Neerja Bhannot the you!

Few days ago I saw a post on my facebook with the picture of a pretty lady, as pictures attract me more than texts, before commencing with the reading, I tried recalling the pretty girl’s face, it was known face to my memory. I was just 5 when she created history, may be someday in my childhood I must have saw her face on television or in some newspaper. I wasn’t aware about the story of the pretty girl or upcoming movie on the girl and I began to read it. It was an article on Neerja.  

Later on, everyday I read many articles on her in the internet, felt proud on her bravery as everyone does, most of the times hurt and anger streamed in for terrorism.

Somebody asked me to write an article on Neerja. But I always thought what should I write? There is nothing that I write is not available on the internet or in the movie. A 23 year old girl could have escaped from the situation and saved her life but she stayed back to safeguard 379 passengers and crew of that plane and do her duty, she succeeded! I thought, how many of us can imagine doing that if we were in her place?

We, so called ‘common man’ specially urban and metro city people, educated people, live only to survive our family, pay the municipal bills and to fulfill our daily needs, rest of the time we spend hours and hours on whatsapp, facebook, emails and blah blah…read, chat, forward, messages,  useless and sex pictures & videos, every minute of our life, sometimes we go so much in the flow that we don’t even sleep, cook and eat on time. I seriously feel, one day, our lives will be like its shown in the movie Wall-E, where heavy weight humans are not able to move from chair and chatting on laptop with persons besides them.

However, following the trend of making realistic movies, today the movie is made on Neerja, after 30 years of the unfortunate incident. Naturally, public reads about the incident, watch movie and forget after sometime, which is as simple as forgetting her sacrifice, legends like Neerja lived and died to teach us something. This beautiful young girl stole the heart of nation with her bravery, presence of mind and kindness. I personally feel, we all should keep her alive by following the kindness in our life that she taught us.

I urge to the youth of India, besides chatting and wasting time on social networks, debating on current issues, crying on the breakups, chatting about the boys and girls, why don't you try something new.

Many people who liked and respected Neerja, change their mindset, when they see other female flight attendants, female get jealous of them, male want to take a chance with them, fantasise them or address them with fun.You see her beautiful pictures with respect in your heart, in the same way respect the other flight attendants as well as all the women, women are not made only for fantasising or for pleasure, they are the mothers, sisters and life partners of someone, may be saviours of someones life, as doctors, police, soldiers and many more. Appreciating a beauty is not bad but do it respectfully.

Few days ago, some youth destroyed public property on reservation issue, that is not the solution. Write a letter to our Hon.PM, he is responding for every mails and letters. Joining the riots and destroying the government property is like destroying the things in your own home and your parents money indirectly! Yes, they are all made with your parents hard earned income’s Tax payments.

Recently our brave soldier Lance Naik Hanumantappa survived the massive avalanche in Siachen but unfortunately, he died in the hospital after a long battle with his life. That news gone viral on the internet, I read messages about him with his and the other soldier’s pictures that unfortunately died in the same avalanche, messages on ‘terrorism vs our brave soldiers!’, messages ‘comparing the greatness of soldiers family with the intolerant stars family.’

I want to ask one question to people, who are creating these messages, are they ready to go on the border or to fight terrorism by there own? No!! They can’t even imagine the life of a soldier!

People just share the posts and forget it after sometime. It’s like 'everybody wants a son like Chatrapati Shivaji but in neighbors home'! Make a note, our messages can’t pay the loss to the family. Please don’t compare their sacrifices with terrorists or reel heroes. They are pride of a country and real heroes!

Getting addicted to bad habits, spending hours on video games, following the trends on fashion from the long beard face, coloured hairstyle to piercing the body, Tattoos to clothes, spending on fuels and partners! Where are we heading? I am not saying these thing are wrong but do everything in a limit,  understand your other responsibilities as well, as an upcoming strong citizen of India. Think and do something for our country, contribute your part in the growth of our country. Just a few days participation on candle march or protest rally on any issue, posting on realistic movies and current issues and forgetting it later is not the solution. We have to act, first and for most ask yourself, why are you wasting so much of time on smartphone!! Remember, technology is made for our convenience not for addiction, make good use of it.

We send pictures of missing children and never look around while outside, God knows, if the missing kid passes besides us, we never realise! because, we don’t see anyone around us as we are busy with our ‘smartphone’ which is making us ‘duffers’.

If you are sending messages on anti-rape, child abuse, aborting female fetus, domestic violence,  etc., Don’t stare at women with bad intention, don’t make fun of them, respect them. Stand against the violence, if its happening around you. Teach yourself and if you have a son and brothers tell them not to hurt any female. Keep an eye on the children around you, if anyone messes with them, give a punch on their face, raise your voice, take them to police.

If you read and forward the messages like ‘feed the hungry’ and oppose the wastage of food or milk and money on the idols, you can feed the hungry by yourself. Why don’t you take step before messaging it? Just by liking that post, sharing and commenting or forwarding the same finishes your job? No! We see many children begging every day near signals and other places, don’t give them money, give them food, help them with clothes and medicines if required. If you can afford, help them with education.

We spend thousands of money for shopping in air-conditioned malls and bargain with local merchants who are sitting outside in hot or cold climate to earn bread for their family! What kind of justice is that? I regularly get message on this issue but how many of us follow that? Similarly, people spend thousands of rupees on party with their rich friends and family but how many of us spend a few rupees on poor, orphanage or old age homes? How many of us give party to the poor?

People get calls from different NGO’s everyday asking for charity, some kind hearted people pay but how many of us are sure that those NGO’s are really spending money on the needy? Anybody can create websites and distribute pamphlets. I am not saying that do not pay them, I pay them myself, thinking about the children who are fighting for life or to save some ill person or to feed a hungry child as those telephone executives portray them. But our job is not done there, look around, you will find hundreds of needy people, I am not saying help them all but you can start at least with one.

We all want more and more Neerja, Mother Teresa, Hanumantappa, Shivaji, Rana Pratap, Jhasi Rani Laxmibai, Rani Channamma etc., Be a legend yourself, respect and help people, don’t judge it with size of help. Remember, having one daughter like Neerja is better than having hundred sons, so f you are a parent raise your children in such a manner that they surely become next living legends. Be a role model in front of them following above measures, after all children learn from their parents first.
We all necessitate each others help to fight all the evil inside us and around us. We all need to awaken Neerja in us. Kindness spreads true happiness, commenting on something sitting at home, office or to kill the travel time is easy but taking care of that in real is easier.

I read a message few days back ‘Nobody cares unless you are Famous or Dead!’ One day everyone will have to go, till then, live in style, be a human with kind heart and make yourself a legend. Be a Neerja.
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  1. Yeah totally agree with you but the fact we are so carried away with our daily routine. We can always contribute in our own small way


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