What woman wants? Decoding by women!

This article is not for men who have good understanding and are happy with their women and have no questions or complaints for them! Yet, if you feel to explore more about a woman and her wants you are free to read it. I am sure you might have experienced some scenarios in your life!

Men are determined as simple creatures of mother earth, decisively on the contrary, women are complicated! From millions of years, thousands of philosophers (basically male) droped their arms of knowledge when it comes to the question ‘What woman wants?’

This woman’s day, I tried to explore exactly what a woman want by sending few questions to the wonderful ladies (of different nature and from different lifestyle) I know, and got the below answers. This theory is applied to all the women around the world, as all the women are one and the same when it comes to this universal question. These are the random questions I asked women and extracted the ‘answer’ for the question of this topic from their answers. Confusing? It must be!! Let’s get to the point-

1.    What is your schedule of the day?
Various women, whether full-time working or part-time working or home makers, gave similar answers to this question. All have busy schedule since wake-up in the morning till the time of bed, they wake up before everyone does and starts their day. Every woman works for her family throughout the day, from organising home, managing groceries, paying bills, handling children till preparing food for her family. If a mother takes care of her child it is her duty (Where as father is also equally responsible to handle the job but it’s always bumped on the head of mother ever since from her womb!) and if a wife takes care of her husband, who exactly is equal to another child in the house! It’s again her duty!
For women, life is not as simple as for men, who works in the office, fills their stomach and bodily needs when hungry and lay on the bed! Many men complain that woman gets irritated for small things with no reason! After all her hectic schedule, if a woman gets irritated on any small thing that disappoints her for e.g.- not helping her in the house or not taking care of ‘your’ belongings, it’s natural! Do not complain!

2.    What makes you happy?
Married women explained that being with their kids and husband is their happiness. Single women found happiness in their phone, committed found fun in the company of their partner, and some darlings find happiness in time spent with their pets, some find it in gossiping! Some in long drive (Please make a note- All women don’t like speed driving or rash driving so don’t try it to give an impression of macho!). For her, happiness lies in quality time spent with their loved ones!

Well, it’s clear that age-old saying ‘A woman finds happiness in money!’ is completely nonsense! Atleast 80% genuine women out there has all the capabilities to earn equivalent to a man. But she sacrifices her dreams and career for her family! All she needs is a secured happy life with her dear ones, since they are her treasures! But yes, if she claims money, it’s only for the financial freedom of her family, she is not demanding you to be a millionaire, just chill! (It will be an added advantage if she gets a millionaire! Common, who doesn’t want a rich life??)

3.    What makes you sad or frustrated?
I got different answers from different females! Teenage and young girls feel sad even if their make-up goes off or hair gets messed up! Well, when it comes to women, they feel sad if they fight with their loved ones. Reason for the fight is often no or less communication, low attentiveness from their partner. Chatting is birth right of all women (Chatting can be associated with gossiping as well)! Women even feel sad if they don’t find someone to talk! So Dude, all a woman needs you to do is, LISTEN. I understand its tough for men, because most of the time conversation ends with lectures! But if you can show a woman you have the capacity to pay attention to her speech and find a key to unlock her agony, it will automatically improve your relationship. Apart from all these reasons she gets irritated or sad for small things without any reason, and even get moodswings during her period time. It is a simple hormonal imbalance that time with all that pain and filthy down there, so do not mess with her during that time.  If possible bring some chocolates to cheer her up.

4.    What is your favorite time pass?
Today technology and smart phones made life easy for everyone. Anytime and from anywhere women can pass their time with their favourite mode of action, chatting!! But for many it’s reading or watching television or listening to the music or spending quality time with their family or working in office or on their hobby. However, reason to ask this question to all women was, even after all the work they do at home and office they have ability to find out leisure time out of their busy schedule and calm down all the anxiety in their own way. Well, most of the men find only solution to this question is ‘drinking’!

5.    What is your goal?
Some women gave no answers and some want to raise their children in such a way that they should become successful and good human being in the future. Many women are ambitious, they want to grow their business, earn fame and money, want to go for world tour etc., this can happen only when they get all the independence from their family. Women tend to take care of their family on priority, everything comes after that. No matter how big their degrees are, how far they go on their career path, most women choose their family over their profession. But some women earn to support financial position of the family. Thus, most of the women answered supporting their family directly or indirectly is their goal.

6.    What is your ideal romance idea?
An ideal romancing idea for every single woman is nothing but candle light dinner, long drive with romantic music on, with their partner! However, women are passionate about sex! Caressing, embracing, kissing, soft touch, pleasant talk of romance (Yes, women want some talk here as well!!) are the best ways to please her.

Women are always much better looking; their soft skin, curvy figure, and sensitive touch sensually arouse men. It is truly one of their great virtues that women agree to spend time in their men’s company, inspite of men’s determinedly different appearance with their sharp angles, hairy face and body, and hard to handle tough centres. Besides men’s good nature, women care about looks as well, not as much as men do! Therefore, all women’s suggestions to their men- try to keep yourself clean, shave regularly, be disciplined, wear clothes that fit, keep yourself in shape, live well-groomed and minimize the level of which you remind them of an Ape!

7.    What do you want to get rid off?
Woman’s body goes through many changes from puberty to delivery till menopause. Stressful days filled with caring for others make her less attentive towards herself. So, lots of women want to get rid of the fat that accumulated all over their body! Trust me, many women are struggling hard to get back into the shape by juggling in between kids, family priorities and office.
Some wants to get rid of their dominating monster-in-laws due to cynicism and sarcasm in the very first place! Nobody wants to be with someone who is sarcastic and cynical all the time, it’s exhausting. An optimistic life partner and family members are inspirational. You can make out, if any woman is annoyed, there is a reason behind that. Try to figure out the reasons. Talk to her if you really love her and find a solution (Talking or communication is the solution to chill-out her anger!) and improve the relationship. Give her some surprises, they need not to be expensive ones; even sparing a helping hand in the home is also a surprise for her.

8.    What you want to hold on?
She is not asking much, she wants to hold on the family and love she seek in it. She can look forward to adventure, excitement, commitment, devotion, love and great sex! She wants to hold on good figure, confidence and equal stature in the society.

9.    What are your expectations from your family, friends and the society?
As said before, a woman really doesn't expect much from others, because she explores everything in herself, so expecting the unexpected things from others doesn’t exactly attracts her. As a human, all she needs is fun filled and secured life, support, understanding, independence, trust and honesty from her partner, family, friends and the society.

She wants a society, in which she has equal independence as any man and post her pictures with no fear of getting it misused!
She wants safe and alert society which doesn’t harm her or her children for its evil needs!
She wants her partner not to make her swear on her mother, on her character, if she has true friendship with other males.
She desires her parents to support her in achieving her aim, the same way they support their male child.
She doesn't want to be teased or questioned  on her physical looks, you do not know why she is the way she is?

All she wants is attention which has been lost from eras in this man made society.

To conclude, reading all the above answers, men may find it female chauvinist post.

Yet, all I can say is, in India women are associated with goddess of power-Shakti, goddess of prosperity-Laxmi and goddess of knowledge-Saraswati, yet they are treated poorly by men and the society in many ways, women may not be physically strong as men but mentally they have more strength than men and handle every ups and downs wearing a smile on their face. So instead of teasing and exploring her state of mind, cherish every moment, live an adventurous life with your woman and lead a happy life. 

These are all the various answers they gave on the questions but beneath all these answers there is a single need of every woman. 

So hope this post resolved the international question a bit. Do post your comments below.

Happy International Women’s day to all the lovely ladies!!

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