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Love and romance is not meant to celebrate only on Valentines Day or on Anniversaries, true love can be celebrated on any day and any time. I always observe people who get so much involved with their loved ones initially, and after some years they engage themselves with other priorities of life like work, children, family etc., and the result, romance gets vanished slowly from their life and to make it worse people fight for small reasons. Friends of mine came complaining about their romantic life which was about to end soon. I enlightened them some true mantra’s to keep the romance alive and save their love life.
The common problems they faced-
1. One had a great life with her partner before her first child and later everything changed. Her priority shifted from husband to child and they fought for small things.
2. Other friend was in love with his partner from couple of years, they had great time before marriage, and then they got married! Bang!! Everything changed; fights began from blaming each others work and ended on blaming each others families.
3. And a very special friend had faced the most important problem that after marriage, he became a tennis ball between the rackets i.e., his mother and wife!
All the problems had one simple solution! Keep the romance alive!

Initially, in love everything feels good but as the time passes the things which you loved about your partner will upset you or vice versa. To maintain healthy relationship, first of all you have to stop the blame games. We all live in a competitive world, we all want to succeed and we all want a happy life but we forget what we are losing in this race. I am giving you some simple and well-known mantras which are forgotten or neglected by everyone in their busy schedule.
Here are those simple tips which can save your love life and treat the special ‘one’, who makes ‘you’ feel so happy and complete in this world-

  1. When you are with your partner, first and most important tip is stay away from your mobile and laptop, spend all the time with your loved ones.
  2. When you are home, take care of children when in home, help your partner in the kitchen, give some rest to your partner, if you live away from your family then try to take bath together. Trust me, bathing together and cooking together are best romantic ideas.
  3. Exchange a nice massage before sleep. It enhances the touch of romance and relaxes the body.
  4. When the children are asleep and away from home forget everything and take out time for the real romance.
  5. If there are problems between your family and your partner, take out a time to talk to your family and understand what is their problem. Try to resolve the matter, this is the one tradition which has been followed from eras and do not vanish in one or two talks. Do not close the eyes to the things, because your involvement may change at least some things. Your parents also might have faced similar things during their young age. Make them understand that, I know it’s a tough mission to convince the grey hair so easily but keep on trying that will also comfort your partner. And if you find any problem in your partner, don’t jump on to judge him or her take it slow and make your partner understand the situation.
  6. Never talk negative about your family in front of your partner that will be the opening ball of the match, your partner will lose the trust and respect from your family, and the game goes on. Even though your family has some drawbacks, be cautious he/ she will slowly understand the base of problem when he/she will live with your family. Then you both can try to resolve things as much as possible. And in worse cases things don’t seem to be solved there is no other way than separation from your family or partner! Remember, true love will not leave one another in any case.You must be having leisure time from your work, call your partner and don’t discuss the work and family. Talk about something else, which your partner likes. Make him/her feel loved and important. Send some love texts and pictures.
  7. Once or twice a month go for a movie (Watch movie which both of you like, not some negative flick), and dinner outside. Research says when you watch a movie in big screen it vanishes your worries and relax your mind and dinner helps rejuvenate the love.
  8. Go for a regular picnic- decide a nearest destination from your place. It would be great if you surprise him/her with this idea. Nice jungle spot, calm country side or a lake side picnic spot or lonely beach side will work as heaven, all you need is privacy with great atmosphere. It will be least pricey then your highly expensive restaurant dinners.
    • Carry a nice picnic basket with some tasty home made snacks. Eg: Sandwichs,  Juices, cherries, strawberrys, cookies, pastries, muffins, chocolates etc., will do. Do not carry 'gasy' food items because you know the consequences. Also do not carry heavy food items either, you will end up eating them other than enjoying.
    • Do not carry much of liquor, couple of beer bottles or a bottle of champagne will be best to enjoy the spot (carry it only if your partner drinks). P.S- Do not drink much it may spoil the spot and upset your partner. 
    • Take a nice soft mat for resting. If you have tents then carry one, no need to buy new one just for this day if you are not a regular outgoing person.
    • Play nice and mild romantic tracks, no item songs or hard music. Or if you know playing guitar then carry one and play it to impress your darling.
    • Make eye contact before saying those magical words.
    • Spend all the quality time calmly without any anger or stress or ego in between both of you.
    • Tips especially for men – Always be gentle and don't jump for any climax immediately, be physical only if your partner agrees for it with heart. Be nice and soft so that your partner feels comfortable and secured. Caress hands, cheeks and face before kissing. Embrace with all the love, Kiss on the forehead first, it will make your loved one feel cared.
    • Important - If you are married and having kids,  plan this picnic with family and enjoy all the wonderful moments along with family. Play some games along with your kids, give them all the attention along with your partner. 

  1. In special occasions like birthdays/ Anniversaries make a greeting card – By collaging all pictures of your loving moments, make a nice card and gift it to your partner. If not possible then simply buy a nice card. Most important tip- DON’T FORGET BIRTHDAYS/ ANNIVERSARIES!
  2. Buy a gift on special days- Gifting always depends on capacity of your pocket. Buy something romantic and useful as well. It’s good if you gift what your partner desired secretly or actually needed. It might be anything form a ring, watch to juicer, hair trimmer or garments.  Even a kitten, a puppy or gold fish will also be good. Do not buy anything which exceeds the limit of your pocket. Your partner will not expect that, and if he/she does then that’s not your true love. Don’t forget to buy some flowers along with your gift.
  3. Go for holiday- If you can afford both money and time to spend, then it’s not a bad idea to plan a long holiday along with your loved one at least once a year.
  4. Help your partner- If you are a husband of a loving wife then help her in all her routine. You have no idea how much she works everyday to maintain your ‘Home sweet Home’. Helping her will bring all the joy and ease her mind for special time, go for grocery and fruits and vegetables shopping with her.
  5. Do something Spontaneous like, long drive, adventures trips, take her to spa, shop together, play some games or long hours of sensual sex.
  6. Have a nice discussion- Talk about the things you both love, recall the good old memories and be a good listener. Do not let the ego clashes or bad memories to enter the discussion that will turn off the entire romantic mood.
  7. Be naughty and flirty- No matter how strict or disciplined you or your partner are in life but being naughty and flirty sometimes, make everyone feel special, coz everyone needs attention in life.
  8. But be flirty only with your loved one not with others because if you have over possessive lover then you will be in a big trouble. Sometimes, jealousy will also spice up the romance. And if you have sporty partner then you don’t have to worry about anything.
  9. Always be communicative with your partner, do not nag or question continuously, give that space of independence, Pamper each other and say ‘I love you’ at least once a day, coz everyday is a Valentines Day for those in love, so enjoy every moment of life and do all above and whatever you want to do with your partner, with love.

  10. Remember, good relationship needs trust and understanding between each other. That’s all you need along with lots and lots of Love for each other. Make sure that spark of love should always exist in your love life.
Good luck. If you have any comments do tell.

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  1. Nice tips Swapna, Will use it for my Anniversary

  2. Nice Blog! Well most of your content and image is original and informative. /many thanks for sharing this, cheers.

    1. Thank you very much.
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  3. Using a no contact rule after having a break up with your girlfriend will help her to calm down and re-think about the relationship, and develop a feeling of trust and faith in you once again.


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