Why always woman is blamed for rash driving?

Every day I see many men and women driving bikes,cars when I go out. I do observe them carefully.

Many men drive rashly, specially youngsters they go on road as no one is existing on road..in fultoo tashan..

I see many rickshaw  drivers running in the middle of traffic as if they are driving fire brigade truck or ambulance!

Many men rush in between traffic specially near petrol pumps..everyone is in hurry!

Men ride bike without helmet and drive car without seat belt..most of the time talk on phone! break signals if cops are not near by!

Thus,there are so many examples where we see men driving rashly, but when it comes to blame someone in driving they always say "just because of this woman the whole traffic is jam!", "Woman are bad drivers", "Woman should not be allowed to drive" etc lines..Height is..If a woman cross street when a man is driving, she is blamed!

I do agree some woman do not concentrate properly while driving or walking on the road and don't follow traffic rules..but there are so many men who also does the same!

Woman are good drivers on the road or not? It's a endless debate. But I really want to mention 2 things here.

  1. Men are more responsible than women, for road accidents !
  2. Whenever you see RTO check point, women drivers are 50% less than men caught by RTO  for braking traffic rules ! I usually see men are mostly caught by RTO.

So, why to blame all women for ones fault! Actually we should blame only person who ever is guilty, whether its man or woman!

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  1. agree with you
    its just foolish to say females drive badly
    no one perfect man or female

    1. Thank you and sorry for the late reply. I was busy in completing my third book. just logged in to my blog almost after 5 months.


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