Another famous celebrity suicide!

Few days back there was a hurricane of messages and news on Pratyusha Banarjee’s suicide! Along with whole India, I was shocked as well with that news. Couple of years ago I was badly shocked with the suicide news of my favorite Hollywood actor, Robin Williams, he committed suicide in a depression. Some years ago there was same news of Jiah Khan. Before that in 2006, pretty TV actress and model Kuljeet Randhwah committed suicide by hanging in a depression. Often we hear this kind of news.

It is hard to digest that these famous people, who achieved all the success in life and have billions of loving followers, committing suicide! very sad.

I thought Pratyusha was not a right cast for ‘Balika Vadhu’ but she did a good job in the show and was loved by millions of people. She even worked in some reality shows and earned good amount of money, with that she could have settled down easily with some good person in life. How come she did not thought about her family and loved ones before taking that decision?

Media speculates, it was a relationship problem? Absolute rubbish! She has set an example of living and fighting in worst situations when her childhood love and husband leaves her for the other girl, in the TV show ‘Balika Vadhu’. These celebrities set example in front of millions of people with there strong guts and fighting skills and inspire people in reel life, it’s all pointless if they do something like that in real life!

Just like her, there are people who commit suicide for love failure! You have the entire world, where you can find your true love. If no one is there, then you love yourself! You are the best person to love yourself! Remember, there is one heart that will always beat for you, YOUR OWN HEART!! Why do you want to die for someone else who don’t even care for you!

I see some actors, actress and other guys, who failed badly in their profession after big success, some don’t even taste success and don't show there face after some years. But they all don’t lose hope, they fight, they come back and strike again with double speed! They live and set example for others.

I read every year some children commit this unforgivable crime called suicide for failing in the exams or for getting low marks! Why? You think with high score you will get scholarship and good job? No!  Its all bull shit! Some or the other way you have to pay hell lot of amount as donation and its all useless if a person commits suicide after fighting half battle! End of the day what matters is what you learn in school! After 1 year you will not remember what you learned in 10th! Nobody will remember what your score was! Life is not about how much you score in report card, it’s about how many loving friends you make from school and how you enjoyed your school? What you learn from school? There are people who got very less marks or even failed in academics but later they are more successful in life than the people who were once a high score students!

I know a person who used to be most mischievous student in her school and never concentrated on studies. Made hundreds of pranks and got punished for the pranks every day. The whole class was her friend!She got 58% in 10th and nobody in the world asked her 10th score! Later she became high scorer and first rank student from her post graduation! Small town girl, got a good job in big city, struggled to cope up with her family financial situations, worked hard and honestly she earned good money, settled down with her life partner. Fighting against all the odds, she earned very well even after marriage, achieved all the success. Her job was on its peak and one day she left the job and became novelist to fulfill her dream. That person is me!

Today when I visit my school, my teachers are proud of me. Though, I am not a world famous writer but they show me as example to their students and it gives me happiness when I visit my old school with this profession. I still remember, one day I visited my school when I was in college, my 3rd grade teacher was so very happy even that time to see me doing my graduation! With my record of pranks, she never hoped that I will raise the steps of college ever! That is real happiness.

However, I am a small sparrow but these well known celebrities made their teachers, parents and friends so proud with their work and if they do something so silly like this, then question arises, is it all worth it? There are thousands of farmers committing suicides everyday for not coping up with life of poverty, we see so many people ill and fighting for life, there are acid attack girls who are living there life against all the harsh experiences. I want to ask, these celebrities life is more worse then them?

If you really want to be happy then spread happiness around you. Don’t cover yourself with useless thoughts. Help others and wait for good time, don’t leave the hope. Suicide is not the solution for all the problems. Look around if all the doors are closed then a window will be open. Life is precious and specially we woman are more precious, dedicate your love for your loved one and make good use of it.
Love yourself and live for yourself!

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