be reduced anywhere between 10- 15% for staying in a decent locality. 

In housing loan EMI eligibility, banks consider >50% of the person’s monthly income for the EMI. But normally people buy home with an expenditure of 70-80% of their income on EMI, and to bear that liability, both the couple ends up doing 9-5 jobs in the name of double-income support! 

Which also many times cost family quarrels on financial independence and take away peace of mind!

Say no to those extra luxuries and live like a poor! 

  • If you want to be rich then live like a poor first! People buy I-phones, Macbook or expensive laptops, smart TV, and Cars on debt! STOP ALL THOSE LUXURIES!
  • A decent good quality phone will come at a 10% cost of the iPhone! You don’t need Macbook, smart TV just to watch Netflix and Youtube!! 
  • A car is not at all necessary if your job doesn’t ask for it. Some buy a car for show off and it will simply occupy the parking area to utilise that extra payment you made to buy that parking space in your apartment!

Say no to lifestyle supplements and diet food- This is the biggest scam drama in the current world! These products target all the middle-class people! These companies are diverting everyone’s mind on their weight and health by scaring them. 

All diet foods come with double the price tag of normal food! NO brown rice, brown sugar, brown things, olive or rice bran oil, and those green tea, protein supplement medicinal supplements will help you reduce your weight! TRUST ME! They will just REDUCE YOUR BANK BALANCE! These are the multi Trillion companies that are targeting each and everyone in the name of health and care!

These are all new in the market you never know what they will cost on your health 30 years down the line! If you want to lose weight then workout, eat on time, eat the food that is available in your region, sleep well and live a stress-free life by throwing out that extra fat thought from your mind! Save that large portion of money!

Invest Money

This is the big point! Make your money earn money but first liquidity is very important. Always keep 2-3 months' expenses as a backup in liquidity. And Invest the rest of the amount to earn for you. 

The best investments in the entire world are,


High risk you might earn a thousand times the amount you invested but also have a risk of losing, need good research and expertise on this.

Mutual funds 

Medium risk as funds will be diverted in various companies. 


Low risk yet need good advice before investing.


Not gold jewelry! Ornaments come with making charges and mixture deductions. But gold coins and gold biscuits will give moderate profit. 

Real estate

The best and most popular way of investment, buy land, and sell it when the market is up or Buy a house and rent it. Make it earn for you.

If you buy a house on EMI and live in that house it will not create any income. But be wise and buy that house on loan, not more than 50%, and by the time the loan gets cleared the rate of that house should be double the amount of you invested on it along with the interest you gave in your installments.

Take a helping hand
Any business will take 7-10 years to achieve success on full-time work, that comes with lots of failures and regrets. As I said above do not quit your job and instead work part-time on your dream and invest 2-4  hours daily with dedication. And if your income is enough for your family, and you haven’t made that mistake of taking large EMI for which both the partners are working to get double income so that one’s income can pay the EMI and the other would earn to meet the monthly budget, then invest your partner’s time in your business. Let your Partner work on your dream.

Be disciplined and do not stop dreaming
Work every day at least 1 to 2hours but be disciplined to give your time on your dream. Do not quit as per research 90% of every new business fails. These steps will pay you sooner or later if you follow your dreams, never lose hope and keep trying, push yourself to create more innovative ways to start over again when you fail.

The bonus point 

Always checks on your expenses. Make a monthly budget and run your house with that amount.  

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So buckle up your belts now and start working on your dream of being rich! I am making this a new segment in my blog where I will come up with many such articles that will improve your life and lifestyle. Do visit again and stay in this blog for more articles on various other topics. 

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