Irony of ‘Adipurush’ Movie!

 Irony of ‘Adipurush’ Movie!

I am a big Shri Ram and Krishna bhakt and follower of Ramayan in my life. I love everything that is connected to Ram or Krishna. When I first saw trailor of Adipurush, I thought it must be some other historic fiction movie like Bahubali!! But within few minutes I came to know that it is depiction of Ramayan and made by director of ‘Tanaji’. I felt what did this man made after creating a movie like Tanaji and what Prabhas was thinking before creating such movie?! I always saw South indian movies and actors always respected our tradition and culture and they are not like Bollywood who always joke on Hindu culture in their movies. Even Japanese created a cartoon Ramayan in 90s which build tremendous devotion for Sri Ram and all the characters of Ramayan! And this movie, seriously not expected by the people who created such remarkable movies like Baahubali and Tanaji!! And I decided not to watch ‘Adipurush’ whether in theater or in TV!

There are numerous examples of irony in the film "Adipurush," which is a version of the famous Hindu mythology story Ramayana. A literary strategy known as irony involves drawing comparisons between what is anticipated and what actually occurs.

  •  Moral dilemmas: When we visualise of Ramayan we think of Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana series which was telecasted in 1980s. The characters, role plays, graphics everything was up to date at that time when VFX was not at it’s peak. We saw everything and everyone connected in the Ramayan as it was written by Maharshi Valmiki. But when I saw trailor of “Adipurush” it looked like Lord of the rings, PubG, or some useless VFX game visualization!
  • Hanuman of Ramayan, we imagine Darasingh a perfect person who played God Hanuman and devotion comes from the heart and we connect with Lord Hanuman when we saw him! But the Hanuman, who happens to be called as Bajrang in this movie wore clothes of some Hollywood junk and acting like air filled in mouth!
  • I remember Ravan flying in beautiful Pushpak vimaan in old Ramayan. But in Adipurush, I saw Saif (Yes, I would not call him Ravan, as he looked more of Virat Kohli hairstyled greek movie villain) flying in a poor tiktok VFX black bird!
  • Lanka- As I read in Ramayan and saw Ramayan series and 90s cartoon Ramayan, Lanka is made of gold! But in this movie Lanka loos like set of Lord of the rings which is already burnt before Hanuman ji burns it!
  • Why the names are not called as first names like Shri Ram, Sita, Laxman, Hanuman and Ravan? Why they were called with their other names as Raghav, Janaki, Shesh, Bajrang and Lankesh?
  • Clothes- What is wrong with designers in choosing actual costumes of Ramayan, why they are so much influenced with Greek history?
Well, by seeing the trailors and some useless dialogues in promos, I would say this movie has no comparison with Ramayan. I lost hopes on Bollywood for making any epic movies up to the mark.

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