Eclipse rituals and beliefs the as per Hindu Dharma

Eclipses were first predicted in India by the ancient astrologers and saints thousands of years ago. Even today, you will get Panchangas (Calendars) in India with accurate timings of Sunrise and sunset, Moon rise and Moon set of each and every day, eclipses timings etc., for the whole year. 

I have been writing many articles on our culture and it is very clear that our ancestors were incredibly intelligent, and all that they created is proved to be right scientifically, as they have made each every ritual for the benefit of the humans. Nevertheless, our elders sometimes lack in answering the questions we throw at them on these rituals, since many people do not know the real reasons or just be acquainted with simple answers that they heard from their elders. Coming to the eclipses, they are considered as inauspicious and Hindus follow various rituals before, during and after the eclipses.

Solar and Lunar eclipses are strongly believed in Hindu dharma. There are lots of things that are prohibited during eclipse hours. As said above, when discussed with elders they give only answer, "It is all because of the impurity caused for being in the shadow of Rahu and Ketu, who are considered a spiteful Grahas, so one should take care of all the precautions that our ancestors made for us during these hours!".  Thus, you will rarely find any logical or scientific answers for all the rituals that are observed during an eclipse. Here in this article, I am giving you valid scientific reasons for all that was created by our ancestors in this Sanatana Hindu Dharma are for our own benefit.

Do's and Don'ts with answers.

1 -  Do not eat anything during an eclipse. Eat hours before the eclipse.

Answer - Eclipse is the strong change in our solar system that creates disturbances in the gravity field which increases the UV radiation, and naturally that disturbs the chakras of our body and thus, digesting process is reduced, it also boosts the bio-magnetic waves of the humans, which in causes disturbance in the stomach. So eating (few hours before eclipse) light food that can be digested easily is advised during this process of nature.

2- Do not cook during ellipse and discard the food that is kept as it is during the hours of eclipse which are not preserved with Tulsi or Kusha grass in it.

Answer - These sudden ‘out of the usual' changes in the atmosphere can have an impact on our food in the form of increased growth of bacteria, thereby leading to the deterioration in the quality of food. But however, The uncooked groceries, pickles etc., need not to be discarded as they do not have any side effects. And vegetarian gravies, water, milk, curd and all the dairy products can be preserved with Tulsi or Kusha grass.

Importance of Tulsi and Kusha grass-

Tulsi- Tulsi itself has antibacterial properties that save food items and liquid items from getting spoiled due to changing radiations in the environment, after the eclipse these leaves should be removed from the food and consumed.

Kusha grass- As per Vedic scriptures, during the Samudra Manthan, the great Tortoise (Vishnu -Kurma Avatara) supported the Meru mountain on its shell. The churning caused a few of its hair to break away and these gave rise to the Kusha Grass. Some Amrita also got splashed onto these grass and that made them further sacred. The Kusha grass being Vishnu's hair and that too imbibed with the Amrita are then considered to be ritually purifying for all purposes. In another story, Goddess Seeta is also associated with Kusha grass. The Grass on earth is described as having sprung from her hair after she disappeared into the earth. Her son and the heir of Rama was also named Kusha.

However, coming to the use of Kusha grass during an eclipse, it is highly recommended as a preserver of food items. This herb also has the same antibacterial properties like Tulsi.

3- Do not have sex during an eclipse 

Answer - As said, changes in the cosmic radiations eventually affects the species on earth, and the radiations are very strong which also create strong magnetic waves in the mind, having intercourse may cause damage to the brain. 

4- Do not visit temples during these hours.

Answer- Ancient period, Temples are strategically located at a place where the positive energy is abundantly available from the magnetic and electric wave distributions of north/south pole thrust. The main idol is placed in the core centre of the temple, known as "Garbhagriha" or "Moolasthanam". In fact, the temple structure is built after the idol has been placed. This "Moolasthanam" is where earth's magnetic waves are found to be maximum. That creates a negative impact during the eclipse which may cause a strong effect on the human body, and that it the reason temples are normally closed during these hours.

5- Do not go out during an eclipse. 

Answer- Solar eclipse - changing environmental conditions and radiation is one cause that will affect our body and skin. 
Lunar eclipse- it is proved that there is a growth in the mosquito population during this period, one should not go into places where there is an influx of mosquitoes 

6- Pregnant woman should stay at home. 

Answer- However, it is advised everyone to stay indoors during these hours, but this is strongly applied on pregnant women since the ancestors knew that UV rays may affect the baby in the womb.

7- Do not look into the eclipse with bare eyes. especially solar eclipse. 

Answer - that may affect your vision with high radiations. However, you can see it through the special glasses which are made for eclipse.

8- Meditate or chant Shlokas and mantras. 

Answer- This is the time of concentrating on our body and mind, and chanting hymns and mantras will increase the concentration and distract our mind from the changing atmosphere. Chanting Gayatri Mantra or Mahamrutyunjay Mantra during these hours is best as they create many positive vibes in the body.

9- After the ellipse - One should clean the entire house, sprinkle turmeric water or Ganga Jal with kusha grass or Tulsi everywhere in the house, take bath and then cook fresh food. sprinkle Ganga Jal or water on Tulsi plant, and also wash and clean all the deities and mandir in the home. 

Answer - it said that during changing environmental conditions body and home would absorb many unwanted rays that may affect adversely, So taking bath and cleaning everything with all are antibacterial herbs and liquids is advised to eliminate the toxins in this regard.

10- Donation after the eclipse- 

Answer- Many people donate all the clothes that they wore during eclipse hours to avoid the radiation effects.

These are some important precautions that are observed during the eclipse. If you liked this article do share it and post your view in the comment section below.

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