Emily Dickinson

Couple of years ago, I saw a series on Apple Tv- Dickinson. It has 2 seasons but I prefer the 1st season was better compared to the second one.

It is a story of an Amrican poet Emily Dickinson who lived in 19th century. The show is made marvellously, everything is perfectly made from characters, actors, dialogues, screenplay, direction, storyline, and sets. It is not like Indian  web series which has only sex, murder, guns and gangsters or international same old sci fi or just unwanted adult contents or cheap  language!

More over I loved this show because I feel and connect myself with Emily Dickinson. Yes, I have hundreds of things in common with her character. I feel the way they showed her love for writing and her passion towards it, her thoughts on feminism, her humour everything is just me.

I am sharing some of her quotes and thoughts here. Her poems and thoughts were so much ahead of her time. Usually, it is very rare that I admire any writers, but after watching this show I read about Emily Dickinson and I just admire her.

Read some of her quotes πŸ‘‡πŸ˜Š

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