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Other day, I received message on my whatsapp from an unknown person, the guy liked my DP (Display Picture) and desired to make friendship with me. I asked him from where did he get my number?
He replied- from OLX (buying and selling site). I refreshed my memory, few days back I used my number to sell my tablet.
I asked whether he want to buy the tablet (for which I shared my contact number)?
He said 'no, he only want to make friendship with me'.
I said ‘I gave my number on OLX to sell my tablet not to make friendship with an unknown person!’
He replied- 'he still want to make friendship for chatting'.
I asked - How many friends you have?
I texted- So, you have no one to chat with you in those “Lots”?
Reply- Yeah I have, but want to make new friends for time-pass.
I texted- If you are really searching for friends for time-pass, then why don't you go to an orphanage or old age home, they will be happy to have you as there friend. And if you want real 'time-pass' then talk to your family, your father who is spending all his time and money on your growth and your better future.Your mother who is working day and night to keep up your family. Your bro or sis (if any), who are born with you and need your closeness from time to time. Your elders, who would love to talk to you and if any one above is not interested in talking to you, then go to any of your “Lots” of friends, some or other will be having time for you. And if, no one has time for you then, you should really need to raise your standard and make yourself capable for the love of all these people. Life is not wasting time on whatsapp or any other social media. We all have many tasks to do, but we're just wasting time on these social media, chatting and reading useless forward messages and forwarding them to waste others time! My speech must look boring to you but you should really think on this. However, I am stuck with many things and don’t even have time for my old buddies. So, I don’t have time to be time-pass for anyone.
After all this long chat, the guy was impossible! He replied “I am not telling you to leave all your work and make friendship with me..,just give it a try!”
I was like“Out of all my speech, he got only last line!!”
I realised this guy is not gonna end this! So, I said “Read all what I wrote above and still nothing goes in your head …then clean your head and read again! God bless you..Bye!” Thank god!! He didn't come back.

This wasn't the first time, I had experienced these kind of conversations many times before. I may not be the only person, many girls or women must have experienced this in their life. People send friend request on social sites and send hundreds of messages everyday! They use number from malls, social sites, buying and selling sites, in various places people request your number after their services and who knows, you may get hoax calls or messages!  I am not asking you not to share your number, but be careful while sharing your number, keep an eye on people around you while sharing the numbers, if possible, share the number of your male family member or close friends.

I always think, what is happening to the youth in present?! Yes, youth, as I noticed most of the guys who does these useless activities are young. Interestingly, the youth who created Facebook, Whatsapp, Google etc..are earning in billions and the youth who are using these sites are simply wasting their time!!! Some men/ boys are a step ahead! They create fake IDs on social media in the name of girls and use pictures of girls for chatting! 

I am not saying all are bad, but a single dirty fish can spoil the pond! If all the youth of our country start working and does something constructive, then our country will be the richest. We have more or less 50% youth in our population! I bet no one can stop our currency value reaching Rs.1 = $100!! But no, our people have all the time in the world in peeking others life, watching p**n, staring at girls /women, comment, like and post various posts on FB from freedom fight to movies, sports to showing sympathy to a rape victims etc., We don’t know who stays next to us but have all the time to chat with people in virtual world of social media!!

A decade ago, we didn't have all these mobiles or smart phones, or social media etc., Studies were not based on tutorials, kids used to reach home by 6PM. Now a days competition has increased so much between students to schools and tutorials, the effect can be seen on children, who have to attend classes as well apart from college or school. Parents want their kids to be all rounders so, kids also have hobby classes like dance, singing etc., They could reach home by 9-10 pm and these mobiles are very helpful to reach the children any time. And with no option left, parents have to give a phone to their children and kids do not compromise on simple phones in this smart-phone era. Parents duty doesn't end after buying smartphones to kids, they should keep watch on their children, what they are surfing on net, whom they are chatting with, how much time they are spending on mobile and internet. But on the contrary, parents are busy on this social media!

Although, I am not saying we should completely stop using this social media, I use them as well. Stop misusing it to avoid unnecessary wastage of time and energy like-
- Don't send forwards of Gods asking others to forward on bad luck game!
- AMEN's are said after the prayers, not after seeing any handicapped or ill person or child!
- Sending useless videos and repetitive jokes is completely waste of time!!!
- Don't forward missing child pictures for months! you have internet, cross check on search engine whether the message is new or old!! Otherwise, people may end-up finding same child over and over again! (However, I wonder all are so busy even on the streets with their phones, they may not notice even if a missing child pass through them!)
-Don't waste your and others time sending HI- HELLO messengers to unknown FB friend!
Last but not the least-
- UNESCO has lots of other business to do in the world! It is not set to declare all Indian stuffs on top!

To conclude, this social media is a great blessing for the friends and family who live far away from each other. These sites keep them connected and we should use them only for that purpose and to share happiness with beloved. If we use this ‘Social media’ for good and limited purpose and utilise our time for our loved ones and constructive tasks, it will be a wonderful time-pass. Our youth should understand, once in a while they should get out and clean the surroundings, help parents, donate the needy, spend time with friends in real not virtually, respect women and children. Remember take an initiative to change yourself and world will change automatically.
Let's not become a social moth! Come, let us build our new India, apart from Modiji, it is our duty as well.

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