15 reasons why I hate watching Indian TV soaps!

1. Billionaire family but none of the family members are working! They show as if they are going to office, in office they always think about family issues! same with the female characters in the show they don't work at home always sitting and thinking of vamp or Villain.

2. All the families end up living in the big house! that's right billionaires! and these good guys entertain villains and vamps too.

3. Villain/ Vamp utters in lonely their evil plans no one listens! but when hero or heroin makes plan to escape from the evil, it will reverse!

4. There is always a background music to understand good or bad happenings! Sometimes these background music with faces of all characters present in the room will last for 10-15 mins!!

5. In all kitchen only Spinach & Tomatoes will be there, I wonder how the they cook all types of recipes with only 2 ingredients!!

6. They are billionaires but never go out for dinner or lunch and if they go some day the vamp / villain will be ready to spoil the spot.

7. Main leads (both male & female) always have minimum 3-4 lovers or some times spouses! still they are compared with Lord Ram & Goddess Sita !!!!!

8. If someone wants to take revenge, besides taking revenge he/she will be doing everything else!!

9. Ladies will be working day and night at home but still they have all the time to apply and remove 1 hour make up & sarees... minimum 2 times a day!!

10. If someone is dead he/she will definitely comeback!
If they come with plastic surgery, their HEIGHT & VOICE will also changes!!

11. 4-5 episodes of high drama & action of changing everything, turning point of situation blah blah blah...!!
dhaaaaaaan.... that will be a dream of someone!

12. Main lead marriage will be minimum 20 episodes!

13.  Leads will be having kids of 20-30 years but still they never grow old! both rich ones and poor ones!! Rich we can imagine with Botox but poor too!? How they achieved immortality! Koi hume bhi bataye :P

14. Most of the time duplicates(Body double) are used. They will be shown as back side of the actors!

15. Last but very important!! All newly married couple never make love (at least for 6 months)!! No matter it is love marriage or arranged!

If you observed anything more, then please do share...ha ha..

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